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A New Kind of Screenwriting Software

Sophocles is a new screenplay software program that emphasizes the writing process. While other script writing software puts the focus on margins and page breaks, Sophocles was conceptualized from the start as a story creation tool for screenwriters. By allowing you to easily navigate and manipulate your story elements, Sophocles helps you craft a tighter, smoother flowing screenplay.

Download Sophocles 2003

The Sophocles 2007 open beta is now underway! Version 2007 will be a free upgrade for existing users. For more information, and to download the 2007 Beta, click here.

Professional Screenwriting Format
Default format settings derived from a sample of 50 recent Hollywood screenplays. (Click here to view the default format.)

Fully Compatible
Export to and import from all major screenwriting programs and generic word processors.

Story Centered Design
An interface that directs your attention away from mundane formatting issues while directing it towards the actual creative screenwriting process.

Get the Big Picture
Tools to help you stay oriented within your story-space, and to easily navigate related scenes and plot points.

Easy to Use
A clean, uncluttered interface, and an extremely shallow learning curve. If you have prior word processor experience, you can get up to speed in minutes.

Download the Free Trial

Sophocles is distributed through the Web using a code-based registration system. It's fast, it's convenient, and more important, it's why Sophocles costs less than half what others charge ($120).

Here's how it works:

First download the trial version and take it for a test drive. If you decide to keep the software, write down your serial number and return to this site to register.

When you register you'll receive an unlock code that will upgrade your trial version to the full version. Just type in the code and you're ready to go!

(For more about the registration process, have a look at the registration FAQ.)

See the Difference

Sophocles' modern, XP-style interface puts the competition to shame! Click on the thumbnails below for a close-up view.

Spec Mode
Spec Mode

Production Mode
Production Mode

Production Output
Production Mode


The Buzz is Building!

"A revelation. The first program I've found that's actually designed for writing -- not just typing."
-Michael Goldenberg (Contact, Peter Pan)

"Highly recommended. This is now the screenwriting program I use regularly."
-Charles Deemer, Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page

"...anyone who writes a script using Sophocles may not want to go back..."
-Peter Bohush,

"I've been using [a very popular scriptwriting software program] for years now and Sophocles just blows it clean out of the water."
-A User

"Wonderful and affordable! It is great!"
-Eric Colley, The IndieClub

"Sophocles will be my program of choice from now on... If only you'd devised it sooner!"
-Chris Harvey, UK Screenwriter

"Sophocles has the best combination of story development tools, scriptwriting features, and production features of any other scriptwriting software on the market."
-Carl Hose, Writer's Inkwell

download the free trial

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