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Do-It-Yourself: Machine Maintenance

By Julie Fugate & Brad Smith

Help, my machine won't work!

HAVE YOU EVER UTTERED THAT CRY followed by a trip to your local sewing machine mechanic and an expensive repair bill? Many times, that trip can be avoided with a few simple techniques and some basic maintenance steps to follow.

Every machine, no matter what brand, will run longer and perform better when it's maintained. You can easily perform basic maintenance on your machine with a minimum amount of tools. You'll need your owner's manual (contact the dealer if you don't have one), sewing machine oil, a small brush for cleaning lint, and a screwdriver (the one that came with the machine is fine).

Let's begin!

Diagnosing Stitching Problems


Needle Knowledge

From the July 2004 issue of Sew News magazine.

Julie Fugate owns The Quilt Block, a quilt shop and sewing machine dealership in Sherwood, OR. She has been sewing and quilting for over 30 years and has extensive experience in the apparel business.

Brad Smith is a master sewing-machine-and-serger service professional with over 10 years' experience. Brad works with machines of every make and model, from long-arm quilting machines to fully computerized embroidery machines. He also works at The Quilt Block in Sherwood, OR.

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