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MIM Notes
July 1, 2002, Nº 261
The Official Newsletter of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM)
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espite rhetoric for "free trade,"
U.S. President George W. Bush
signed a massive bill for farm
subsidies over 10 years, providing $57
billion in price supports to U.$. farmers
and $133 billion in other aid. Such
subsidies give an unfair advantage to U.$.
farmers and are contrary to the "free
trade" principles Bush, Gore, Clinton,
Carter and others of the internationalist
bourgeoisie claim.
MIM has to give great credit to the Los
Angeles Times for following up on the
details.(1) The principle behind U.$. farm
subsidies is called "price supports." If
prices fall below a certain level, the
government makes up the difference with
subsidies. This way prices stay up and
supply rises. The same general concept
is behind destruction of farm
commodities seen from time to time and
leaving of land fallow if prices are too
low--the logic of capitalism that people
should starve while food is destroyed to
keep prices up.
call UN food
summit a
of time'
elegates from poor countries
called the U.N. World Food
Summit which met in Rome the
second week in June a "waste of time"
and a "failure."(1) They criticized
wealthy countries' farm subsidies, which
make potentially agriculturally-rich
countries dependent on food imports
from wealthy developed countries. They
also criticized wealthy countries for not
taking the problem of hunger seriously.
"The entire leadership of western
Europe and North America was here in
Rome two weeks ago to discuss NATO,"
said South African President Thabo
Mbecki. "They all came without
exception, but they don't come now.
"I suppose that's because they don't
think the problem of 800 million people
going hungry in the world is
About 24,000 people die every day of
hunger and its related causes--one every
3.6 seconds.(2)
The United $tates again refused to
recognize a global right to food.
Recognition of such basic survival rights
is at the center of MIM's politics. MIM
does not recognize the right of a handful
of people to profit from hoarding food
or organizing food production to make
food unaffordable for the poor.
Six years ago the United Nations set
out to reduce hunger by half by 2015.
This year's food summit was called
largely because progress towards that
goal was much too slow. Hunger has only
been reduced 3% from 840 million in
1996 to 815 million today, according to
the BBC. Assuming the same reduction
rate over the next 13 years, there will still
be 760 million hungry people in the
world--360 million over the goal of 400
The U.N. Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) estimates that $24
billion is needed every year for
investment in agriculture and rural
infrastructure in poor countries to meet
the U.N. goal. Compare that to the
roughly $18 million yearly in subsidies
Congress just gave Amerikan farmers
(see Farm bill story, this page).
According to the head of the FAO,
Jacques Diouf, "[T]ransfer of funds from
[rich countries] to the rural population
of the developing countries amount to
he jury in the case of Earth First!
activists Judi Bari and Darryl
Cherney against four FBI agents
and three Oakland police officers
awarded the plaintiffs $4.4 million for
violation of their constitutional rights.
The jury found that six of the seven
defendants violated the first and fourth
amendments of the Amerikan
constitution, which claim to protect
freedom of speech and prohibit
unreasonable search and seizure,
After a bomb exploded in Bari's car--
while she and Cherney were in it--the
defendants arrested the activists, charged
them with planting the bomb themselves,
searched their homes, carried out a smear
campaign against them in the press, and
so on.
In their fifth day of deliberations, jurors
asked for a copy of the two relevant
amendments of the U$ constitution. The
lawyers for the defense objected to the
request and motioned to keep the jury
from reading the relevant parts of the
constitution. The judge overruled the
Bush signs $190 billion farm bill
opposing `free trade'
Subsidized exports destroy Third
World farming, create famine
motion and read the amendments to the
jury. This request by the defense to keep
the jury from hearing constitutionally
protected rights is no surprise given the
actions of the FBI and OPD in this case.
According to a press release from the
prosecution at the outset of the trial "Bari
and Cherney are suing the FBI and
Oakland Police for violations of their
First Amendment rights. FBI officials
knew the victims were innocent yet
blamed them of being guilty of bombing
themselves. The FBI is also being
charged with violations of the Fourth
Amendment by conducting false arrest
and illegal search and seizure. These
charges have withstood the rigors of
eleven years of challenges in federal
court. In out-of-court settlement
conferences prior to trial, Bari and
Cherney have asked for: an investigation
of the bombing, an investigation of the
investigators, the Oakland Police to cease
spying on peaceful political groups, an
apology, and $20 million. The defendants
turned down all demands and made no
counter offer."
