Well Worth The Trip - 23.12.2002

Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip Vols 1 & 2 hit the streets - all of the 25 songs which Jerry brought to Roadrunner a bit over a year ago, arranged in the sequence he originally 'envisaged.'

Kerrang! magazine, giving this release a KKKK review, has a bit to say on this 'trip.' An excerpt from their latest issue reads as follows:

"You will wonder how the crushing 'Owned' and 'Profalse Idol' could possibly have failed to make the first cut, and you'll be entranced by the snake-like melody that winds itself around 'Siddartha'. Then there's the instrumental 'Hurts, Don't It?', the first 30 seconds of which is pure Hendrix. Thematically, Cantrell's concrete-heavy tales about weakness and redemption, and misjudged, shattered lives, brings the death of AIC (Alice In Chains) singer Layne Staley into heartfelt focus. This bloody and gaping maw of an album is a masterpiece of creative vision. You no longer have any excuse - this is one trip worth taking."

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Up Close With Cantrell - 11.12.2002

Jerry Cantrell recently took some time out to record a video interview for Playboy magazine at their 'mini-mansion' in Hollywood, California.

You can check it out HERE. Enjoy.

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Cantrell & Jordison on Radio 1 Rock Show - 15.11.2002

The previously mentioned competition to suggest cover songs for the Murderdolls at their upcoming December dates will run this Tuesday on the Radio 1 Rock Show.

Also in that show a very special Jerry Cantrell Acoustic session will be broadcast. Enjoy.

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Cantrell's Special Edition - 04.11.2002

Jerry Cantrell's debut Roadrunner release - Degradation Trip - contained 14 tracks. However, as written way back when, Jerry came to Roadrunner with 25 completely recorded songs from the Degradation Trip sessions. Well, it's time to travel onward...

Currently scheduled for a December 9th release date, the double CD set Degradation Trip Vols. 1 & 2 is on the horizon. This is the trip in it's entirety, all 25 tracks sequenced as Jerry originally intended, complete with new artwork and detailed liner notes.

Tracklisting as follows:

Disc 1:
01. Psychotic Break
02. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes
03. Owned
04. Angel Eyes
05. Solitude
06. Mother's Spinning In Her Grave (Glass Dick Jones)
07. Hellbound
08. Spiderbite
09. Profalse Idol
10. Feel the Void
11. Locked On
12. Gone

Disc 2:
01. Castaway
02. Chemical Tribe
03. What It Takes
04. Dying Inside
05. Siddhartha
06. Hurts Don't It?
07. She Was My Girl
08. Pig Charmer
09. Anger Rising
10. S.O.S.
11. Give It a Name
12. Thanks Anyway
13. 31/32

You can see the new artwork on the New Releases page.

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Back On Kerrang! TV - 18.10.2002

The following videos have been re-added to Kerrang! TV this week:

Theory Of A Deadman 'Nothing Could Come Between Us' (474)
Jerry Cantrell 'Anger Rising' (473)
Murderdolls 'Dead In Hollywood' (472)

Be sure to check em out!

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Cantrell's UK Trip - 07.10.2002

What's latest in Cantrell's world? Just finished a UK tour taking in Newport, Wolverhampton, Bradford, London, Glasgow, and Manchester not to mention playing a storming set at the Kerrang! Weekender at Camber Sands - which according to Craig Alway was totally worth the weekend ticket price just to catch Jerry's set! Set list changed every show, but always included a few classic Alice In Chains tunes towards the end... nice.

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'Back With Cantrell - 07.10.2002

Last night in Calgary at the Calgary Stampede Corral, Nickelback's show offered more of a surprise than just the pyro and lights we've been talking about - Jerry Cantrell joined Nickelback on stage for a song, together they played "It Ain't Like That" from Alice In Chains' Facelift. More? Since the reaction was apparently astounding last night and Jerry is still hangin with the band, word has it he will be making an encore performance with Nickelback tonight (Jan 25) in Edmonton at the Skyreach Centre. The song to be played? As of now, we hear that "Rooster" is on tap. If you can't believe what you are missing, no worries - you are probably not aware, but there are plans going around on talks for putting together a Nickelback DVD. Tonight's show in Edmonton is actually being shot, and this is just the kind of thing that should be on a DVD...

