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DC’s head honcho spills on the newest caped crusader’s sexuality, motivation, and shared past with Bruce Wayne!

By Ben Morse

Posted May 31, 2006  9:00 PM

Beginning this July in 52 #11, Gotham City’s got a new protector whose curves are as killer as her kicks! We caught up with DC VP-Executive Editor Dan DiDio to get the inside line on Batwoman.

WIZARD: Who is Kathy “Kate” Kane—the character who will become Batwoman?
DAN DIDIO: Kathy Kane is from a long-term, high society family in Gotham City. She’s a well-renowned socialite. She is somebody who is openly gay in her own circle of friends, but keeps it a secret from her own family. In the void created during 52 when Batman disappeared from Gotham City, she decided to take a pro-active stance against crime in her own manner and put on her version of the cape and cowl.

Is that her only motivation to become Batwoman?
If anything, it is the match that lights the fuse. Once you start to learn more about her past and who she is, you’ll discover what it is that drives her and ultimately caused her to make these decisions.

What role will Batwoman play in 52?
First of all, she addresses the issue of what is happening in Gotham City. You find also find out Renee Montoya and her had a past, so it gives more depth to Renee. As we move forward into 52, whenever we head back to Gotham City, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing [Batwoman].

Why are you excited about this character?
I think it’s another strong female character, which we’ve been trying to bring to the DC Universe. It also allows us to explore different motivations and directions for the characters in the Batman Family. A lot of these characters that inhabit Batman’s world all come from a similar place and I feel she really stands out and is unique.

Where did the design and direction of the costume come from?
That was all from Alex Ross. Alex is great at touching on the past and giving it a spin to make it feel current and fresh.

Why was the choice made for her to be a lesbian?
It was from conversations we’ve had for expanding the DC Universe, for looking at levels of diversity. We wanted to have a cast that is much more reflective of today’s society and even today’s fanbase. One of the reasons we made her gay is that, again when you have the Batman Family—a series of characters that aren’t super-powered and inhabit the same circle and the same city—you really want to have a point of difference. It was really important to me to make sure every character felt unique.

What is Batwoman’s role in the Batman Family?
Well you’ll find out she has a little bit of a past with Bruce Wayne as well, naturally, since they’ve frequented the same social circles. What you’re going to see also is her asserting herself in her own position and trying to establish herself in that void while Batman is gone for a year.

How does Batman feel about Batwoman?
As of right now, he doesn’t know about Batwoman [laughs]. That first meeting should be interesting.

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