The trial showed that the only evidence
connecting Bari and Cherney to the bomb
was fabricated by either the FBI or the
Oakland cops. But the media and the
police and FBI used the incident to smear
Earth First!
In 1991, the year after Bari's car was
bombed, Bari and Cherney sued the FBI
and OPD. In April of this year the case
finally made it in front of a jury. The jury
trial revealed ongoing COINTELPRO
(counterintelligence program) activities
on the part of the OPD and the FBI
including surveillance of local activists,
fabrication of evidence for search
warrants and the disappearance of FBI
In 1990 an OPD unit in charge of
keeping tabs on local activists and sharing
that information with the FBI had a
database of more than 600 people Bari
and Cherney called on the phone.
Hopefully anyone who thinks MIM is
paranoid for being careful about who we
call and what we say on home phones
will take this information seriously. When
or under socialism, MIM favors
international price supports paid for by
the united $tates and other rich countries.
International price supports are part of
our party platform of internationalist
reform demands. If there are going to be
price supports, they should be for all
farmers in all commodities that can end
starvation--not just for Amerikkkan or
French farmers. It is much more
important to subsidize African farmers
than Amerikkkan farmers, who averaged
over $20,000 in subsidies a year from the
government in the year 2000.(1)
Progressive internationalist and rock
star Bono has gone on tour in Africa with
a conservative Treasury official Paul H.
O'Neill. Here is what Bono said, "`We
can't have people in Congress who agree
with debt cancellation and want to do
something on AIDS, and then sponsor the
farm bill.'"(1)
The unfairness is the
fact that subsidized food
then gets exported
contrary to U.$. rhetoric
about subsidy-free "free
trade." The exported
food destroys farmers
around the world,
including in Africa
where a huge famine is
now brewing.
Until the day no one is
hungry under capitalism
Earth First! activists win $4 million lawsuit
over violation of constitutional rights
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MIM Notes
The Official Newsletter of The Maoist Internationalist Movement
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What is MIM?
The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is the collection of existing or emerging
Maoist internationalist parties in the English-speaking imperialist countries and their English-
speaking internal semi-colonies, as well as the existing or emerging Maoist Internationalist
parties in Belgium, France and Quebec and the existing or emerging Spanish-speaking
Maoist Internationalist parties of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the U.$. Empire.
MIM Notes is the newspaper of MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the Spanish-speaking
parties or emerging parties of MIM. MIM upholds the revolutionary communist ideology
of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and is an internationalist organization that works from the
vantage point of the Third World proletariat. MIM struggles to end the oppression of all
groups over other groups: classes, genders, nations. MIM knows this is only possibly by
building public opinion to seize power through armed struggle. Revolution is a reality for
North America as the military becomes over-extended in the government's attempts to
maintain world hegemony. MIM differs from other communist parties on three main
questions: (1) MIM holds that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, the
potential exists for capitalist restoration under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie within
the communist party itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie seized power after the
death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao's death and the overthrow of the "Gang
of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM upholds the Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance
of communism in humyn history. (3) As Marx, Engels and Lenin formulated and MIM has
reiterated through materialist analysis, imperialism extracts super-profits from the Third
World and in part uses this wealth to buy off whole populations of oppressor nation so-
called workers. These so-called workers bought off by imperialism form a new petty-
bourgeoisie called the labor aristocracy. These classes are not the principal vehicles to
advance Maoism within those countries because their standards of living depend on
imperialism. At this time, imperialist super-profits create this situation in the Canada, Quebec,
the United $tates, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Denmark. MIM accepts people as
members who agree on these basic principles and accept democratic centralism, the system
of majority rule, on other questions of party line.
"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally applicable. We should
regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not merely a matter of
learning terms and phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism as the science of revolution."
- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208.
Editor, MC206; Production, MC12
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To mourn or not to
mourn: summing
up 9/11
A Revolutionary Salute!
As you know I am an avid Maoist and
reader of MIM Notes and MIM Theory.
