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About is an online community for open source cluster and grid software users, administrators and developers. The mission of the site has evolved to one focused on providing a single location where open-source cluster and grid information can be aggregated so that people with a similar range of interests can easily exchange information, experiences, and ideas related to the complete open source cluster software stack.

The Member Experience is all about connecting, sharing, and improving. As such we have made available a variety of communication methods, including wikis, mailing lists, forums, and blogs. We've also provided access to our BugZilla tracking system so developers can contribute to projects and help us ensure that Cluster Express, and our other open source projects, are meeting users' needs. allows members to:

  • Build personal professional networks
  • Communicate via forums and mailing lists
  • Download free open source software for integrated cluster management
  • Participate in development for Cluster Express, the integrated cluster management product from Univa UD
  • Access articles, blogs, wikis and other relevant resources

Site History

Established in 2001, operated as a public interest Internet research grid for over 6 years, with connections to more than 3.6 million devices worldwide. Its primary mission was to demonstrate the power of early grid technology. In this capacity, processed data related to cancer, smallpox, and human genome research among other projects. The first mission having been successfully completed, we have worked with community members to broaden the reach of the site and encourage use of open source technologies for grid computing at large.

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