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  Introduction to the Museum of Transport

The Museum of Transport, Manchester has one of the largest collections of its kind in the country. It is run by the volunteers of the Greater Manchester Transport Society (GMTS) but the Museum is owned by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive.

As part of its duty to promote interest in passenger transport in Greater Manchester, the Executive has worked with the GMTS and a museum has been established at Boyle Street, Cheetham, Manchester since 1979.

The collection of vehicles in the Museum is constantly growing as new acquisitions are made, and some of the Museum vehicles featured on this website may be away from display in storage or under restoration. During the summer months, vehicles from the Museum regularly attend vintage gatherings and other events.

The Museum project is still developing and restoration work can be seen by visitors giving the display a lively, working atmosphere. In the future, the collection of vehicles and other artefacts relating to the roads of Greater Manchester will continue to expand and the Museum will further develop its facilities as well as restoring items which have already been received but which remain in derelict condition. With the assistance of the Passenger Transport Authority and Executive, the Museum of Transport will continue to be a focal point of local transport history and one of the premier attractions of its kind in Great Britain.

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