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Welcome Aboard!Captain Marcus Sherman waving up from the Eventide…  to his son and First Mate Nick
			 on top of the 38 foot tall mast.

We will reopen May 23, 2008. Plan now to Join us for a relaxing sailboat ride with your friends, family, or business associates aboard the Catboat "Eventide" as one of the many Fun things to do on Cape Cod in 2008.

I am a year-round native Cape Codder and have been sailing in Hyannis Harbor since 1960.

the Catboat, "Eventide"

Since 1987, my crew and I have been having a great time operating public sailboat excursions in Hyannis Harbor for over 105,000 satisfied passengers from around the world. Whether landlubber or old salts, many of our guests return again and again.

Atmosphere aboard the boat is friendly, informal and relaxing. We'll be glad to explain some of the unique local history of areas we see along the trip, and I love to trade anecdotes with our guests.

Here is some information about our private charters, public excursions, and free sailboat rides for guests of our Bed and Breakfast.

Read about our boat and the attractions in Hyannis Harbor.

We have a well stocked bar and a tasty galley menu. We have a collection of photos & testimonials from past passengers. You can also get info about gift certificates, see detailed directions to find us, and check other local information. You  or a friend can contact me to

Apply for work on the Catboat. Help celebrate out 21st year by using discount coupons for Catboat offered Rides by our Partners.

Available positions are:-RELIEF CAPTAIN -FIRST MATE -TICKET SELLERS -Application Form HERE


I invite you to come sailing with us when you are in the Cape Cod/ Boston/ Newport area. Bring your camera for those once in a lifetime shots and plan on having fun!

I've gone to India for the winter but look forward to meeting you next season aboard the Eventide.

bird-watching in the Pine Cove wildlife sanctuary
We find the tranquility of nature is best observed aboard our quiet wooden sailboat silently powered by the wind.

the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, as only can be seen from the water
The Eventide can operate in water as shallow as 30" allowing our sailboat to get closer to the Kennedy compound and other attractions than the tour boats

a relaxing sunset cruise in Hyannis harbor

You can truly enjoy some peace and quiet— listening only to the waves and the breeze that fills our sails, moving us along without a noisy motor.

   Capt. Marcus M. Sherman


About the Boat

The Eventide is a Catboat class of sailboat, an authentic traditional local design. She is 34 feet long, has a wide 10 foot beam and a sloop rigged mast 38 feet tall, assuring a steady, smooth, and comfortable ride. With our centerboard up, we can sail in only 30 inches of water, allowing us to get much closer to coastal attractions than other Hyannis excursion boats.

The boat is in excellent condition with beautiful hand varnished teak and mahogany furnishings and secure nonskid painted decks. Passengers are welcome to move about the boat from cabin-top to cockpit or into the cabin.

All seating areas are comfortably padded and excellent back support is available in most seats. Handicapped passengers are readily accommodated in safety and comfort, however a wheelchair cannot be used on board. The clean and practical toilet and washbasin in the “head” may be used in complete comfort and privacy.


Catboats were so named because they behave like a cat: quick, agile, well-balanced, and quiet. They were developed in the early 1800’s and used extensively around Cape Cod for all types of coastal fishing and local transport. Working catboats saw their peak use about a century ago. Catboats are now very popular for cruising and racing.

The Eventide was built in Kingston, Massachusetts, in 1933—the last and largest of several big cats built by George W. Shiverick. George learned catboat building between 1890 to 1895 while working for the well known catboat builder C. C. Hanley of Monument Beach. The Mystic Seaport Museum collection includes the half model of Eventide and three Shiverick boats, including a 25-foot sloop once owned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and sailed by the former President at Campobello, Maine.


A typical sailing cruise includes departure from Hyannis Inner Harbor, sailing through the Hyannis Yacht Club anchorage area past more than 200 fine boats and yachts and then through scenic Lewis Bay. The following routes and destinations of our scheduled public excursions may be selected to suit the desires of a private charter.

See interactive map: Our Sailing Routes and Points of Interest.

12:15 & 2:15 pm Hyannis Port Trips - We sail out Hyannis Channel, past Dunbar Point among busy harbor traffic, past Great Island (the 600 acre estate of the Chase family), past Kalmus Beach and over to peaceful Hyannis Port Harbor to see the impressive waterfront homes of the Kennedy family and other residents. We sail especially close to the Kennedy's' beach, passing near the Kennedy's' beautiful sailing yachts anchored off the Hyannis Port Yacht Club. Your favorite beverage and a sandwich served from our galley will compliment the ambiance of this popular cruise.

4:00 Blue Water Sail - When the wind is best, The Eventide heads offshore into Nantucket Sound for a good rousing sail off Point Gammon before returning back to dock. We get excellent views of three historic lighthouses; Olde Hyannis Light, Point Gammon Light, and Channel Point Light. A premium bottled beer from our bar is refreshing in the warm afternoon sun.

6:00 Sunset / Cocktail Cruise - The accent is upon serious relaxation. There is no particular destination or route and the Captain takes best advantage of the conditions to spend maximum time under sail power only.

We usually sail over to the Pine Cove Wildlife Sanctuary, a beautiful unspoiled salt marsh up close. This area is inhabited with several species of protected marine and shore birds, including: osprey, black cormorant, blue heron, green heron, white egret, loon, swan, canada goose, various ducks, terns, sandpipers and gulls. Sometimes we see white tailed deer, red tail fox, and coyote on the shore. Nature lovers and children will be delighted. Here the only sounds are bird calls and wind in the rigging.

This is a quiet time of day with little distraction from other boat traffic. Enjoy your favorite beverage with a lobster roll, shrimp cocktail, or prime roast beef sandwich from our galley.

8:00 Starlight Cruise - (24 hour advance reservation required). We enjoy the fading colors of the sunset and the gradual emergence of stars and planets in the quiet night sky. Lights twinkle along the shoreline of Lewis Bay. Careful sky watchers will usually be able to sight a brilliant meteorite or a passing satellite. The Eventide leaves a trail of phosphorescent plankton glowing in its wake. Lovers can cuddle under a blanket with a bottle of champagne.

Our Bed & Breakfast Inn is run by Captain Marcus and his wife Lynette. Our B&B Master Bedroom
Our B&B Guests Ride Free
on the Catboat!
Our Captain's Coast Guard license is proudly displayed on the ship. Click to view.
Our Captain's Coast Guard license
is renewed regularly. He meets all Coast Guard standards for capability of operation of Auxiliary Sail Vessels of not more than 100 gross tons.


The Catboat is Coast Guard approved. Click to view USCG Inspection Certificate.The Eventide is thoroughly inspected annually by US Coast Guard Marine Safety Officers and is certified for up to 22 passengers.

It is equipped with all safety equipment required by the US Coast Guard. The Eventide is equipped with an FCC inspected and licensed VHF radio station, marine GPS locating system and weather radar.The Captain may cancel or shorten a trip due to anticipated unsafe sailing conditions like heavy fog, heavy rain, very strong winds, or approaching thunderstorms. The Eventide is fully insured for property damage and personal liability.

Your captain, Marcus Sherman, began sailing in Hyannis harbor over forty years ago and is licensed by the US Coast Guard. He is assisted by a qualified first mate. Captain Sherman and his crew have completed Red Cross CPR and First Aid training, are enrolled in a Coast Guard approved random drug testing program, and do not drink alcohol before or during any sailing excursions.




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Captain Sherman and his crew  are enrolled in a Coast Guard approved random drug testing program. Click to view.
Our Captain and crew are enrolled in a Coast Guard approved random drug testing program and have completed Red Cross CPR and First Aid training,
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