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Bain Mattox
RockAthensBain Mattox: vocals, accordion, mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, harmonica, lap steel, b-3
Count Kellam: guitar, vocals, synth, singing saw, tin bucket
Andy Bauer: drums, piano
Jeff Rieter: bass

Bain Mattox, whose charismatic front man is a real-life ghost-buster by day and has been dubbed "first person on Earth to rock the accordion", has taken leaps and bounds in just under a year. Approaching the August 2003 release of their new, self-titled album, the band finds itself eager to explode on the scene with a fresh sound.

"One minute I was winning the Smith's Olde Bar Open-Mic Madness contest in front of 100 people, and the next I was in front of 2,500 at the House of Blues in Orlando," says Mattox.

Bain Mattox began touring in support of their first full-length release "Technicolor Episode" nearly a year ago. The intriguing sight of singer, Mattox, accompanied by his accordion, mandolin, banjo and array of oddly tuned acoustic guitars, turns eyes and ears wherever they play. The bands music combines melancholy tracks about life, family, and the darker side of human nature.

The band formed in late 2002 when Mattox teamed up with Count Kellam (electric guitar, backing vocals and musical saw), Andy Bauer (drums) and Jeff Rieter (bass). They took the acoustic arrangements from "Technicolor Episode" and reemerged with an edgier, eclectic and electrified sound. The band has escaped the grass roots norm in its hometown of Athens, GA and developed a following based on its dynamic, well-rounded live performances, and unique mix of dark melodious rock and precise vocal harmonies.

Bain Mattox is fresh from the studio where they recorded their self-titled, upcoming release under the fine-tuned ear of producer Don McCollister (also responsible for acts like Sister Hazel, Shawn Mullins, Indigo Girls) and are ready to take over stages across the Southeast. The album's 10-tracks cover many topics: "Jet Black Ash", based on Jennifer Toth's novel about the mole people residing in abandoned subway tunnels of New York; "Slumber Plane", Mattox battles insomnia; "Peripheral People", trials and tribulations caused by the ability to see the supernatural and; "Heartburn Boulevard", an epic tale about the misconceptions of love and heartbreak. All of these tracks are capable of providing the soundtrack to Earth's explosive destruction.

The new line-up and album find the boys from Bain Mattox exactly where they want to be: With the resources and drive to convert fans across the Southeast.

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Slumber Plane
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