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I am currently seeking a pastoral calling. If you know of a church that is seeking a pastor who preaches and teaches as I do, please
email me to let me know of that church, and let that church know about me.


For churches that may wish to consider me as a pastoral candidate, I offer this philosophy of ministry. This provides a succinct description of what I believe a pastor is called to do and how he may most profitably go about doing it. The other pages at this site will naturally flesh out the details.


I am in the (slow) process of writing a book tentatively titled The Revelation of Christ and intended as an introduction to Scripture from a Reformed and Biblical Theological (specifically Klinean) standpoint. This link will take you to a page of links to the chapters so far completed and some accompanying catechetical instruction and stories for children.


I have written some papers on a number of different topics relating to Reformed and Biblical Theology. This page contains links to papers on counseling (nouthetic and otherwise), Theonomy, baptism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and other subjects.


Many of my sermons have involved detailed outlines and some have been written out. Links to those outlines or manuscripts are found below:

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