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In the early '60s, it was the biggest Honda available, propelling the rider into a full-blown adrenaline rush with unsurpassed power and speed. The 1961 CB77 Super Hawk was the beginning of something spectacular-the Honda sport bike.

With speeds approaching the 100-mph mark, this was not a machine for the weak of heart. But the addition of telescopic forks, dual carbs and twin leading shoe brakes greatly enhanced acceleration, braking and handling. The CB77 gave the rider a feeling of control that many bikes of that era could not duplicate at half of the Super Hawk's top speed.

The 305cc engine came complete with overhead cams, a luxury that was found exclusively in the racing community at the time. Its 9200-rpm-redline was a nice antidote to the low-revving and quiet machines being developed in Europe. The 350-lb. stamped steel and tube frame provided a landing point for one of the decade's finest engines. Indeed, the CB77 was a loud and race-ready contender.

The Super Hawk owned the top spot in the Honda lineup until 1965 when Honda released the CB450.

CB77 is a trademark of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. &0169;1999 American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

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