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UK Shows Announced For Jerry Cantrell - 04.10.2002

We are pleased to confirm the following shows for JERRY CANTRELL:
Sun 29 - Newport TJ's (01633 216608 or 0871 2200260) LAST FEW TICKETS
Mon 30 - Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (01902 552121)
Tues 1 - Bradford Rios (01274 735549)
Thurs 3 - London Mean Fiddler (0207 344 0044) LAST FEW TICKETS
Fri 4 - Kerrang Weekender (Camber Sands)
Sat 5 - Glasgow Garage (0870 220 1116)
Sun 6 - Manchester University (0161 832 111 or 0871 2200260) LAST FEW TICKETS
All shows £11 advance except London which is £12.50 and tickets are on sale now! You can buy from the venue box offices listed above or online by clicking the above links! Support will come from Jerry's backing band, and in London Sethur will also play.

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Cantrell teams up with Tommy Lee - 04.10.2002

Word from the USA: Fourth of July, Milwaukee, WI - Tommy Lee joins Jerry Cantrell on stage during Cantrell's set at Summerfest. The song, "Man In The Box." Seventh of July, Omaha, NE - Once again Tommy Lee gets behind the kit, joining Cantrell on stage for the last song of the night, "Man In The Box."

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Degradation Trip Out Now - 04.10.2002

Time to pick up Jerry Cantrell's latest...
Available on CD only for around £12.99 from HMV (free CD sampler & £2 off with Download 2002 discount card.. order your card here), Virgin, MVC, Sanity, and all good indies. The track listing for the Cantrell release is as follows:
01. Psychotic Break (4:08)
02. Bargain Basement Howard Hughes (5:36)
03. Anger Rising (6:15)
04. Angel Eyes (4:43)
05. Solitude (3:59)
06. Mother Spinning In Her Grave (3:52)
07. Hellbound (6:45)
08. Give It A Name (4:02)
09. Castaway (4:59)
10. She Was My Girl (3:57)
11. Chemical Tribe (6:34)
12. Spiderbite (6:58)
13. Locked On (5:36)
14. Gone (5:05)

Get your mits on a free limited 'Roadtrip' sampler CD featuring Sinch, Jerry Cantrell, and Theory Of A Deadman in our giveaways section. Also check out Kerrang!, July 3 issue, as Jerry Cantrell is on the covermount CD! Next time you're out at the shops, pick up the latest issue of Metal Hammer for a cool Cantrell feature (page 64 to be precise)!

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Catching Up With Cantrell - 04.10.2002

Degradation Trip OUT NOW. Welcome video #1 of the Jerry Cantrell / Roadrunner Records era. Check out the brand new video for 'Anger Rising' (high speed quicktime file). While you're at it, hit the streets and pick up the following magazines for some Cantrell press: Kerrang! 4K album review (15th June issue) Kerrang! feature (3 pages, 8th June issue) and Classic Rock 3/5 full page review (July issue). Don't forget to also take a peek at our totally awesome Cantrell E-Card!

All things come full circle, which is why it is only fitting this day has come...Jerry Cantrell has confirmed tour plans which will take him to the end of the summer, well after his current run with Nickelback ends... Starting sometime in July, Jerry Cantrell will be teaming up on the road in the USA with heavyweights Creed. True. A great fuckin' opportunity for Jerry to show America exactly what the hell rock is all about...Creed & Jerry Cantrell, coming to you this summer. Confirmed dates thus far are as follows: July 15 Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 17 Columbus, - OH Polaris Amphitheater 19 Noblesville, IN - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 24 Hartforfd, CT - Meadows Music Theatre August 7 Scranton, PA - Montage Mountain 13 Fargo, ND - Fargodome 15 Moline, IL - Mark of the Quad 17 Antioch, TN - Amsouth Amphitheater 24 Hershey, PA - Hershey Stadium.

Ever wonder about the simple things in life? Little pranks, goofing around with friends, something you wouldn't expect to hear each day? Well, Jerry Cantrell is starting to share such of life's little pleasures from the road. Amongst your internet travels, stop by and check out the JOURNAL about some of the small things that go on behind the scene. First journal post is up, Case Of The Green Water. Don't take life so seriously...