I am an intransigent communist
revolutionary. I'm writing this letter in
response to the pitiful and numerous
things I've heard and read regarding "9-
11." Most of these things center around
the "innocent" victims and how it is an
atrocious loss of innocent lives. To be
honest my initial reaction was not
revulsion but rather a cold sense of "you
can't hide forever." Being a dialectical
materialist I had to put the event in its
historical context. I could not bring
myself to mourn, from a political
standpoint, the loss of however many
reactionaries. Objectively it is
recompense, although if I was a
bourgeois-type subjectivist I would only
view it as a loss of life, but I'm not. I am
a Maoist, so I am forced to lay my
feelings aside and deal materialist
Now, my contention, which many find
"cold-hearted," is that those people were
*not* innocent. They were accomplices
in the imperialist war against the Third
World. To my eye they were like scouts
who scouted out conquerable portions of
the Third World and then mapped out an
effective strategy to exploit. Now, we
know that only one thing really allows
for the gross super-exploitation of the
Third World -- the gun. When I began
thinking of all of the corporations who
had personnel in the World Trade Center
I didn't see the meager 5,000 Yankees
and Yankee conspirators killed. If I am
"wrong" so be it. But I began to see the
14 million children's deaths each year in
Capitalist Asia. I thought of one-half of
all children's deaths in the world
associated with malnutrition, the 13
billion people who don't have access to
clean water. I saw the hundreds of
thousands killed in Indonesia,
Guatemala, El Salvador, Nigeria, South
Africa, the Congo, the Philippines. I
thought of the labor conditions of
Malaysia, Honduras, Kenya, Ehthiopia,
Zimbabwe, Colombia and many other
countries. I know that in each and every
one of these countries imperialism,
imperialist-funded and -equipped armies
and imperialist comprador regimes and
classes are all responsible for more
deaths in one month than 10 WTC
bombings. And again those imperialist
minions were complicit in each and every
one of those deaths. So I'm reminded of
what Mao said about reactionary deaths
being as light as a feather.
Now, I am well aware that there may
have been some innocents, but when
weighed against he death toll caused by
Amerikkka, objectively the answer is
explicit. There is an old Afrikan proverb,
"When he cat dies, the mice rejoice," so
I don't blame anyone for rejoicing over
"9-11." I even rejoiced, not for the loss
of human life but for the destruction of
two of imperialism's symbols and
administrative centers (even if the
destroyers were far from revolutionary).
I can do that even though I recognize that
the acts ended up being counter-
revolutionary due to the conditions of the
struggle here. It did weaken the U.$.
economy, even though it's coming back.
I just wanted to write and give you my
thoughts, especially since no one seemed
to see it in this light. And although I an
not a Castroite (i.e., state capitalist), I'll
end with a quote from him: "End the
philosophy of plunder and the philosophy
of war will be ended as well."
In revolutionary solidarity,
A Texas Prisoner, May 11, 2001
MIM responds: In its statement
released on the day of the attacks, MIM
mourned the deaths of the civilians at the
World Trade Center and Pentagon.
"Their deaths are as lamentable and were
as preventable as the deaths of millions
of children who die every year of
starvation and disease, victims of
militarism and imperialism," we wrote.
At the same time, we agree with this
comrade that such attacks were
inevitable--and remain so, as even
bonehead War Secretary Rumsfeld and
billionaire Warren Buffet admit. As long
as the United $tates retains the right to
oppress others by military force,
"terrorists" will strike back. Advances in
technology only make this easier.
Reprisal bombings, assassinating
putative "terrorists," invading so-called
"rogue states," or cracking down on civil
rights at home cannot prevent future
attacks. Yet this is all Amerika's current
rulers have to offer. Both Democrats and
Republicans represent a class of people
that profits from world war. Therefore
they are afraid to work aggressively for
long-range peace.
It's time to break with old thinking to
get at the root causes of humyn conflict
--production for profit, the class system,
conflicts over land etc. These can only
be addressed by communism, as difficult
as it will be to achieve. This is the harsh
lesson MIM seeks to teach Amerikans
from the events of September 11--and
any future attacks.
This system is
fucked--what can I do
to fix it?
