Bosco’s Screen Share™
Easy, free, cross-platform screen sharing.
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Share your screen with a friend... Drive your friend crazy!

Easy, cross-platform, screen sharing.
It has never been easier to show your friend exactly what is happening on your computer. You have a Mac, your friend runs Windows? In the room upstairs or half a world away... If you can dial a phone, you can share screens with Bosco’s Screen Share. Sometimes, showing is a lot easier than telling. Or just doing it yourself is even faster! With Bosco’s Screen Share, you can drive your friend’s computer from afar.
Learn how!!

Multicast on the web.
Bosco’s Screen Share works with any personal web sharing system to share your screen with a bunch of friends through their web browsers.
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Simple, useful, and FREE!
Our customers have found many interesting uses for Bosco’s Screen Share. Please visit our Usage Scenarios page for ideas.

Bosco’s Screen Share 2.0 is available for FREE! We’d like to thank our generous sponsor, Bosco’s Pod Pouch for its support!

Concept art by Tim Kwak

See Bosco’s Screen Share in Action!

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We also offer router configuration assistance
and training by phone!

“Bosco’s Screen Share in Action”

Introducing Bosco’s Screen Share!!
Bosco’s Screen Share is a new, easy way to share your computer’s desktop with a friend. Bosco’s Screen Share runs on Mac and Windows computers, allowing you to share desktops regardless of platform choice. Bosco’s Screen Share uses a peer-to-peer, serverless protocol and leverages standards such as JPEG image compression and TCP/IP, ensuring excellent performance with minimal interruptions.

Use it FREE!!
Use Bosco’s Screen Share for free, just by downloading and installing. No need to register or ask for a license!

Configuration Assistance and Training Available
If you have trouble configuring your computer and router to accept calls from other Bosco’s Screen Share users, we offer configuration assistance for $29.95. We also offer a $69.95 training service, where we’ll spend about an hour setting up your network and showing you how to get the most from Bosco’s Screen Share. It’s ideal for creative professionals and others who need to collaborate with others for their living.

Click for more information about configuration assistance and training.

Need a screen to watch?
Watch ours! We have set up an old PowerBook G4 on our network to which you can connect and watch. After you download and install Bosco’s Screen Share, click here:

Watch our old PowerBook

Bosco’s Screen Share will launch and call our PowerBook when you click that link. Once connected, you will see our PowerBook’s screen. You can stay connected for 45 seconds. Use this as a quick demo of Bosco’s Screen Share. If you get a busy signal, try back a few minutes later. Someone else may be watching.