Mickie James
Real name: Mickie James
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Trained by: KYDA Pro Training School & Funkin' Dojo
Finisher: Tornado DDT
Pre-WWE: She's been in wrestling for a while now. She first started off as a valet in KYDA. When she
then took to the ring in the late 90s, she took the east coast indy scene by storm. She worked shows for
NWA-TNA for a few months in 2003 before signing a WWE developmental deal late that summer and
going to Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Made WWE Debut: October, 2005
Titles Won:
SCW: Diva champion (Won in a battle royal, 4.26.01, vacated 8.03 to sign with WWE)
CSWF: Women's champion (Won against Serena and April Hunter to become the first champion, 1.25.03,
vacated due to a contract dispute (wink, wink), 8.03)
PWF: Women's champion (Won from Ronnie Stevens, 3.28.03, lost to her, 5.16.03)
ICW: Super Juniors champion (Won from Billy Reil running in during his match with Joey Matthews,
5.16.03, loss info not available, although presumably it stems from her signing the developmental deal)
DCW: Ladies champion (Won from Mercedes Martinez, 5.18.03, vacated... you know why, 9.13.03)
UCW: Ladies champion (Won from Persephone, 5.30.03, lost presumably to Neil Sharkey, 9.6.03)
UWF: Women's champion (Won in 2003, other information not available)
WWE: 2-time Women's champion (Won from Trish Stratus, 4.2.06, lost to Lita, 8.14.06, regained from
her, 11.26.06, lost to Melina, 2.19.07)
We've had wrestlers who've came into WWE as fans of an already established talent. And we've also seen
our fair share of wackjobs there. However, never have the two mixed.

Mickie James changed that in the fall of 2005.

At least when she's not flipping out and making Trish Stratus embarrassed, she can go in the ring. WWE
knew what they were getting when they signed her in 2003: a very skilled wrestler that rarely brings
anything less than her A-game every night, and a huge breakout star during her indy days.

You might know her indy accomplishments better if I said her ring name before she came into WWE was
Alexis Laree.

She actually started off as a valet a few years before getting in the ring herself. She had managed, among
others, Tommy Dreamer, Julio Dinero, and Joey Matthews. She was just as involved in those matches as
the guys were. She just couldn't stay away... from competition, I mean. So she started training at the
Funkin Dojo. She signed on with the KYDA School as well, the federation where she also had her first

Over time, she, with the help of her opponents such as Allison Danger and Lexie Fyfe, made waves on the
east coast scene. Her merit also rose when she started to wrestle against a few of the guys. You'll see
above that she had also held a Junior Heavyweight title.

Knowing that, people would soon forget that she did work in a few all-female promotions. (Especially
Women's Extreme Wrestling. You know, the ones that created the p.W.o.?)

For her, 2003 was so big a year, holding 6 different titles, almost all simultaneously, as well as appearing
on a few shows for TNA as a member of Raven's Gathering. While there, she partook in two Clockwork
Orange House of Fun matches. Never saw one, but from what I've read, Paul Heyman was probably
kicking himself for not coming up with that concept for ECW... then again, maybe not. It's just a weapons
inside a cage match (aka Bowery Death Match) which happens to be named after a novel.

WWE took notice during her tryout match with Dawn Marie that February, as well, and just couldn't pass
this up. She would sign a developmental deal late that summer, and off to OVW she went. The two years
there was more of the same in a less nomadic schedule. That's all.

She was set to debut as the manager of another noob to WWE, CM Punk, on an edition of Heat in July,
2005. However, WWE officials were not satisfied with Punk's match, so it never aired and the pairing was

So back to the drawing board for creative, and what did they come up with for Mickie? An obsessed fan of
Trish Stratus. Even more obsessed than Tori ever was with Sable. Ten times over. So with that set, she
came to Trish's aid on the Columbus Day edition of Raw to fight off Victoria and a potential belt shot to
the head, ultimately giving Victoria said shot herself. When Trish came to and saw Mickie with the belt,
she gave the belt back, started giggling, and walked away. Trish was stumped as to who she was until they
met up backstage and got talking. "I'm your biggest fan! Omigod! I can't believe I actually met you! I
wrote you that letter a few months back. Remember it? OMIGOD!" (makes cuckoo noises) Trish was
thinking that. She had to have been; you could see it in her mannerisms. She did the polite thing, though,
and let her stay by her side.

But that kind of behavior from James hadn't always been, well, beneficial. For example, in her first
match the next week (a tag match), she was too preoccupied with emulating Trish's moves to try and
impress her rather than doing her thing, and she ended up getting pinned. Yeah, stuff like that, dressing
up as Trish for Halloween, and even going on and on about how she won the Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle
Royal at Taboo Tuesday, sure, it was flattering at first, I'm sure, but you can sense some embarrassment
on Trish's part now.

You heard me call that type a fan a psychofan. Another term that would apply would be a fanatic. And I
remember an old NFL ad do a play on that. "Don't be a fanatic. Be a fan." was the tag line. Sounds like
good advice to me.

She has the tools to make it far in WWE. The day she realizes that will be the day she realizes that she
needs to stop being a fanatic and to be herself. It would mean that they feud, but it'd be a good one.

Then, hopefully, never again should the fan and psychos mix.
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