Geometry Classes

Working in groups, students were asked to find solutions to the problems presented at seven stations. They spent approximately ten minutes at each station over a period of two days. The stations were positioned in the classroom so that students could move from station to station in a clockwise fashion.

Station 1 - Pool Problem

Students are given the area of a circular pool and a distance from the edge where a circular fence will be constructed. They are to find the amount of fencing needed.

Station 2 - National Park Problem

Students are given sufficient information to find the circumference of a tree. They are to find the diameter of that tree.

Station 3 - Shaded Region Problem

Students are given three sketches involving the same square with a different number of circles within the square. They must determine which sketch has more shaded area.

Station 4 - Windshield Wiper Problem

Students are given the length of a windshield wiper, the length of a rubber wiping blade and the central angle of the sector. They must determine how much area is covered by the blade.

Station 5 - Pizza Problem

Students are given the diameter and the calories, per square unit, of a pizza. They must determine the measure of the central angle of a slice, given a restriction of number of calories per slice.

Station 6 - Tennis Can Problem

Students are given a tennis ball can filled with three tennis balls. They are to determine a relationship between the circumference of one tennis ball and the height of the can.

Station 7 - Dart/Computer Problem

Students are given a paper bull's eye and darts. They are to determine the probability, after 100 trials, that the dart will land in the bull's eye. Then students will perform a simulation of this problem using Geometer's Sketchpad.

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