I just wanted to write and let someone
out there know that I looked up Walpole
Mass, on a google search and all of these
things [articles by MIM and others on
the conditions at a prison in Walpole]
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 3
MIM Notes has seen a big spike in
circulation since the "war on
terrorism" began. It's not surprising:
MIM Notes is a free and independent
newspaper. Yes, there are especially
now knee-jerk patriots who believe
everything Bush says and pass by a
chance to read MIM Notes. There are
other patriots and internationalists
who realize that at this time papers
like MIM Notes can undo the huge
spectacle that Uncle Sam is creating
for its own benefit.
Sure, you have seen MIM Notes
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U.$. armored vehicle struck and
killed two Korean girls during
military exercises in a suburb of
the south Korean capitol Seoul on June
13. The commander of the U.$. 8th Army
promised to "vigorously investigate" the
incident. Sure, just like the army
"vigorously investigated" the charge that
U.$. base commanders recently dumped
toxic chemicals into Seoul's main river:
it found the charges true but exonerated
the commanders.
The crash occurred three days after
200 protestors demanded compensation
and an apology over the death of a
Korean worker who died after suffering
an electric shock on a U.$. military base.
The girls' deaths also put a damper on
Koreans' celebrations of a 1-1 tie with
the outplayed United $tates in the World
Cup. South Korea's unprecedented
success in the tournament--the Korean
soccer team beat Poland and favored
Portugal to win their group and advance
to the second round--as well as its bid to
co-host the tournament are somewhat
indicative of its bourgeois economic
Setting aside the fact that south Korea's
relatively prosperous economy is
U.$. armored vehicle kills two Korean girls
exceptional and uncertain, this recent
crash and other deadly slip-ups and
abuses by the Amerikan military make it
all for naught. What use is a world-class
soccer team when the 36,000 U.$. troops
on Korean soil can provoke a war at the
whim of the Amerikan government?
Leave it to Amerikan imperialism to
spoil a good game.
Note: Reuters, 14 Jun 2002.
eadlines in print and on-line
media over the last two months
have claimed that the Nepalese
army has killed hundreds of Maoist
guerrillas in several clashes. But those
with enough patience to read to the end
of these reports discovered that the
bourgeois mouthpieces themselves don't
believe the hype.
"The government routinely reports
high rebel casualty figures from battles
and low army death tolls. Casualty
reports cannot be independently verified,
as gunbattles often occur in remote
mountain areas. Neither human rights
organizations nor journalists can go to
the regions of fighting without military
"[T]he guerrillas usually do not
comment on casualties."(1)
Certainly it was no coincidence that the
first reports of the army's success against
the rebels came when the head of the
Nepalese government was visiting the
Wa$hington and £ondon asking for
military aid as part of the so-called "war
on terrorism." He got the aid. The United
$tates gave $20 million.(2)
To its credit, the Christian Science
Monitor ran an article describing how
an army patrol posed as Maoists when it
entered an apparently Maoist-controlled
village. "`They said, lal salaam,
comrade, but I knew they were army so
I didn't respond, otherwise I knew I
would be dead," said one villager. The
army did assassinate six villagers,
allegedly members of the local
revolutionary government. "Villagers
were so afraid of being identified as
family members of the dead men--either
by informants or army spies--that they
left the bodies unburied for a day."(3)
Unlike the bourgeois media--which
has an interest in spreading lies or in
selling more newspapers with eye-
catching headlines--MIM doesn't report
on the Nepalese government's victory
declarations--except to say we have no
idea of the truth behind them.
We do know, however, that the
protracted people's war led by the
Communist Party of Nepal is not
"terrorism," contrary to the opportunistic
pleas of the Nepalese government. The
Maoists target police, army and
government officials as part of their
struggle to overthrow the corrupt and
reactionary Nepalese government and
replace it with one that serves the people's
interests. They do not use violence to
intimidate the populace--as the current
government does, if the Christian Science
Monitor is to be believed.
The current government has done
nothing to eliminate basic problems
facing the majority of Nepal's citizens,
such as semi-feudalism. Semi-feudalism
is the system of land ownership
Bourgeois mouthpieces on Nepal: Psy-war hand-in-hand with irresponsibility
concentrating power in a few landlords'
hands that also puts the peasants in a
position of exploitation. Farming under
capitalism is done through a wage
system, but under semi- feudalism, most
peasants do not own land and cannot
choose their exploiters. Poverty and
government also contribute to terrible
public health problems: Nepal has the
fourth highest maternal death rate in the
world, for example, 77 times that of the
United $tates.
