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Resume of Renu Khator, Ph.D.


Ph.D. 1985. Purdue University (Political Science/Public Administration)
M.A. 1975. Purdue University (Political Science)
B.A. 1973. Kanpur University, India (Liberal Arts)


University of Houston & University of Houston System
Chancellor & President
(November 2007 to present)

The University of South Florida
Provost and Senior Vice President
(July 2003 - November 2007)

Leadership responsibilities in this position include internal tasks (planning and budgeting to move the University toward its stated goals and working with the University Board of Trustees) as well as working with external constituencies (Florida Board of Governors, legislative staff, federal agencies, the community, and donors). The budget of the USF System is $1.6 billion with the main campus counting for $1 billion.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
(July, 2000—June, 2003)

At the time, the College of Arts and Sciences was the largest college at the University of South Florida and houses 28 departments with over 500 full time faculty members educating over 15,000 students. The annual budget of the College was over $65 million. The term from July, 2000 to June, 2002 was served as Interim Dean.

Director/Chair, Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) Department
(August 1997-June 2000)

At the time, ESP was an interdisciplinary department with approximately 300 students and 50 affiliated faculty members, of whom nine were teaching faculty in the department. ESP’s affiliated faculty members were drawn from natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, education and public health.

Faculty Assistant to President
(May 1995-August 1997)

Responsibilities included serving as liaison to the State of Florida Board of Regents, coordination of President’s staff and the University Leadership Council agenda, administration of special projects and liaison to the Faculty Senate and presidential advisory committees including the Athletics Committee, Title IX Committee, Committee on Black Affairs, Committee on Women, Latino Association, Asian Alliance and the Committee on Sexual Orientation. I also directed EXCEL, an administrative internship program for faculty and staff.

Director of Graduate Program, Department of Government & International Affairs

Directed two graduate programs in Political Science and Public Administration with 150 students.


Professor of Government & International Affairs, University of South Florida (1995-present)

Associate Professor of Government & International Affairs, University of South Florida (1991-1995)

Visiting Fellow in the Department of Public and Social Administration, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong (August 1989-June 1990)

Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of South Florida (1987-1991)

Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of South Florida (1985-1987)



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Research Awards and Grants

Over $1 million of external funding from international agencies (CNPq), federal agencies (EPA, International City County Management Association), state agencies (Florida Department of Community Affairs), regional agencies (Southwest Florida Water Management District), and local agencies (Hillsborough County) to support research projects.

Utilization of Artificial Intelligence for Coastal Management. Funded by CNPq of Brazil. 2000-2001. $8,000.

Developing an Environmental Justice Plan for the for the Clearwater Brownfields. Funded by the International City/County Management Association and EPA. One year funding of $50,000 with the Florida A&M University.

Exploring Alternative Water Sources. Principal and sole PI. Funded by Southwest Florida Water Management District. 1997-98. $75,000.

Tampa Bay Environmental and Water Partnership Plan. Funded by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. 1997. $10,000.

Applying GIS systems. Funded by CNPq (the Brazilian equivalent of NSF). 1996-97. $7,500.

Florida Southwest Water Management District’s Public Opinion Survey. Project Director. Funded by Florida Southwest Water Management District through the Institute of Government. January 1996. $25,000.

Development of an Intergovernmental Agreement for Implementation of the Tampa Bay CCMP. Project manager and co-investigator. Funded by the Tampa Bay National Estuary Program through the Institute of Government. December 1995. $60,000. The grant renewed in 1996-97 for another $20,000.

Facilitator, Hillsborough County Blue Ribbon Committee on Water and Wastewater Issues. 1995. EXCEL (Excellence in Leadership) Award, 1994.

Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Survey. Project Director. Funded by Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Department through Institute of Government. 1995. $10,000.

Florida Department of Community Affairs/Florida Coastal Management Program. Principal and Sole Investigator. 1994-1995. $40,000.

Florida Institute of Government Megatrend Project. Principal and Sole Investigator. 1994. $5,000.

