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Oriolo" A typical Calabria village
Photo 1993.

Shown here is one of the many small villages found, nestled on the rugged slopes of the Calabria mountains. The village is typical of the many remote mountain, villages found throughout Calabria. Shown too, is a well preserved, Norman styled, castle (1145 AD) A lasting reminder, of a time gone by, when daily life for most, was more A matter of survival, then of pleasure.

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Old Calabria    by Norman Douglas  (Paperback)
   "OLD CALABRIA" is considered by many to be The Best Book Ever Written About Calabria ! First published in 1915,   It contains the most exciting accounts of adventure, with an in debt description of Calabria's History, Religion and culture. Calabria, the most backward part of Italy (a province that was still largely devoid of any form of modern amenity). Details the extremes of climate, poverty and hardships where murderous banditti were numerous.
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