Science Education Program Objectives

Program Objective 1: The ICRGS student will develop content knowledge in science from the evolutionary and creationist worldviews in order to relate science and [science] education concepts as revealed in scripture.

Program Objective 2: The ICRGS student will use knowledge of the students in his/her classroom to (a) plan learning goals and objectives and (b) to implement a variety of methods to convey successfully scientific knowledge as it relates to a created universe with purpose and destiny.

Program Objective 3: The ICRGS student will apply skills in effective written, verbal, and non-verbal communication that exhibit the qualities of a communicator who stimulates the thinking of the listener/reader.

Program Objective 4: The ICRGS student will (a) analyze research, (b) carry out his/her own research, and (c) develop curriculum and instructional materials that contribute to the Biblical and/or Creation knowledge base in his/her science education field.

Program Objective 5: The ICRGS student will implement assessment strategies for (a) self-evaluation, (b) student learning, and (c) evaluation of research and instructional materials that teach a creationist worldview thus appraising his or her teaching as it reflects a creationist worldview.

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