Florida Southwest Water Management District's Diversity Attitude Study. Research Director. Funded by the Southwest Water Management District through Institute of Government. 1994. $13,000.

International Travel Grant. University of South Florida. 1993. $1,000.

Research and Creative Scholarship, University of South Florida. 1992-93. $7,455.

International Travel Grant. University of South Florida. July 1991. $1,000.

Visiting Fellowship, September 1989 to July 1990, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. HK $235,385 (with the HK$ and US$ parity being 7.8 to 1).

Principal Investigator, "Environmental Administration & Administrative Capabilities in Hong Kong: A Feasibility Study," funded by Research Council, City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. HK $13,460.

Principal and Sole Investigator, "Role of Print Media in Environmental Policy Making in Hong Kong," funded by the Department of Public and Social Administration's (City Polytechnic of Hong Kong) internal research support. HK $2,000.

American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the Japanese Studies Institute Award. Summer 1988. $3,000.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean's Research Grant. January 1988. $527.

Selected Honors and Awards

Recipient of Hind Rattan (Jewel of India) award given to Non-resident Indians for making outstanding contributions in their field to make India proud. Award was given in New Delhi on January 25, 2007.

Outstanding American by Choice. Award given by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to recognizes the outstanding achievements of naturalized U.S. citizens. December, 2006.

Recipient of Distinguished Alumnus Award from Purdue University, College of Liberal Arts. 2006.

Outstanding Educator Award, by the American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture for enhancing Hellenic studies. 2006.

Cover Story in City Masala (A Florida magazine focusing on Indian Americans). 2006.

Featured as the Cover Story Article, “Exceeding Expectations,” in Black Issues in Higher Education (now called Diverse Issues in Higher Education) June 2005.

“The Meteor Award” presented in recognition of support for enhancing the status of women at the University of South Florida by the Department of Women’s Studies at the Women of Color Conference. 2005.

Outstanding Women of Tampa Bay. Profiled. 2004.

Outstanding Indian of the Tampa Bay. Awarded by the Indian Community in January 1999.

Profile in Sarita. December 1995. A 3-page write-up as a part of Sarita’s (published biweekly in Hindi in New Delhi) series on successful Indians abroad.

Profile in India Abroad (the largest newspaper of the Indian Community outside of India). March 1995.

Profile in Sarita (the most popular women’s magazine published in Hindi in India). 1995.


Renu Khator and Erin Steurer- "Globalization, Technology, and American Higher Education," presented at the Globalization, Technology, and Development conference, Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, April 3-4, 2007.

Renu Khator and Kofi Glover- “On the Fringes of Globalization: The New Marginalized Class” presented at the International Political Science Association’s World Congress meeting in Fukuoka, Japan, July 2006.

Renu Khator- opening address and concluding remarks, presented at the Global Blues and Sustainable Development: The Emerging Challenges for Bureaucracy, Technology, and Governance Research Committee 4 regional meeting in Tampa, Florida, September 23-24, 2005.

“Dialog on Sustainable Development: From Stockholm to Rio to Johannesburg and Beyond,” A Symposium on Globalization and the Environment. Tampa, Florida. April 7, 2005.

“Impact of Globalization on Florida’s Environment: Will the Economy Outpace the Environment?” at the Florida’s Global Frontiers: Impact of Trade Liberalization Conference, Tampa, Florida. September 23-24, 2004.

“Civic Engagement and Education in Ghana and Brazil: a Study in
Good Governance,” (with Kofi Glover). World Congress Meeting of the International Political Science Association, Durban, South Africa, June 29-July 4, 2003.

Panel chair and discussant. “Environmental Policy.” Florida Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Tampa. March 2003.

“Good Governance in Global Cities: Chicago,” International Seminar on Local Autonomy, Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. October 2002.

“Self-governance and Local Autonomy in the United States.” International Conference on Self Governance in Seoul, Hanyang University, South Korea, October 8, 2001.

