Major benefit to development of Abbeymills – decontamination of the site

  • The site being promoted for the Abbeymills Mosque is contaminated, relating to its previous use as a chemical factory. It is like many sites in this area and elsewhere - any development, be it for housing, retail, office or a mosque will have to address this issue. The trustees of the Abbeymills Mosque understand this and have committed themselves to dealing with this issue on a robust basis.

  • It is for this reason we commissioned experts Waterman’s Environmental to produce a report on the Environment Risk Management of the site, which they delivered in March 2007. Waterman’s Environmental confirms that the site has Medium-High risk environmental issues.

  • Waterman Environmental have recommended that certain precautionary actions are taken during the site’s current use as a temporary Mosque. We can confirm that all these recommendations have been adopted and are being observed.

  • In the planning for the longer term development of the site, there are many issues to address. One is certain to be decontamination of the site, which will be undertaken prior to any construction commencing. Whilst we are still at very early planning stages, the level of work required to reduce the risk to Low or less is now being considered and is part of the brief for the project team. Indeed we believe the decontamination of the site is a major benefit of redevelopment of the site, and we list this benefit in all our press releases.

  • The environmental improvements will enable the area to be opened up to all. As part of the development, we are including a garden area and landscaping that will become a community facility for all, regardless of faith.

We note that the report does not suggest that current activities should be stopped subject to their recommendations being adopted, which they have in full. The following extract is the recommendations from the report provided by Waterman Environmental dated March 2007:

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