Jerry Cantrell is in full swing on the road, currently on tour with Nickelback on the 2002 Jim Beam Road To The Rackhouse tour. Tonight's show, LA - the Hollywood Palladium. Tomorrow night, it's the desert plains of Mesa, Arizona. Earlier this month it was the Key Arena in Seattle, WA - a bit of a homecoming for Jerry, absolutely an emotional show. Ann and Nancy Wilson joined Jerry on stage for the singing of the Alice In Chains track "Brother", a song they dedicated to Layne Staley. "It was pretty amazing," tells Jerry. Set lists on the road have been consisting of mostly new tracks from Degradation Trip, along with a couple songs from Jerry's Boggy Depot release and of course a couple Alice tracks.

With extreme pleasure, we announce that is open for business. Actually, a very cool fuckin' site, one which runs smooth like a Cadillac. No shit. And, sign up for the mailing list for a chance to win a Gibson guitar. No shit, two times. Check it out. Jerry Cantrell's debut Roadrunner release Degradation Trip is the next beast to tackle - out now.

For the first time, we proudly offer you a taste of what to expect from Jerry Cantrell's Degradation Trip release. Perhaps you have already heard the song, as radio stations that embraced Alice In Chains now embrace what Jerry is bringing to the table. Whether yes or no, here is a track to take with you and listen whenever you like - "Anger Rising". An MP3 download of Jerry Cantrell's "Anger Rising" can now be found in our music section.

Check out a couple of live shots of Jerry Cantrell in the gallery, including a duet with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, taken by Daniel Moss.

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Cantrell's New Album - 04.10.2002

Jerry on the album: "I was so intent on what I was doing on this record - I was on a creative role I've never experienced yet until this record. I was never so prolific in one sitting. And it was going so well, I didn't want to break it at all until it was finished in my head - until I was done writing. Until I had nothing left to give."

"Goddamn, this looks like a fuckin' rock show to me," tells Jerry Cantrell, in regards to the show he played this past Saturday night (Mar 16th) at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Preceded by Anyone (a rock show, indeed), Jerry started the show with one of the new tracks off his upcoming June 24th release, Degredation Trip. The song, "Psychotic Break". And as the Hollywood Reporter puts it, "the dark and lumbering "Psychotic Break," full of familiar minor-key vocal and harmonies." Jerry's first live show (outside his appearance with Nickelback in Canada) on the Roadrunner label was indeed a rock show. Bassist Robert Trujillo was in town and joined Jerry and company for a few songs, and even Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul from Pantera made an appearance - playing on the Alice In Chains' classic "Them Bones". Just what was the set list for the night? Many new tracks, and many old. So many tracks, that Jerry kept playing until the venue had to close down...and not one person in the packed house even thought about leaving until then. What next on the Jerry Cantrell touring front? It's the Road To The Rackhouse tour, sponsored by Jim Beam and to be headlined by Nickelback. This tour is confirmed to start in Albuquerque in May 13th, and will run until sometime in early July. This, will be a 'fuckin' rock show'. Indeed.

"It sounds unlike any other record I have ever done. It's is probably one of the heaviest records I have put out including Alice," says Jerry. The album took close to 2 years to record. DEGRADATION TRIP was the last record to be recorded in the "haunted" studios of A&M in Los Angeles, CA. Jerry Cantrell and Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Matchbox Twenty, Soul Asylum, Collective Soul) produced this monumental effort. "Jerry's new material picks up right where Alice In Chains left off. This is the style of music he was born to write and play - and the sound that the fans have been craving from him. The new material sounds fresh yet instantly familiar," Monte Conner - VP of A&R for Roadrunner Records enthuses. "It's not every day that you get to work with a musician and songwriter of Jerry's caliber. He has written some of my favorite songs - modern classics that people will still be listening to 30 years from now. How many musicians can you say that about these days?" Last week in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada Jerry met up with labelmates Nickelback and performed the Alice in Chains classic, "It Ain't Like That" from the AIC 1990 release, FACELIFT. Both nights Cantrell took the stage to the sound of deafening chants of "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry". The exclusive live performance at Edmonton's Sky Reach Centre will be featured on Nickelback's upcoming DVD release. The performance buck does not stop in Canada. The stage has been set at Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas on Mar 16 for Jerry Cantrell to give fans old and a new a preview of the material that will appear on his upcoming Roadrunner release, DEGRADATION TRIP.