Since the current government uses
force to defend the status quo--with all
the violence inherent in exploitation,
malnutrition, and disease--the Nepalese
are justified to use violence to overthrow
the current government.
1. Reuters, 14 Jun 2002.
2. Reuters, 15 May 2002.
3. Christian Science Monitor, 8 May
Liberal "peace" lobby
hampered by its basic
by a Studies for the Liberation of
Aztlan and Latin America comrade
n Monday May 20th SLALA sat
in talks by two I$raeli
"refuseniks"--I$raeli soldiers
who have refused to serve in the Occupied
Territories. The speakers were Ram
Rahat, a senior spokesperson for Yesh
Gvul, an I$raeli peace group, and Ishai
Sagi, an artillery Lieutenant who was
jailed a year ago for refusing to lead
occupation forces in the Territories. Ishai
spoke for most of the time with Ram
Rahat making a support pitch for Yesh
Gvul at the end and saying that he served
for 20 years in the I$raeli military and
was one of the first Refuseniks during the
I$raeli invasion of Lebanon. His main
work now is to rally support for the
Refusenik movement in I$rael and raise
funds for legal fees for soldiers behind
bars for refusing.
The format of the talks was auto-
biographical. Ishai Sagi began by
explaining his roots as the son of a 25
year veteran of the Israeli Defense Force
(IDF) and of the war against Lebanon
who was raised in the tradition of
"defending Israel" and in the belief that
the IDF is "the most humane army in the
world," whose purpose is to defend
I$raeli lives.
I$raeli Refuseniks criticize occupation,
draw fire from reactionaries
MIM Theory
calls for
MIM's theory magazine is preparing
for future issues. We are looking for
well-researched articles on Nazi
Germany and eastern Germany,
especially in the 1945 to 1953 period.
Please follow some footnote format.
Another area we are working on is
research on psychics. If you stopped
paying psychics, please send us a letter
telling us how you did so and give us
your permission to use your statement
as a testimonial. We also would
appreciate any statistical research or
articles on the subject of the
effectiveness of psychics.
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 4
or the last few years, MIM has
talked about reformist allies in
"internationalist social-
democracy." Last year, MIM passed a
platform with potential to appeal to
internationalist social-democracy at the
expense of traditional chauvinist social-
democracy. However, the allies that MIM
pointed to have been single-issue
activists in the environmental movement,
movement for affordable health-care and
elsewhere. Now there is a think tank
based in England formed in May 2002
called Fabian Global Forum of social-
democrats that is consciously taking up
the call to reshape European social-
Glenys Kinnock, a member of
European Parliament talked about how
accepting global trade is positive while
it is necessary to make sure the rules do
not favor the rich countries as they do
now. She said, "Rich countries need to
phase out quota and tariff restrictions on
exports from all low-income countries,
and radically reform their use of export
subsidies particularly for agricultural
production. The European Union's
`Everything but Arms' Initiative, which
was adopted in 2001, lets all products
except armaments from the very poorest
countries in the world enter European
markets duty and quota free. This is a
step in the right direction, but clearly
much more needs to be done to ensure
that developing countries can effectively
participate in the globalisation
Although social-democrat Martin
Shaw and others talk endlessly about
defending and exporting "democracy,"
none of the contributors to the forum
make a clean admission about social-
democracy's past since inter-European
imperialist conflict over colonies
severely intensified 80 years ago.
Internationalist social-democrats, as they
come into existence, enter onto MIM's
turf, the international proletariat's turf,
but they do so with a difference, which
is why they are occasional allies and not
"comrades." The crucial and historical
divide was World War I when social-
democratic activists decided to
"represent" workers of Germany, France,
England etc. which had become a labor
aristocracy and respect their majority
opinion favoring war while the
communists stayed with a scientific
definition of "proletariat" and held up
internationalist principle, at the expense
of support in elections. As a result, social-
democrats in each country voted for war
which pitted the workers of Europe
against the workers of Europe. Since that
time, the social-democrats have had a
better claim on supporting "democracy,"
meaning majority rule, while the
communists have favored internationalist
principle even at the expense of
popularity and "democracy."