Panelist, Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (November 2001). Invited to organize and participate in a panel on “College Chairs as Leaders” at the Annual Meeting of the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences in Washington, DC, November. November, 2001.

“The Digital Divide: Ethical Implications for Developing Countries,” co-presenter with Suresh Khator. 2nd AmFiTan Conference on International Ethics at the University of South Florida. February 2001.

“Legal and Socio-economic Dynamics in Coastal Zone Management: Agent Based Modeling of Spatial Processes,” co-authored with Rafael Sperb and Roberto Pacheco. Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Computer Mapping and GIS for Coastal Zone Management, St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 18-20, 2001.

“Ethical Implications of World Trade: Economic Growth, Human Rights and Environmental Consequences for Developing Countries,” presented at the AmFiTan Development Ethics Conference, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, February 8-11, 2000.

“International Environmental Ethics,” presented at a special symposium on international ethics hosted by the Florida International University. April 10, 1999.

“Networking in collaborative decision-making,” presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Public Administration. April 12, 1999.

“Globalization and Public Policy,” American Political Science Association’s 1999 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. September 3, 1999.

Panel chair. “Water and the Environment,” SECOPA. St. Petersburg, Florida, October 9, 1999.

“Failed Transitions and Environmental Consequences in Eastern and Central Europe,” presented at the Florida Political Science Association’s 1999 meeting in Sarasota, Florida. April 9, 1999.

“Ethically Speaking…” a seminar presented at the Indian Institute of Public Administration. New Delhi. 16th December 1998.

Symposium Paper: “World Trade Organization and Human Rights,” Presentation at the Fifth Speyer Forum on Legal and Administrative Cooperation. April, 1997.

Panel Chair: “Conflict, Bureaucracy and the Environment,” at the World Congress Meeting of the International Political Science Association, Seoul, South Korea, August 1997.

Symposium participant: “Public Administration in the 21st Century: Can Bureaucracy Facilitate Democratization?” at a Special International Symposium at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea, August 1997.

Panel Paper: “From one-party dominance to no-party dominance: A case study of the Indian party system,” at the Annual Meeting of the Florida Political Association’s Annual meeting. Fort Lauderdale. April 1997.

Panel Paper: “A Model for Multijurisdictional Cooperation.” American Society for Public Administration. 1996.

Roundtable participant: “Ethnonationalism and viability of constitutions” for the American Political Science Association. 1996.

Panel paper: “Why and how local governments cooperate--Two Case Studies from Florida.” To be presented at the Florida Political Science Association’s meeting. March 1996

Symposium participant: India’s 50 years: An Assessment.” May 1996 in Akron, Ohio.

Panel Discussant: “Ethics in Curriculum,” Ethics Symposium. Tampa, Florida, January 1995.

Panel Discussant: “Comparative Feminist Perspectives,” Southern Political Science Association. Tampa, Florida, November 1995.

Panel Paper: “Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship--A Western Perspective,” International Conference on Environmental Stewardship. New Delhi, India, October 20-22, 1995.

Panel Participant: "Constitutional Viability and Ethnic Minorities in India," International Political Science Association's Committee on Constitutional Viability (COVICO). Hawaii. Forthcoming in 1995.

Panel Paper: "Diversity, Gender, and Employment Issues," Florida Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Winter Park. March 3, 1995.

Panel Paper: "Surviving in the Global Village: Bureaucratic Challenges in Developing Societies," International Political Science Association's World Congress Meeting. Berlin, Germany. August 1994.

Panel Discussant: "Florida's Public Policy Performance," Florida Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Sarasota, Florida. 1994.

Panel Paper: "Recycling, Markets, and Public Administrators," American Society for Public Administration. San Francisco, California. July 1993.

Panel Paper: "Professionalism in Bureaucracy: An Indian Perspective," Mini-conference at American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. September 1993.

Panel Paper: "Building Public-Private Partnership in Recycling--A Comparative Study of American and Germany," American Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C. September 1993.

