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The entertainment software industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, gaining mainstream acceptance and eclipsing other more traditional forms of entertainment such as cinema and video and DVD rental.

What drives this growth for successful developers and publishers such as SCi is developing original content and franchises that appeal to a broad spectrum of customers. At SCi, we put the customer at the centre of our business. The feedback, opinions, tastes and lifestyles of our consumers drive the development and publishing decisions that we make.

The strength of franchises such as Tomb Raider, Hitman, Conflict, Championship Manager, Commandos and Carmageddon are the envy of our competitors.

Tomb Raider: Legend - On PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox360 and PSP

Gaming's most famous heroine makes her triumphant return in Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend!

Video gaming's leading lady gets a fresh start with a new developer, new technology, new platforms, and a new look in an all new adventure! Tomb Raider: Legend returns to its original heritage that won the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide.

Lara goes back to the Tombs in a quest that takes you across six continents searching for relics that link her to a tragic event in her past, long forgotten...

  • The best selling videogame franchise of all time, with 30+ million copies sold to date Worldwide
  • Tomb Raider & Lara Croft have a 94% awareness amongst gamers.
    (2004 MAGDID & ASSOC. Brand Awareness Study )
  • Tomb Raider & Lara Croft are now considered entertainment properties with product endorsements, toys, books, comics, etc.
  • $1.5 Billion total brand revenue from games, merchandising and feature films.

Hitman: Blood Money - On PC, PS2 and Xbox

Hitman is a multi million selling video games franchise, designed by acclaimed developers, IO Interactive. Players take control of the world's deadliest assassin and are given the freedom to plan and execute hits in a variety of ingenious but nevertheless ruthless ways.

The first Hitman game, Hitman: Codename 47, was launched in 2000 and was met with a rapturous critical reception. The main character, Agent 47 was and still is, an entirely different and stylish proposition amongst gaming's numerous clean cut heroes. Completely focused on eliminating the target his approach is brilliant, seemingly effortless and entirely without emotion.

In September 2002, Hitman expanded into the mass market console arena with Hitman: Silent Assassin, opening the game to a wider audience of gamers and inspiring an unprecedented level of devotion amongst its many fans. By April 2004 and the launch of Hitman: Contracts, Agent 47 had cemented his position as an instantly recognisable icon of the international gaming community. With the highly anticipated fourth game in the series, Hitman: Blood Money gearing up for release in Spring 2006 and generating widespread praise and excitement, Hitman has sealed its position as a global killer brand.

Conflict: Global Storm - On PC, PS2 and Xbox

Developed by award-winning studio Pivotal Games, the critically acclaimed Conflict franchise has to date shipped more than 6 Million units world-wide.

The series first exploded on to the market in September 2002 with the number one hit and international EMMA award winner, Conflict: Desert Storm. Based on the real events of the 1991 Gulf War, it was the first instantly accessible squad-based action game aimed at the mainstream console market and laid the foundations for a highly successful franchise.

The BAFTA nominated Conflict: Desert Storm II followed in September 2003 and the series secured its third number one hit with the release of Conflict: Vietnam in September 2004. The fourth title in the series, Conflict: Global Storm was released in September 2005 and has once again moved the brand in a new and exciting direction.

Commandos: Strike Force - On PC, PS2 and Xbox

The Commandos brand consists of numerous number-one, multi-million selling titles all developed by the acclaimed Pyro Studios. Commandos allows you to take control of a crack team of ruthless, smart and peerless soldiers and take the fight to your enemy using a diverse choice of skills, weapons and intricate tactics.

Combined sales so far total 3.3MILLION units, generating over �41MILLION at retail and the number one chart position in over 17 countries around the world.

The first title in the franchise, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, was released in 1998 and met huge success, with the innovative gameplay, attention to detail and atmosphere of World War II in the title garnering high levels of critical acclaim and commercial achievement.
This gameplay excellence was bolstered with the release of add-on pack Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty in 1999, giving extra missions and content to what was an already large and attentive audience.
The theme of success continued with the 2001 release of Commandos 2: Men of Courage, which was the first Commandos title to be released on multiple formats and thus expose the brand to mainstream audiences and gain many more followers.
October 2003 saw the release of Commandos 3: Destination Berlin. Thanks to the advances of 3D technology, both newcomers to the franchise and existing devotees were treated to a new level of gameplay and graphical quality.

Spring 2006 sees the release of Commandos Strike Force, a title set to confirm the high status of the Commandos franchise thanks to a high quality gameplay experience reported through positive previews and high levels of anticipation.

Championship Manager - On PC, PS2, Xbox and PSP

Think you can do better? It's your decisions that count: your budget, your buys, your formation, your tactics.your chance to prove it! Use your skills and knowledge to manage your club the way you feel it should be - now it's your turn.

Championship Manager is the closest you'll ever come to the highs and lows of real football management.

First launched in 1992, it has sold over 6 million units sold world-wide and generated over �120 million across Europe. CM4 was the fastest selling PC game ever in UK and all of this has led to a hugely loyal community with over 100K registered fans.

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