NO link with Riyadh ul Haq

In relation to allegations in the Evening Standard on Friday 7 September, the trustees of the Abbeymills Mosque state categorically that Tablighi Jamaat are not connected, do not have links, and have no relationship whatsoever with Riyadh ul Haq.

We utterly refute any links to terrorism or terrorists, nor do we teach an extremist line.

We would deplore any person, Muslim or other, advocating that others 'shed blood' (as quoted from the Evening Standard) for a cause.

Confusion on Deobandi

The Evening Standard appears confused about what it calls the Deobandi sect and alleges that Riyadh ul Haq is in line to become its leader.

To help clarify this error, here are some helpful pointers about the Deobandis:

  • Not all, but most Muslims from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (i.e. the sub-continent) would call themselves Deobandi.
  • There is NO leader of the Deobandis, nor could there ever be a leader of the Deobandis. There are leaders of groups that are under the very large Deobandi umbrella, but no overall leader. Making a comparison with the Christian religion, there is no leader of the Protestant church, yet there is a leader of the Church of England, one of the Protestant Churches.


There is a very good article, written by the SAJA Forum, giving a good critique of The Times article.

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