Make your Mac your office on-the-go

You don't need to be a mechanic just to drive a car - and you don't need to be a computer whiz to connect to your office remotely. VPN Tracker is the safe road to your office network - wherever you are.

VPN Tracker - as easy as using iChat

The newly redesigned connection list shares a striking resemblance to iChat and that's no coincidence: You can easily start and stop connections with the click of a button and even organize connections into groups for easier administration. For those with a multitude of connections, VPN Tracker 5 also offers you the ability to group them any way you wish, again – just like your iChat buddy list. Learn more

Back to Basics

Through years of experience, VPN Tracker has become a bit more intelligent and is ready to get you moving at the speed of business. VPN Tracker will auto-connect to your VPN based on your location. Even when you're changing from a trusted to an untrusted WLAN, VPN Tracker 5 establishes a secure VPN Tunnel on-the-fly and stops it, as soon as you're back in your home network. Learn more

Improve your workflow with VPN Tracker 5

You can even pre-configure actions to help streamline your startup tasks. Once connected, VPN Tracker's actions can be configured to automatically check for mail, mount servers or volumes, open remote FileMaker databases, and even open specific URLs. Once you're connected, you are connected. Learn more

Elaborate Workgroup Management

As you already know, VPN Tracker 5 Pro can export connection files, but VPN Tracker 5 Pro can also help system administrators deploy VPN Tracker to every remote workstation. To simplify medium to large-scaled installations, just enter the end-users' e-mail addresses, select the connection file and VPN Tracker 5 Pro will create and send an e-mail to each intended user of VPN Tracker. This e-mail includes everything needed to get started – the disk image, the required licensing information and the connection file. Learn more

Let's talk about Security

VPN Tracker 5 supports the highest security standards which are complemented by exclusive Mac OS X technologies, including support for Preshared Keys in the Mac OS X keychain. VPN Tracker has also been designed to work alongside more robust security methods, such as those offered by SmartCards, PKI Token and SecurID authentication. Learn more

The Power of Compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of VPN Tracker is its compatibility to hundreds of VPN devices from all leading manufacturers. And like its predecessors, VPN Tracker 5 supports a lot more than just 300 gateways. Learn more