Today as we go into an era where
internationalist social-democracy has
some limited prospects of success, we
would be remiss not to point out the
underlying competition between the
united $tates and Europe. Since even
"conservatives" in Europe have greater
natural respect for social-democracy than
the politicians of the united $tates, an
Amerikkkan-led globalization looks one
way while an assertive European Union
means something else in global politics.
The Vice-President of the European
Parliament from Scotland depicted the
Amerikkkan-led vision as follows, "an
unregulated free market where capital is
king and the poor are being ripped off by
de-regulation, privatisation and the
plundering by rapacious global
corporations and corrupt politicians."(2)
Conscious internationalist social-democracy emerging
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cientists from China, Japan, the
United $tates and other countries
published draft genomes for the
two main strains of rice in the 5 April
2002 issue of Science magazine. These
new data give researchers an idea of
where the 45,000-55,000 genes that
influence rice plants' characteristics are
and what they might do. Researchers
have already used this information to find
several genes that control flowering time.
The new data will also aid the study of
other grains like wheat and maize, as their
genomes are similar to that of rice.
Just as it hailed the draft humyn
genome last year as the cure for all
diseases, the bourgeois media touted the
rice genome as the solution to all the
world's agricultural problems. "Could
[genetically modified] rice feed the
world?" asked the Independent (UK)--
clearly a rhetorical question, judging
from the puff piece that followed.(1)
Never mind that both the published
humyn and rice genomes are draft
sequences, with much work yet to be
done before they are complete. (Some
researchers worry that all the hype might
backfire, with funding drying up before
the projects are complete.) Never mind
that even when the genomes are
complete, it will take decades to make
sense of all that information. Never mind
that there are some important
characteristics and applications that
capitalists will not investigate or develop,
because they are not profitable.
Never mind all that, science is cool,
dude, it will save the world. Ironically--
dialectically--by pushing this hyperbolic
view of science and technical advance,
devoid of its limitations under capitalism,
the bourgeoisie is pushing idealism and
metaphysics, not materialism. No wonder
the bourgeoisie has a hard time defeating
all kinds of mystical bugaboos like
creation "science."
As the other articles in this issue of
International researchers publish rice genome
No wonder the
bourgeoisie has a
hard time defeating
all kinds of mystical
bugaboos like
creation `science.'
MIM Notes make clear (see page one),
the major barriers to eradicating hunger
are not technological. If poor farmers
can't afford new high-yield technology,
what use is it to them? If farmers from
poor countries can't compete with
heavily subsidized rich-country farmers,
many won't even be farmers for much
The historical experience of the first
"green revolution" is relevant here.
During the '60s and '70s, agribusiness
and chemical monopolies promoted new
seeds and techniques with dramatically
higher yields. They claimed that this new
productivity would eradicate hunger and
alleviate poverty.
Food production did increase in those
countries which adopted "green
revolution" techniques--but hunger did
not decrease. "The total food available
per person in the world rose by 11 percent
[from 1970 to 1990], while the estimated
number of hungry people fell from 942
million to 786 million, a 16 percent drop.
This was apparent progress, for which
those behind the Green Revolution were
understandably happy to take the credit.
"But these figures merit a closer look.
If you eliminate China from the analysis,
the number of hungry people in the rest
of the world actually increased by more
than 11 percent, from 536 to 597
"Nor was it increased population that
made for more hungry people. The total
food available per person actually
increased. What made possible greater
hunger was the failure to address unequal
access to food and food-producing
"The remarkable difference in China,
where the number of hungry dropped
from 406 million to 189 million, almost
begs the question: which has been more
effective at reducing hunger-the Green
Revolution or the Chinese Revolution,
where broad-based changes in access to
land paved the way for rising living
standards?"(2) MIM adds that Deng
Xiaoping's capitalist reforms are eroding
the basis of these gains: land reform and
collectivization. Large class disparities
are re-emerging in the Chinese
countryside as wealthy farmers, often
with government connections, buy up
poor farmers' lands.
