Trigonometry Classes

In celebration of Pi Day, the Trigonometry/Advanced Math students investigated problems which involved the value of pi (approximately 3.14) in the solution. The four challenge problems included geometric, algebraic and trigonometric concepts. In small groups of three of four, the students discussed possible solutions to the problems. These cooperative learning activities prepared students to solve problems that were due the following day.

Problem #1

What is the area of the union of two circles of radius 1 whose centers are 1 unit apart?

Problem #2

Find the percent increase in the area of a circular pizza if the radius is increased from nine to ten inches.

Problem #3

If Juan can consume in one sitting one medium (12 inch diameter) deep dish (1 inch thick) pizza, what is the minimum volume of his stomach?

Problem #4

If a circular track is 5 meters wide and it takes a horse, traveling its fastest, pi more seconds to travel the outer edge than the inner edge, what is the horse's speed?

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