Wal+Mart Toll-free Numbers

800-203-5764Sam's Club Business Revolving Credit
800-221-1655Wal-Mart and Sam's Club Professional Recruiting Line
800-253-0367Floor Equipment Repair - Clark Equipment
800-257-0186McLane Warehouses - Northeast Baldwinville, NY
800-266-0025Floor Maintenance Chemicals SC Johnson
800-273-3455Mail Order Pharmacy - Carrollton, TX
800-297-9337Moving Vans / Ryder Truck / Management Relocation
800-288-6030Wal-Mart Vacations
800-299-1401Food Service McLane Orders x3463
800-299-3419McLane Warehouses - Highplains Lubbock, TX
800-299-6872McLane Warehouses - Highplains Lubbock, TX
800-328-0402Wal-Mart Canada Customer Service Hotline
800-310-9271Optical Lab Dallas, TX
800-318-7442Wal-Mart Stores Department of Labor Settlement Call Center (TTY)
800-323-9420Floor Equipment Repair - Minuteman
800-327-8801Oneac (Backup For Computer Power Outage)
800-328-0402Wal-Mart Canada Customer Service Hotline
800-328-3810McLane Warehouses - Southwest Temple, TX
800-331-0085Wal-Mart Media Relations
800-333-3870Vacation Outlet
800-334-2246Floor Equipment Repair - Pioneer Eclipse
800-345-9282Truck Rental For Store Planning/Existing Store/Sam's Club
800-347-0253Sam's Club - Credit Cards/Discover Card (Club Partner Use Only)
800-362-6196Sam's Club Credit
800-365-3942McLane Warehouses - Western Longmont, CO
800-366-6660Tax Department - Unemployment - Claims Processing - The Frick Co.
800-421-1362Benefits Dental Insurance Coverage Verification
800-425-0075Loss Prevention/Wal-Mart Collection Center
800-438-6278Stock Purchase/Sell - First Chicago Trust
800-451-6123Benefits Medical Insurance Deductible Waiver
800-456-2249Floor Equipment Repair - Windsor
800-456-5760McLane Warehouses - Pacific Merced, CA
800-457-2561McLane Warehouses - Cumberland Nicholasville, KY
800-462-5410Benefits Dental Insurance Claims (Delta Dental)
800-486-8830Floor Equipment Repair - Advance Equipment
800-491-8874McLane Warehouses - Northwest Tacoma, WA
800-492-5678Benefits Disability Long Term-Management / Non-Management
800-527-0566Accidents - Associate / Customer Claim Handling
800-528-6042Moving Vans / Uhaul Truck / Management Relocation
800-530-9925Wal-Mart Foundation
800-532-6971PMP (Buying or Rental of Homes)
800-537-4611Mclane Warehouses - Southern Brookhaven
800-539-1871LetsTalk, Your Source for Wal-Mart Cell Phones
800-543-1987Wal-Mart Mastercard from Chase
800-551-2154Accidents - Associate / Customer Claim Reporting
800-604-4555Local Purchases
800-622-3989Optical Service - Recruiting - Optometrists & Opicians
800-626-7381Photo Operations
800-633-8480Conference Calls
800-634-5322Optical Lab Crawfordsville, IN
800-663-7696McLane Warehouses - Carolina/Mid-Atlantic Carolina, NC
800-678-8493McLane Warehouses - Suneast Kissimmee, FL
800-682-7374McLane Warehouses - Southeast Athens, GA
800-767-5626People Division (Personnel) - Concern Loan Information
800-782-4960McLane Warehouses - Sunwest Goodyear, AZ
800-803-7348People Division (Personnel) - Truck Drivers
800-824-4298Loss Prevention - Orion Surveys Order Additional Quantities
800-851-8490McLane Warehouses - Midwest Danville, IL
800-866-0828Bad Checks
800-872-8000McLane Warehouses - Mid-atlantic Falmouth, VA
800-873-8771Floor Equipment Repair - National Super Service Equipment
800-874-1371Fuji Photo Labs
800-877-7484Drug Screening Supplies
800-925-6278(800-WAL-MART) Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
800-932-3367Air Conditioning Repair (Stores)
800-955-7267Sam's Club - Travel Club
800-963-8442Ethics Hotline
800-964-1917Sam's Club Personal Credit
866-273-7267Sam's Club Canada
866-766-5047Credit Services
877-294-7880Wal-Mart Credit Services
877-496-5627Wal-Mart Employment Application Prescreen
877-969-2379Credit Services
877-969-3668Wal-Mart Credit Services
888-252-7157Wal-Mart Vacation Center
888-262-1559Wal-Mart Stores Department of Labor Settlement Call Center
888-379-6677Wal-Mart Radio Network
888-655-9682ADP Tax Credit Services
888-733-7267Sam's Club
888-746-7726Sam's Club
888-968-4015Wal-Mart Participant Service Center