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Better Routes to Redress

Better Routes to Redress report cover"It is a commonly held perception that the United Kingdom is in the grip of "compensation culture". Newspapers complain that the UK is becoming like the United States with stories of people apparently suing others for large sums of money, and often for what appear to be trivial reasons. Media reports and claims management companies encourage people to "have a go" by creating a perception, quite inaccurately, that large sums of money are easily accessible."

"This report looks at what has created the perception of a compensation culture; how that perception is fuelled; and the damage that the perception, unless tackled, will do for the prosperity and well-being of the UK. We also consider how people with genuine grievances - especially those who in the past may not have had access to justice - can have better access to redress, and make recommendations and about how the process can be improved."

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