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Boot Camp in Leopard: Tips and Reports

Booting a Mac from Windows using Apple Boot Camp 2.0

Updated January 9, 2008

For tips and reports about running Boot Camp in Tiger, click here.

If you’ve tried Boot Camp your problems or tips.

About Apple Boot Camp 2.0

This page covers Apple's Boot Camp 2.0, which ships with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. For Tips and Reports regarding Boot Camp Beta 1.0-1.4 in Tiger, click here. (NOTE: Some of the tips for Boot Camp in Tiger may also be valid for Boot Camp in Leopard.)

Boot Camp enables Intel-powered Macs to boot from Windows. It turns Macs into duel-boot machines: You can either boot the Mac from Mac OS X or from Windows. Unlike virtualization products like Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion, Boot Camp Beta does not give you access to Mac OS X and Windows at the same time. With Boot Camp and Windows installed, you boot Windows by holding the Option key down while restarting. You then select the drive partition that contains Windows.

The Boot Camp installer assistant "dynamically creates" a hard drive partition for Windows without erasing the Mac data. Boot Camp provides drivers for Windows to support the Mac keyboard and various hardware and peripherals from within Windows. Apple says that Boot Camp runs Windows "completely natively."

Version History and Apple Info

Apple posts Win NVidia drivers for Boot Camp video problems

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last week, Apple posted NVidia graphics drivers for use in Windows running in Boot Camp on Mac models with NVidia graphics hardware, including the MacBook Pro. Apple said that installing the drivers in Windows Vista can fix a problem with a black screen (blank screen), and may fix other video drivers in Windows XP and Vista.

The Apple tech support article describes this is an issue for Boot Camp 2.0, which comes with Leopard, but many MacWindows readers reported this problem with the Boot Camp Beta for Tiger as well as with the Leopard version. We don't yet know if the Windows drivers at the Apple web site will work in Boot Camp 1.4 and earlier, which Apple isn't supporting.

Here are MacWindows reports of NVidia video problems with Vista and XP in Boot Camp that these drivers might apply to:

Note that in some instances in the above articles, workarounds are offered.

Also note that an Apple firmware update for certain iMacs fixes Leopard Boot Camp black screen problems.

Our Boot Camp in Tiger and Boot Camp in Leopard pages have reports of video problems and workarounds with other video hardware as well.

Apple posts Leopard Boot Camp 2.0 FAQ

Monday, October 29, 2007

Apple has posted an FAQ page for Boot Camp 2.0, which is what Apple is calling the version that comes with Leopard. It covers updating from Boot Camp Beta in Tiger as well as some troubleshooting issues. It also lists the Boot Camp drivers for Windows that are on the Leopard DVD.

iMac firmware update fixes Leopard Boot Camp black screen problem

Monday, October 29, 2007

Last week, Apple released a firmware update for 24" iMacs from late 2006. The update, called the iMac MXM Update 1.0, fixes a video compatibility issue in Boot Camp and Mac OS X Leopard. It fixes a problem where booting from the Windows XP installer CD produces a black screen (no video) instead of the blue installation screen.

Boot Camp no longer available for download

Friday, October 26, 2007

Apple is no longer offering a download of Boot Camp at its web site. Although the Boot Camp Beta 1.4 page is still up (at least for now), clicking the download link brings up a Page Not Found page.

Apple will no longer offer Boot Camp for Mac OS X 10.4 users, and will not longer offer updates for the Tiger version or driver updates for 1.4. Apple said that the end user license to use Boot Camp Beta expires today when Mac OS X 10.5 ship. "To continue using Boot Camp at that time, upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard," according to an Apple tech article. Boot Camp Beta should, however, continue to function on Tiger machines.

Reader Reports and Tips

TIP: Updating Boot Camp Windows drivers in Leopard when MacDrive is installed | Top of Page |

Monday, October 29, 2007

Thomas Tiedt sent us a tip on updating Boot Camp's Windows drivers after upgrading Mac OS X from Tiger to Leopard:

After I installed Leopard, to update Windows drivers, I put the Leopard DVD in while in Boot Camp Windows. The new driver install did not occur. I also could not find Windows drivers on Leopard DVD. And, while in Leopard and starting up Boot Camp Assistant, there was no longer any way to make a Windows driver CD (or folder).

