August 5, 2007...3:35 am

Don’t Be Interesting, Be Interested!

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It is a common misconception that you must be an interesting person to get people to like you. It is also thought that in order to be popular and have a recognizable name (a Name Brand), you must be able to capture the attention of a crowd, obtain and share knowledge, and be able to inspire others to act.

While these are all great qualities to have, making connections and leaving lasting impressions ultimately rely on more than being interesting. It all comes down to your ability to make the other person feel special and make them feel that you REALLY GET THEM.


No one is more interested in you than YOU are.

That’s right. There is no one in this world who finds you as interesting as you do. You love to tell people what you can do. It’s human nature. But imagine for one moment that you meet someone just as intersted in you as you are! You would say, “That’s an intersting person. I think I’m great, and so does this person. Wow! I think this person is REALLY on to something here.”

When building your personal brand, it’s very important not to lose sight of that idea. Often when I’m helping a person define his or her own brand, I find there to be a tendency to focus only on personal skills and stories. (read: be interesting)

While this is all important, it is certainly not everything. Having a great Name Brand means creating lasting impressions. When you are first meeting someone, it is Social Poison not to take an interest in that person! While having great stories to tell can create interest, it can also distract from the objective:

Creating a Name Brand that people are not only interested in, but one that they want to have a stake in.


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