Panel Paper: "Developmental Lessons from East Asia: What Can and What Cannot be Leaned?" Mid-conference of the International Political Science Association. New Delhi, India. February 1993.

Panel Paper: "Coping with Coercion: Florida Counties and the Mandatory Recycling Law," Florida Political Science Association's Annual Meeting. Winter Haven. April 1993.
Panel Paper: "Religious Challenges to India's Secular Democracy: The Bhartiya Janata Party," Florida Political Science Association Meeting. Sarasota, Florida. 27 March 1992.

Panel Discussant: "Environment and Development in a Comparative Perspective," ISA South. Tampa, FL. October 1992.

Panel Paper: "To Recycle or Not to Recycle," at the Southern Political Science Association Meeting. Atlanta, GA. November 1992.

Panel Paper: "Administering the Environment in an Interdependent World," at the American Society for Public Administration's Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. 11-14 April 1992.

Panel Paper: "India's Environmental Policy and Politics," (with O.P. Dwivedi) International Political Science Association's 15th World Congress Meeting. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 21-25 July 1991.

Panel Chair: "Critical Perspectives on Public Policy and Administration," at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Tampa, Florida. 7-9 Nov. 1991.

Panel Discussant: "Women and Politics," at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Tampa, Florida. 7-9 November 1991.

Panel Paper: "Taming the Lion--A View of Environmental Regulation from the Grass roots, International Political Science Association's 15th World Congress Meeting. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 21-25 July 1991.

Seminar lecture: "Policy Strategies for Environment," a seminar sponsored by IBM, Hong Kong, (other participants included Professor Albert Weale of Great Britain and C. Fung of Conservancy Association) 19 January 1990.

Panel Paper: "Industrial Technology, Environmental Pollution and Governmental Policy in Newly Industrialized Countries--Hong Kong," SECOPA. Clearwater, Florida. 5 October 1990.

Guest lecture: "In Search of Gold: Comparative Studies in Environmental Administration," for graduate students and faculty, Department of Public Administration, University of Madras. 9 February 1990.

Panel discussant: "Environmental Policy in Comparative Perspective," American Society of Public Administration. Miami, Florida. April 1989.
Panel paper: "The Political Economy of Environment: A Case of India," Florida Political Science Association Meeting. Sarasota, Florida. April 1989.

Chair and discussant: "Changes in the Third World," Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago. April 1988.

Panel paper: "Bureaucracy, Revenue and Forest Management: A Case of Indian States," International Political Science Association's XIVth World Congress Meeting. Washington, D.C. August 1988.

Chair and paper: "Ethno-politics or ethno-economics--A Case of Punjab," Southern Political Science Association Meeting. Atlanta, Georgia. 1988.

Panel paper: "India's Forestry Policy and the Politics of Unorganized Organizations," Association for Asian Studies Southeast Meeting. Chattanooga, Tennessee. January 1987.

Panel paper: "Grassroots Activism and the Policy Process of a Third World Country," Midwest Political Science Association Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. April 1987.

Panel paper (with Earl Conteh-Morgan): "Political Stability and authoritarianism in the Third World," International Studies Association Meeting. Washington, D.C. April 1987.

Panel paper: "Bureaucratic Expansion and Policy Performance: A Comparative Study," Midwest Political Science Association Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. April 12-14, 1986.

Panel paper: "Symbolism in the Emergence of Political Issues in Developing Countries," at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Asian Studies. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. March 22-24, 1985.

Panel paper: "Political Quiescence and Environmental Policy in India," Midwest Political Science Association Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. April 17-20, 1985.