In the rest of Asia, where 75% of rice
areas used the new seeds by the '90s,
hunger is as bad as it ever was.(2)
"According to Business Week magazine,
`even though Indian granaries are
overflowing now,' thanks to the success
of the Green Revolution in raising wheat
and rice yields, `5,000 children die each
day of malnutrition. One-third of India's
900 million people are poverty-stricken.'
Since the poor can't afford to buy what
is produced, `the government is left trying
to store millions of tons of foods. Some
is rotting, and there is concern that rotten
grain will find its way to public markets.'
The article concludes that the Green
Revolution may have reduced India's
grain imports substantially, but did not
have a similar impact on hunger."(2) The
Amerikan government also destroys
grain or pays farmers to leave land fallow
on order to keep grain prices high.
Green Revolution techniques depend
on fertilizers and machinery, which many
poor farmers cannot afford. As Peter
Rosset et al. from the NGO Food First
correctly sum up, "If the very basis of
staying competitive in farming is buying
expensive inputs, then wealthier farmers
will inexorably win out over the poor,
who are unlikely to find adequate
employment to compensate for the loss
of farming livelihoods." In poor
countries, this often means former
farmers cannot afford food for their
families. "Hunger is not caused by a
shortage of food, and cannot be
eliminated by producing more."(2)
Although they will not be the principal
weapons in the fight against hunger, MIM
believes that biotech advances like the
publication of the rice genome could help
feed people--if they are in the hands of
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 5
Stickers with this graphic on them are available for sale and distribution. Contact
rail@mim.org or write to MIM at PO Box 29670, Los Angeles CA 90029-0670. ("Kills" is
red, and there's red blood on the blade.)
Bush farm bill opposing `free trade'
Organizations including the World
Bank, the IMF and Oxfam have all
admitted that despite U.$. rhetoric the
United $tates is destroying "free trade"
around the world and thus the economies
of Africa.(1) The World Bank and IMF
are especially hypocritical in this regard,
because they enforce "free trade," by not
lending development or emergency
money to countries that do not open
themselves to subsidized exports from
rich countries--all in the name of "free
Nor is all of this just Republican
hypocrisy. Clinton also continued a long
line of farm subsidies by signing a farm
subsidy bill in 1996. It is just further
proof that the bourgeoisie, the capitalists
cannot accomplish this "free trade" thing
they have been talking about for over 200
years. The capitalist ruling class is simply
unable to rise above the politics of money
in the current system. Of course the
House representatives and Senate
members from states with big farms make
it politically impossible to abolish farm
subsidies and any candidate in the
dumbocracy going against the monetary
interests of these farm states will be
punished by those farm states. It's
another reason that MIM opposes
majority rule of exploiters and favors
minority rule by an internationalist
communist party which will have strict
rules against pursuing its own self-
MIM will explain further. The U.$.
banks benefit when the United $tates
cancels African debts with taxpayer
money; although debt cancellation is in
some ways contrary to the underlying
logic of capitalism. These banks can then
get their money back more easily and can
lend out more money. Congress's
thinking about canceling $10 billion in
African debt but then passing a $190
billion farm subsidy bill is consistent in
one way--favoring U.$. corporate
The news of the farm bill arrives at the
same time as horrible news on the
starvation front. The United Nations has
already backed off its goal of reducing
malnutrition in the year 2015 to 400
million people. Now it seeks additional
funding of $24 billion a year so that 600
million people will not go hungry by
2015.(2) What the U.N. seeks and what
the U.$. Government provides in just one
farm bill are not far apart. If the
international proletariat forced the U.S.
Government to spend its existing
subsidies equally on farmers around the
world instead of just Amerikan farmers,
this would be a huge gain in the fight
against hunger and poverty.
Meanwhile another United Nations
agency is reporting that 10 million people
in southern Africa are on the brink of
starvation. "The U.N. World Food
Programme and the U.N. Food and
Agriculture Organization say about four
million tons of food will need to be
imported to Malawi, Zimbabwe, Lesotho
and Swaziland over the next year."(3)
Even more could starve in upcoming
years just in southern Africa. In the world
as a whole, an eight-digit figure of people
starve to death each year thanks to the
poor distribution of food caused by
capitalism. While such people are
starving, the same rich countries then
wonder why there is "terrorism."
