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Watch That Surveillance

What if government could throw you in jail for recording what it does in public?That may not be what America is coming to. It does seem to be what Newton, Massachusetts, is coming to.A Newton activist hid his camera during a 2006 political protest in order to tape a police officer. He has been convicted for — get this — wiretapping. That thing you do — or the government does, with or without a warrant — to covertly record conversation that the parties have reason to believe is private. [Read More]


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Eric Odom

New Media Coordinator
eric.odom at

Eric OdomEric Odom coordinates new media projects for the Sam Adams Foundation.

Eric has solid grassroots campaign experience, having served as consultant for federal, state and local political campaigns. He also serves as Director of Internet Operations for public advocacy giant, Citizen Outreach. Finally, Eric served as Director for a national New Media Convention and Expo, the 2007 Conservative Leadership Conference. The conference attracted Presidential candidates, members of Congress, and some of the most talented bloggers known on the web.