Then I figured out the hurdle: I had to right-click the DVD drive in Vista, and choose Show Windows Files rather than Show Mac Files. Presto, the setup for Windows drivers appeared.

Tiedt didn't mention if he had Mediafour's MacDrive installed in Windows. If you do, Mediafour says that when you right-click the DVD, you should choose "MacDrive -> Show Windows Files." This is because the Leopard installation DVD is a multisession disc.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Leopard's Boot Camp still hasn't fixed Vista Cinema Display problem | Top of Page |

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jeff Foster reported that the new Leopard Boot Camp has not fixed some issues with Nvidia graphics in Windows Vista:

I ran out to get Leopard hoping the non-beta version of the Boot Camp Windows drivers for my MacBook Pro (NVidia graphics card) would have the correct drivers for an external Cinema Display, but still Apple's failed to support even their own hardware on Windows. The display control panel shows it's connected, but 1024X768 is the highest it will go, and the LED on the ACD just flashes every once in a while to indicate it can't use the input. I was able to make the ACD work with random inf files I'd found in forums, but they killed DirectX or some other video functionality, as all videos in any player would just be a black screen.

Also, in every version of Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, Vista never seems to know whether it's plugged in to power or not-it indicates that it's running off battery after a while, which depending on your power settings can send it to sleep even though it's really plugged in. Works fine when booted to OSX (as does the external Cinema Display, incidentally).

Did the Leopard fix your Boot Camp display problem with Vista?

NOTE: In late November, 2007, Apple posted NVidia drivers at it's web site. Click here for more.

Windows display settings change to default when rebooting in Windows XP | Top of Page |

Friday, November 2, 2007

Michael Politi reports a problem with Leopard Boot Camp, where the Windows display settings don't stick after rebooting Windows:

I am having a problem using my Apple 23" Cinema Display when rebooting my MacBook Pro. It works well, but I must reset the Windows Nvidia Control Panel display configuration to Clone every time I reboot the machine?

I am using the following system:

MacBook Pro 17" 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Windows XP Professional in BootCamp with Leopard

If you've seen this problem

Reader reports success with Apple NVidia driver for Boot Camp

Monday, December 10, 2007

Ole Nils Feddersen in Germany reported success with the NVidia display drivers for Windows that Apple recently posted at its web site for use in Boot Camp. He said:

I tested the new display Driver of NVidia for Boot Camp and it works. My 23" Cinema works fine in 1920 x 1200 pixels (Boot Camp + Vista + MacBook Pro 15").

Previously, a number of readers reported problems with Boot Camp and the NVidia graphics hardware in some Mac. These are some of the problem reports that these drivers should address:

If you've tried these drivers how it works for you.

Reader success with nVidia driver in Boot Camp

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oystein Saebo recommends downloading the nVidia graphics driver from nVidia to solve problems with Boot Camp:

I had the same problem with the 1.4 Boot Camp as well as 2.0 Boot Camp nVidia drivers. These drivers are actually pretty old. Installing the latest nVidia beta-drivers from the nVidia web site will make everything work perfectly.

After booting the correct monitor will be the active one. All resolutions and dual view works just fine.

Watching the Apple nVidia drivers is just a waist of time as they are not updated very often. These drivers makes it possible to play Crysis as well.

Last month, Apple posted nVidia drivers at its web site, and one reader reported that it fixed the problems within Boot Camp that he was having.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

Boot Camp 2.0 problem with FAT partitions and startup | Top of Page |

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jeff reports that Boot Camp 2.0 has a problem booting into Windows when the Windows partition is formatted in the FAT32 format:

I love the Boot Camp page at MacWindows. I wanted to add an issue with Boot Camp 2.0, which has been posted on the Apple Support site with no real solution available just yet. Basically, on a new MacBook with Boot Camp 2.0 set up, if the Windows partition is FAT32, the icon does not appear when booting while holding Option down. The only way to get into Windows is to restart the Mac OS into Windows.

Some URLs from Apple discussions to look at:

http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=6027130 and http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1280429&tstart=30 and http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1275091&tstart=45

I'm surprised that not much more attention is devoted to this problem since this method the easiest way to get Mac proper read/write access to the Windows drive in Boot Camp.

Apart from this, once booted, Windows XP works absolutely fine.

