The KE Zone is unusual in more than one respect.

Firstly, it contains two instances of the same novice-level error (viz: missing out a necessary dot) - you can see the result of these errors if you resolve these two names ending in "":

Secondly, these entries are attempting to be glue records, but they are in the wrong zone! They appear, correctly, in the root zone itself

Thirdly by being the only ccTLD I have observed which uses the rare "implicit" method of delegation for subzones. If you only look at the KE zone below, you would think that there were NO subzones. However, the same set of nameservers is authoritative for the 2nd level zones, and thus the delegation is implicit.

The errors in the zone file were notified to the on 2007-12-30 with no effect


2007-12-30 RB