27th Light Dragoons and 24th Light Dragoons: Service
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United Kingdom  
Note:This is a battalion history of the Regular Army. See the main regimental page for full lineage and other information.
Colour Key
War service
Overseas service
Home service
  1795.03.25 27th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  1795 England?
  1795? Santo Domingo
1796.01.01 at sea  
  1796 Cape of Good Hope  
1797 India
  1803.01 24th Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
  1803 Mahratta war
  1806 India  
  1817 Pindari war
  1819 India  
  1819 England
  1819.05.04 disbanded in England
  1941.06.06 27th Lancers
formed from a cadre of 12th Lancers and volunteers from other regts
  1941.06 England recce regt, 11 Armd Div
  1942.03 England GHQ
1943.03 Egypt
  1944.07 Italy recce regt, Allied HQ
  1945.05 Austria
  1945.08 disbanded in Austria (some personnel to 12th Lancers)