Readers verify Boot Camp 2.0 FAT32 startup problem

Friday, January 4, 2008

Two more readers report having the Boot Camp problem with FAT32 partitions (above) where the FAT drive icon does not appear when booting while holding Option down.

Tariq Chowdhury:

I refer to your article titled "Boot Camp 2.0 problem with FAT partitions", dated 14th of December. I too have been having this problem after making a 32GB FAT32 partition on my 250GB Santa Rosa Black MacBook. I'm using Windows XP.

Selim Gencoglu has the problem, as well as a problem with is clock being reset:

I am having the same problem when booting up my computer (new MacBook 2.2 GHz, 2 GB Ram, 120 GB hard drive). Although I have installed Windows XP without any complications, somehow I don't get to see the Windows icon while holding down the OPTION key when starting my MacBook. XP works fine with some minor bugs. FN + Delete does not work, and FN + Up Arrow or Down Arrow to substitute page up and down are not working.

In addition, every time I start Mac OS after I use Win XP, my clock in Mac changes. It is kind of strange. Every time I go back and forth Mac OS X and Win XP, I have to adjust my clock.

More reports of Boot Camp/Leopard FAT32 problem

Monday, January 7, 2008

We've had more reports of the Boot Camp 2 problem in which a FAT32-formatted partition icon does not appear when booting while holding Option key down. One reader verified a previous report of this problem accompanied by a problem with the Mac clock changing time:

Seeing the same thing here - clock changing and no Windows Icon in Systems Start up. New iMac 24" and MacBook just bought over Christmas both seeing same thing.

Ricky Ng said the problem doesn't occur with NTFS formatted drives:

I too experienced the same problem with Boot Camp. I do not see the Windows icon when holding down the Option key and can only get to windows from the Mac OS System Preference startup panel. However, this problem seems to go away if you create the Windows partition via NTFS as opposed to FAT32 file system.

Doug Stringham said the recent Leopard update didn't fix the problem:

I'm also experiencing the identical problem on an 8-core Mac Pro running 10.5.1.

If you've seen this problem

Boot Camp FAT32 problem and clock may not be related

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A number of readers are adding to the reports of the Boot Camp 2 problem in which a FAT32-formatted partition icon does not appear while holding Option key while booting. Several users also reported this problem accompanied by a problem of the Mac's clock being changed.

Andrew Weeks thinks the clock issue is related to the Option-reboot process rather than strickly Boot Camp:

Yep, seeing the same problem. Everytime I reboot (and hold Option key) only get Mac OS X HD access. Have also noticed just today that clock is changing every time I reboot holding the Option key. I formatted to FAT32 primarily for file transfer.

Andrew Abyzov found some info on the web about the Boot Camp clock issue that implies it isn't related to the FAT32 problem:

I also have the clock problem. It seems, that Mac OS supposes that the system clock is set to UTC, when Windows thinks it's local time.

By the way, there is some information about it in Internet (here and here.

Keith Olsen ruled out partition size as cause of the FAT32 problem:

Yes , happened to me as well. I thought it might be the size of the partition I was trying to use so dropped it to 20 gig and still got the same thing. Finally used NTFS and it's all good. I use the the beta version using FAT32 and that works fine.

Jim Dwyer notes that it's only the Windows on the Boot Camp partition, but that Windows on a CD is okay:

I received a MacBook 2.2GHz for Christmas and installed Windows XP with Boot Camp. Even after several reinstalls I do not see the option at start-up for a Windows start-up Disk but only the Mac OS X start-up disk appears. (The Windows XP installation disk does appear, so it would not seem to be a Windows ID problem.)s

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

TIP: 30-inch Apple Cinema Display driver for XP in Boot Camp | Top of Page |

Monday, January 7, 2008

A two-year-old free driver called WinACD will let Intel Mac users run Apple's 30-inch Cinema Display from Windows XP in Boot Camp. WinACD installs in Windows XP, giving Windows access to the display's hardware controls. It also installs a Windows control panel.

Michiel Buisman described WinACD:

It's ancient, but works on Windows XP. Now you poor 30" ACD owners can use the built-in hub and the controls on the side; that's right: you can now switch your display off! And quadrupel, no, octupel shame on Apple for not supporting their own flagship display!

If you've tried WinACD in Boot Camp how it works for you.

Current news on the MacWindows home page.

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