Most recently jamming with Nickelback during a couple dates in Canada, it has been confirmed that Jerry Cantrell's next appearance will be a feature performance. Jerry will be playing the finale during this year's SXSW in Austin, Texas. Details are as follows: Saturday, Mar 16th - Stubb's BBQ - Austin, TX - Jerry will be closing the night, but not before fellow labelmates Sinch and Anyone grace the stage. This will be a night to remember, and to hear some of the greatest new music you will ever be afforded. more details to come...

Dan Kaye, a well known journalist who writes for the likes of Kerrang!, Metal Edge, Revolver, and others, has been spending some time listening to the new Jerry Cantrell music. What's the word? "Jerry Cantrell's new album, Degradation Trip, is a masterful return for one of heavy rock's most unique and innovative players and songwriters. Ominous, swirling tapestries of haunting melodies and vocals merge with crushing barrages of thunderous guitar to fashion an eerie sound that other acts may imitate, but never duplicate. Add some of the most personal and unsparing lyrics the man has ever written, and it's easy to hear why Degradation Trip may be one of the most authentic and electrifying rock records of 2002." -- Don Kaye

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RIP Layne Staley - 04.10.2002

Seeing that Jerry Cantrell is now a member of the Roadrunner family, his past bonds too are family now. Accordingly, it is only fitting we make mention of the loss music suffered this past week - Layne Staley, vocalist and co-conspirator with Jerry Cantrell in Alice In Chains, has passed away. On the evening of Friday, April 19th, Layne was found dead in his Seattle home. Layne and Jerry were the writing core behind the machine that was Alice In Chains, the two who made fourth interval harmonies a sound that defined the band and a piece of music history. Layne was truly innovative with his unique vocal styling - a genuine talent, one of a kind. Now often imitated, but never duplicated, Layne's baritone voice owed nothing to previous singers, but was rather a new type of singing none ever heard before. As one half of the writing machine behind Alice In Chains (Jerry being the other), Layne's talents went well beyond his voice: Being a self-taught guitarist, he wrote some of the most haunting melodies found on the Dirt release (hear "Angry Chair", "Hate To Feel"), and living through his own life experiences, he wrote some of the most soulful and brutally honest lyrics one could ever know. Aptly told, Layne once said, "We're not preaching, it's our own shit." Layne's gift will never be forgotten. His work, in and out of Alice In Chains, will be remembered forever. That being told, this past Sunday (04/21), the remaining members of Alice in Chains offered a statement to express their loss. It is as follows: "It's good to be with friends and family as we struggle to deal with this immense loss ... and try to celebrate this immense life. We are looking for all the usual things: comfort, purpose, answers, something to hold on to, a way to let him go in peace. "Mostly, we are feeling heartbroken over the death of our beautiful friend. He was a sweet man with a keen sense of humor and a deep sense of humanity. He was an amazing musician, an inspiration, and a comfort to so many. He made great music and gifted it to the world. We are proud to have known him, to be his friend, and to create music with him. "For the past decade, Layne struggled greatly — we can only hope that he has at last found some peace. "We love you, Layne. Dearly. And we will miss you ... endlessly."

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Jerry Cantrell, welcome to Roadrunner - 04.10.2002

Many a word has been posted on the message board and rumors on other sites have surfaced about this, but for the first time we can now say it is official - Jerry Cantrell is now on Roadrunner Records.

Though he needs no introduction, Cantrell was a founding member, guitarist, vocalist, and writer for the legendary seminal act Alice In Chains - a band that took a then underground movement in the nineties to every rock fan in the world.

Cantrell comes to Roadrunner armed with 25 songs which he wrote and recorded independent of any label help whatsoever - 25 songs he had full reign to go in whatever direction he needed. On these recordings, Cantrell does all the vocals and guitars, while the rhythm section comes from bassist Robert Trujillo (Ozzy & Suicidal Tendencies) and drummer Mike Bordin (Ozzy & Faith No More).

We look forward to sharing Cantrell's new music with you shortly - current plans are in place for a tentative May 14th release titled Degradation Trip, 14 songs hand picked by Cantrell himself. If you had the chance to catch Cantrell on tour this past summer, you got a taste of what to expect on Degradation Trip...for those of you who didn't, for now we'll just say that Jerry updates the Alice In Chains sound, and at the same time, summons the menacing rock groove of his former band.

Jerry Cantrell, proud to have you onboard.

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