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Kumi Tanioka

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Kumi Tanioka
Kumi Tanioka's Small Talk at Square Enix Music
Date of Birth: August 29, 1974 (Hiroshima)
Education: Graduated from Kobe University
Instruments: Piano
Joined Square: 1998
Square Enix Role: Composer
Band Involvement: Pianist and Arranger for The Star Onions
Game Works: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Code Age Series

Kumi Tanioka is a versatile musician who entered Square after working on a 'versus' fighter producer by Psikyo. Appropriate given her love for Nobuo Uematsu's music as a teenager, Tanioka's first works were on behalf of the Final Fantasy spinoff games Chocobo's Dungeon 2 and Dice de Chocobo. Her subsequent works on All Star Pro-Wrestling and Blue Wing Blitz were not released in album form.

Tanioka's breakthrough work was the Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack, where she created twelve varied compositions, including the 'final' battle theme. Despite having no role on the franchise's extension soundtracks, she is the pianist of the band The Star Onions, having appeared in their three live concerts and contributed two solo piano arrangements to their first album.

In recent years, Tanioka has contributed the experimental and contrasting scores to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Code Age Commanders. Now known to be working on the electro-acoustic score to the shooter Project Sylpheed, Tanioka is expected to collaborate with former partner Hidenori Iwasaki on the Wii and DS sequels to Crystal Chronicles.