Beaufort (2008)

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Reviews Counted: 13 Fresh: 11  Rotten:2 Average Rating: 7.1/10
Rated: Not Rated
Runtime: 2 hrs 5 mins
Theatrical Release: Jan 18, 2007 Limited
Box Office: $0
This Israeli drama depicts the finals months of Beaufort, an Israeli outpost in Lebanon. Beaufort is close to being abandoned by Israel's army, but the young commander must continue to defend his post though it's a seemingly useless cause. Joseph Cedar (TIME OF FAVOR) won the best director... [More]
Director: Joseph Cedar
Screenwriter: Joseph Cedar, Ron Leshem
Producer: David Silber, David Mandil
Composer: Ishai Adar

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Although the film is mindful of Milestone and Irvin's epics of squandered lives, its focus is tighter and less battle-charged, more Samuel Beckett than Oliver Stone. [More]
Pro-war audiences on both sides will find Joseph Cedar’s vision irresponsible. I think Beaufort captures a higher irresponsibility. [More]
Frustration over the futility of their presence in the region (and with those who kept them there) replaces fervor. [More]
Although there's muted criticism here of military strategy, script endeavors to maintain a politically neutral stance, sticking to the ground soldiers' points of view, rendered convincingly here by cast and third-time helmer Joseph Cedar. [More]
Has the claustrophobic feel of 'Das Boot' but is static: no pitched battles, little humor, no women, overlong. [More]
Well-directed, Cedar's powerfully detailed war film centers on Israel's 2000 evacuation of the Southern Lebanese fortress, but also deals with broader issues, such as survival and camaraderie and the futility of war regardless of political orientation. [More]
War movies are about heroism. Good war movies cast existential questions around the circumstances of that heroism. Beaufort is a great war movie. [More]
Beaufort is a deliberate, reserved dramatization of how an army stands down. [More]
Cedar, who was born in New York and now lives in Israel, has a mission of his own: to show the folly of war. He succeeds, even if the claustrophobic filming sometimes makes viewers feel as closed in as the Israeli troops. [More]
Adapting his spare, intense, award-winning film from the novel by Israeli TV programmer Ron Leshem, Joseph Cedar has created a movie of tremendous power -- nerve-racking, astute, and neutral enough to apply to all soldiers, in all wars, everywhere. [More]
Beaufort may be, strictly speaking, a war movie, but for long stretches it feels more like science fiction. [More]
[Director] Cedar's understated humanism -- passionate but never glib or easy -- renders all the more painful the unstated coda that, six years after Israel's retreat from Lebanon, the wounds opened all over again. [More]
The pawns of war [More]
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