C H A P T E R  X



As usual when you've had a hectic time touring there's no place like home. I usually feel physically and mentally ill when I come off tour and I've got problems sleeping. Sometimes I wish I had a stereo next to the bed with bus engine sounds and that the bed was rocking a little. I have a love/hate relationship with night liner coaches but the beds...well, I love sleeping on a moving bus! However, after all the touring we did for Deliverance/Damnation/Lamentations I was excited to spend time at home with my wife and newborn daughter. For the first time in...years I guess I felt genuinely good. Writing the new album was a pleasure too. I had no real worries about anything, I knew I wanted to write some music that was out of the ordinary, but really, I felt at ease from the get go. I recorded my demos the same way as I demoed the stuff for the DD records, but I was on time which I haven't been for over 6 years. Since "Still life" I have not been finished with the songs in time for the recording, we haven't rehearsed at all for the last 5 records which is quite insane. We did 0 rehearsals for "Still life", 2 for "Blackwater park" and 1 for "Deliverance/Damnation". And it got to a point where that spontaneous feeling that can produce wonders was almost lost. We had discussed early on that for "Ghost reveries" we needed to rehearse. I was very keen to let the guys more into the songs beforehand so they could work with their parts more and well, be part of the creative process.

So, we ended up rehearsing for almost 3 weeks. I finished all the songs but one before we entered the studio! Nice!

I had been fooling around with a Korg Triton keyboard that we bought for Per on the "Damnation" tour and I had some serious ideas to bring more keys into the heavy material as well. Per Wiberg had finally agreed to join Opeth full time and I was fucking excited to write music for the recent 5 piece. I can't play the keys to save my life but I could make out some chords and I do have the rhythms in me (not blowing my own trumpet) so I did actually come up with some cool stuff. I had Per over to record some decent playing on my demos as well. During rehearsals it was growing together nicely. The stuff sounded fresh, new, we're treading new territories once again.I even felt the "magic" during the very early stages of rehearsals. We'd been looking for studios in which to record and we were down to a choice between to places: Fascination street studios in Örebro/Sweden and Sonic Ranch in El Paso/TX. As we needed to be able to go back home we decided it's better to record in Sweden. We figured since we're so well rehearsed for a change we won't need them 2-3 months in the studio to record. Beaming with confidence I booked Fascination street studios from the 18th of March to the 15th of April. We finished the recordings on the 1st of June.