Community Boards

Hillsborough Education Foundation Board (2005-present)
Kiran C. Patel Charter School, President of the Board (2003-present)
Moffitt Cancer Hospital Board of Directors (2000-present)
Member, University Area Community Development Board (2004 -present)
Member, University of South Florida Research Foundation Board (2003-present)
University of South Florida Foundation Board (1998-present)
Lowry Park Zoo Board of Directors (2001-present)
Girl Scouts—Sun Coast Chapter, Secretary and Board of Directors (2002-2005)
Athena Executive Women’s Association Executive Board (1999-2001)
WEDU Channel 3 Public Television Community Advisory Board (1999-2001)
City of Clearwater Brownfield Advisory Board (1999-present)
City of Tampa’s Environmental Taskforce (1999-present)
US-Africa Free Education Enterprise Board (1998-2000)

Professional Boards

Member, National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy and Management – advisory to EPA. (2004-2007)
University representative on the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges committee on Natural Resources. (presently serving)
President, RC4, International Political Science Association. (presently serving)

Community Presentations

Frequent speaker at various clubs -- local and state – on issues related to higher education, women’s empowerment, and globalization. Some public speeches were broadcasted over 50 times on the local public access channel.

Appearance on numerous television shows
Emcee at many community events
Judge at talent competition and beauty pageants (Miss India USA)
Performer (poetry and satire recital) at many local events for Hindi speaking audience


Global Climate Change
Florida Brownfields and their policy implications
Seminar in Florida Water Policy
Introduction to Environmental Policy
Geographical Perspectives
Contemporary Issues in Asian Politics (for New College)
Social Science Honors Seminar (for University Honor’s Program)
Environmental Politics and Policy
India, China and Pakistan
Government and Politics of Asia (also for International Studies Program)
South Asian Politics
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Empirical Political Analysis
American Congress (also for Open University)
Women in Developing Areas (for Women's Studies Program)
Introduction to Public and Social Administration (in Hong Kong)
Principles of Public Administration (for Public Administration Program, Hong Kong)
Comparative Public Policy (for Public Administration Program, Hong Kong)
Independent Advisor for BIS program (Bachelor’s of Independent Studies).


Doctoral Dissertations

Served as a member of about 25 Dissertation Committees--15 from Indian universities (University of Madras, Utkal University, and Bhubaneshwar University), 3 from Brazilian universities and the remaining from the University of South Florida from various departments, including Environmental Engineering, Communication, Anthropology and Biology.

Master's Theses

I have directed and served on several master’s students in political science and Environmental Science and Policy.

Bachelor's Honors Theses

This is an exit requirement for honors students at the University of South Florida. I have directed and served on many of these committee.


