Calexico Tour-Only Jams Now Digital Via Touch & Go

As they hit the dusty trails of the world, those traveling troubadours in Calexico pack up their gunny sacks with the usual fare: lonesome horns, reverby guitars, and, of course, tour-only EPs aplenty. But before December 4, the only way a person would have been able to grab these goodies would have been to hitch up alongside Calexico while they were out on the road. (Or order them from Calexico's website.) Now, six previously tour-only releases are available through Touch and Go/Quarterstick's digital store. From 1999's '98-'99 Road Map to this year's previously reported Toolbox-- with Travelall, Aerocalexico, Scraping, and The Book and the Canal in between, they're all up for grabs now. Shed your former constraints and roam free, Calexico jams!

In addition, mildly offensive Michigan punks The Meatmen have seen the entirety of their Touch and Go catalog issued digitally through the T&G site as well. Blud Sausage, the Crippled Children Suck EP and the Stud Powercock comp are exclusive at the Touch and Go outpost, with We're the Meatmen, the Crippled Children Suck LP and Meatmen frontguy Tesco Vee and the Meatkrew's Dutch Hercules LP available for download elsewhere.

As for Calexico, they've got a lone date of their own to attend to: December 28 at Tucson, Arizona's Temple of Music and Art.

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