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A library of information for every patriot and nationalist regardless of party political persuasion.

About Voice of Change

Formed in January 2008 as a reaction to the purges of key personnel from the British National Party in December 2007 by tyrannical leader Nick Griffin who seems hell-bent on destroying the Party; a Party which thousands of activists have given countless hours of their time to help it become a household name.

On December 22nd the BNP web site carried a posting telling readers that the following nine individuals had been expelled:

Steve Blake (former Web Editor)
Ian Dawson (former Yorkshire Regional Secretary)
Cllr. Sadie Graham (former Head of Group Development, East Midlands Regional Organiser)
Danny Lake (former Head of YBNP)
Bev Scott (former National Fundraiser)
Mick Simpson (Yorkshire activist, Security)
Matt Single (former Head of Security Training)
Kenny Smith (former Head of Administration, Scottish Regional Secretary)
Nicholla Smith (former Head of Excalibur)

All nine were purged for standing up to the tyranny of Nick Griffin and questioning his constant defence of Mark Collett (graphic designer) and Dave Hannam (regional treasury official); two individuals who have done more to wreck the BNP than any former State asset could have hoped for.

Voice of Change is an umbrella group to assist candidates who wish to stand as independent nationalists in the local elections in May 2008 and in any local by-elections throughout the year.

It is also a group which will seek to depose the discredited Nick Griffin in a leadership challenge as well as exposing the truth about the man himself and those coterie of "yes men" who he has surrounded himself with.

Nick Griffin arrogantly told some of the expelled personnel to get on with their "non-political lives" as if he has a monopoly of nationalist politics. Thankfully for the future of our people and our country Mr. Griffin deludes himself; the movement is much bigger than one man's ego and the Voice of Change will take the nationalist message to new levels of success without the sleaze, immorality and financial corruption of Griffin's cabal, a message which millions of our beleagured kinfolk are eager to heed.