Member, Board of Trustee Workgroups on Academic and Campus Environment, Finance and Audit, and Health and Research. 2004-
Co-chair, Search Committee for Vice President for Research. 2007-
Chair, Search Committee for Vice President for Advancement. 2006-07.
Member, State University System Facilities Taskforce. 2006.
Member, Statewide Articulation Coordination Committee, 2004-2007.
Member, Florida Council of Academic Vice Presidents, 2003 –
Member, Tampa Bay Vision 21 Committee, 2006-present
Co-Mentor, ACE Fellow (Marco Carrillo). 2005-2006.
Chair, Search Committee, Vice President for University Advancement, 2006 –
Member, Athletic Director Search Committee (2004)
Chair, Faculty-Staff Annual Campaign, 2003-2004
Co-chair, University Faculty-Staff Annual Campaign, 2002-2003
Chair, Steering Committee for SACS Accreditation-Quality Enhancement Plan, 2003.
Steering Committee for General Education Review Committee. 2003.
Member, Provost’s Committee on Budget. 2001.
Co-chair, Provost’s ad hoc Committee on Teaching Assignments. 2001-2002.
Member, Search Committee for Associate Vice President for Public Affairs. 2001.
Member, President’s Taskforce on Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Goals. 2001.
Chair, Provost’s Committee on Faculty Salaries. 2000.
Member, USF Search Committee for AVP for Public Affairs. 2001.
Mentor for University EXCEL fellow (Dr. Charlotte Dixon), 2000-2001.
Member, Search Committee for USF Vice President for University Advancement, 2000
Co-Chair, University-Community Initiative, 2000-2001.
Member, University Committee on Computers and Technology, 2000-2002
Member, USF Research Strategic Committee, 2000-
Member, Moffitt Cancer Center’s Hospital Board of Directors, 2000-
Member, University Cultural Committee, 2000-2001
Member, Community Water Leadership Advisory Board, 2000-2002
Member, Natural and Environmental Sciences Building Committee, 1999-2000
Member, USF Water Institute Steering Committee, 1999-2000.
Member—CAS USPS and A&P Salary Enhancement Committee, 1999.
Member—University’s Waldo Proffitt Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism in Florida Reviewer’s Committee, 1999.
Member, USF Foundation Board, 1998-present.
Member, Athletics Department Hearing Committee, 1998.
Member, Search Committee for Women’s Studies Department, 1998.
Member, Provost’s Environmental Taskforce, 1998.
Member, Provost’s International Area Implementation Committee, 1998.
Member, CAS 2010 Committee on Quantity, Fall 1998.
Chair, College of Arts & Sciences Colloquia Committee, 1998-1999.
Member, Dean of International Affairs Search Committee, 1997-1998.
Chair, Committee on the USF Botanical Gardens Hearings, 1997.
Member, Committee on Recertification of NCAA, 1997-1998.
Member, Bachelor’s in Independent Studies Steering Committee, 1996.
Member, Faculty/staff Scholarship Planning Committee, 1996.
Chair, Search Committee for the Department of Government and Intl. Affairs, 1995.
Member, Public Administration Comprehensive Examination Committee, 1995.
Member, Political Science Comprehensive Examination Committee, 1995.
Member, University Earth Day Committee, 1995.
Member, Leadership Subcommittee on Academic Priorities, 1994-1995.
University Graduation Ceremonies Marshall, 1994-1995.
Member, Distinguished Service Award Committee, 1994-1995.
Member, Distance Education Committee, 1994-2001.
Speaker, Faculty Senate, 1994-1995.
Member, Advisory Council of Faculty Senates, Tallahassee, 1994-1996.
Member, Ad Hoc Committee on EEO, 1994-1995.
Member, University Leadership Council, 1994-1995.
Co-chair, Presidential Inauguration Committee, 1994.
Member, Hillsborough County Administrator's Search Committee, 1994.
Member, University Distinguish Service Professor Award Committee, 1994-1995.
Member, Provost's Ad Hoc Committee on Division of Sponsored Research Board, 1994.
Member, BIS program, 1994-1999.
Member, University Honor's Program Committee, 1994-1996.
Chair, Departmental/ESP Search Committee, 1994-1995.
Member, Public Administration Examination Committee, 1994-1995.
Member, Environment Science Degree Steering Committee, 1993-1994.
Secretary, University Faculty Senate, 1993-1994.
Member, University Faculty Senate, 1992-1995.
Member, Departmental Search Committee, 1993-1994.
Member, Search Committee for Associate Vice President for Diversity, 1993-1994.
Chair, College Graduate Committee, 1992-1993.
Chair/member, Departmental Ph.D. Development Committee, 1992-present.
Member, Departmental Executive Committee, 1992-1993.
Chair, Departmental Executive Committee, 1990-1991.
Member, College Graduate Committee, 1991-1993.
Director of Graduate Studies, 1990-1993.
Director, Minor in Asian Studies Program, CAS, 1991-present.
Recruitment Committee for Director of Public Administration, 1990.
Dean's Search Committee for Chair of Political Science, 1988-1989.
College Computer Committee, 1988-1989.
College Council, Spring, 1989.
Departmental Undergraduate Committee, 1988-1989.
Departmental Undergraduate Committee, 1987-1988.
Undergraduate Student Adviser, 1987-1988.
Departmental Graduate Committee, 1986-1987.
Undergraduate Student Advisor, 1986-1987.
College Grievance Committee, Fall, 1986.


Citizenship: USA
Family: Husband, two daughters

Travel: South Africa, Tanzania, Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macau, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentine, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, The Bahamas, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Canada, and of course, India and USA.