Play the computergame Tetris on the building of the faculty of Electrical Engineering at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands

Dutch please
It was just an idea some students of ETV had. The Electrical Engineering Student Association ETV celibrated in november 1995 its ninetieth aniversary and used this huge stunt to op its aniversary year. The World largest Tetris Game on a building and ofcourse on the internet. People all over the world could play the game Tetris by using a simple telnet session and all the West of Holland could watch what they were doing on this building. At the same time the Telecom Student Club of ETV used a GSM telephone and a laptop to put every 10 seconds a picture on the Web. So this way you could see the crowd in front of the building watching the game you were playing.
Click here for More Foto's, see the MPEG-video or mail the TetrisCrew for sending you the Video.

On a 96meters high building, we used 15 floors and each floor had 10 rooms. So we created a huge billboard of more than 2000m2. See some pictures of the 3.5 km cable, 400 lights, 1500m paper that we use for our Guinness book of records attempt.

We've got the Guinness book of Records record, thanks for watching! Sorry, U can't login anymore and play the game on the largest display in the World

See also the whole "Lustrum"Story [Dutch only, 130k]

There are 3 camera's. The first stands at about 2 miles from the building. The second camera stands near the building, near the joystick that plays the game. The other one is an action camera. By using a laptop and a GSM telephone we will put pictures from the action camera on internet.

See here the building by day here another by night

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