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Capital One Bowl a hit on TV

Posted by John Heuser | The Ann Arbor News January 15, 2008 06:00AM

Categories: Football
The Capital One Bowl was a very popular New Year's Day TV stop, according to the ratings.

Only the Bowl Championship Series title game and the Rose Bowl drew more viewers that the Capital One Bowl between Michigan and Florida during the recently completed bowl season.

In its highest-rated game since 1998, the Capital One Bowl had a 9.13 rating, which was higher than the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar bowls, all of which were BCS games.

The national title game between Louisiana State and Ohio State drew a 14.4 rating and the Rose Bowl between Southern California and Illinois drew an 11.11 rating.

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Posted by 1lionsfan1 on 01/15/08 at 7:27AM

great job rich. we finally get a great ,young ,highly recruited qb,and u send him packing. For what reason?? Cause u want some scrambling fool. the four teams left in the nfl playoffs pats,chargers,giants,and green bay. how many of them have a running qb??? none. Been a michigan man my whole life...well no more. The only reason ive had to get excited about u of m football in years and the first thing u do is destroy it. A qb is a qb for a reason, just like a rb is a rb for a reason. So good luck with your sqwuaty little rb/qb thing u put in there who cant pass worth a crap. wherever mallet ends up is my new team i root for. thanks again for turning our team into something its not at all, what we've prided it on being for years.

Posted by thewaterboy on 01/15/08 at 8:38AM

1lionsfan1, you're getting all worked up for nothing. Mallet isn't gone yet (to my knowledge), and besides, he was offered the position and Coach Rod was nothing but generous with him ... . Michigan will be fine no matter what.

I sure wish Carr would have played USC the style of ball that had so much to do with us winning against Florida this year, we might have won. Oh well.

It's great to know we've got a coach that will bring some glory to the program on a consistent bases. These are VERY exciting times for true Michigan Wolverine fans!