United Nations, Oxfam, Christian and
other charities destroy agriculture in the
Third World to benefit U.$. corporations.
When food arrives free, of course, local
farmers go out of business. While Oxfam
has at least raised its voice against
Amerikan trade hypocrisy, none of these
organizations has the political will or
knowledge to solve the real problem. In
fact, even MIM's call for the meager
reform of international price supports is
not widely heard. This is another reason
why the international proletariat must
organize itself politically with Maoist
internationalist parties at the head.
True free trade can only occur under
communism, a world without borders,
property interests and governments
favoring one faction of the humyn race
over another to such an extent that a
portion dies from starvation each year.
We call the transition to the world of
communism "socialism." Socialism is in
some ways an incremental development
beyond capitalism. In the case of
internationalist price supports, there are
some planks in MIM's platform that even
capitalism can implement. For MIM the
point of socialism is to implement the
survival rights of the people through any
means necessary, including "dictatorship
of the proletariat." Once those rights have
been implemented and no one is starving,
we may then proceed to a world without
coercion, communism.
1. Warren Vieth, "U.S. Exports Misery
to Africa With Farm Bill" Los Angeles
Times, 27May2002.
2. http://www.cnn.com/2002/
3. http://www.cnn.com/2002/
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Food summit
some eight billion dollars per year,
against over 300 billion to their own rural
In other words, for every $1.00 the rich
countries give to farmers abroad in poor
countries, they give $37.50 to farmers at
home. In terms of fighting hunger, this
ratio is upside down. (Of course, in terms
of more profits for Amerikan businesses
and cheesy vote-buying, it's about right.)
MIM favors "price support" subsidies for
all farmers everywhere growing food that
can help end world hunger--not just
farmers in Amerika and France. It is
much more important to subsidize
African farmers than Amerikan farmers
Even a high-ranking European Union
official admitted that E.U. subsidies to
European farmers violated principles of
"free trade"--although he reserved his
harshest criticism for the recently-passed
Amerikan farm bill, which he called,
"highly deplorable."(3)
The United $tates main contribution to
the conference was a clause in the final
document promoting research into
genetically modified crops.(4) The
United $tates alleges that such new crops
could bring about a second "green
revolution" to feed the world. Of course,
huge technological developments in
agriculture over the last century,
including the first "green revolution" in
the '70s, did not solve the hunger
problem (see also "International
researchers publish rice genome" on page
4). In fact, agricultural production in
many poor countries dropped as a result
of the first "green revolution," which was
driven by rich nations' business interests,
not poor countries' needs.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio
Berlusconi, one of the only two heads of
states from rich countries to attend the
summit--although he left early to watch
the World Cup--somewhat
opportunistically linked the summit to the
"war on terrorism." "The problem of
hungry people in the world is, after
terrorism, or indeed alongside terrorism,
the most serious problem facing the
world community. One must remember
that a starving man is a desperate man,
perhaps even a dangerous one." His
priorities are skewed--more than six
times the number killed in the World
Trade Center die every day of hunger,
making this priority number one in
MIM's book--but he is correct to link
the two problems. What he and other
capitalist leaders cannot provide is a
solution to either problem. As MIM said
in its Septemer 11 statement, "It's time
to break with old thinking to get at the
root causes of humyn conflict --
production for profit, the class system,
conflicts over land etc. These can only
be addressed by communism, as difficult
as it will be to achieve."
1. BBC, news.bbc.co.uk, 13 Jun 2002.
2. The Independent (UK), 8 Apr 2002.
3. AFP, asia.news.yahoo.com/020612/afp, 12
Jun 2002.
4. Reuters, 13 Jun 2002.
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 6
Earth First! activists win $4 million rights lawsuit
asked whether they still track the
activities of activists the OPD refused to
Earth First! is a radical anarchist
organization devoted to direct action to
protect the environment. Bari, who died
of breast cancer in 1997, helped lead civil
disobedience campaigns, such as the one
to stop redwood logging in Humboldt
County. During these campaigns activists
blockaded sawmills, chained themselves
to bulldozers and otherwise disrupted
logging. These actions pissed off the
timber industry, mill workers and
Bari received many death threats for
her efforts, so the bombing was not
entirely a surprise. That the FBI and OPD
were all over the crime scene within
minutes of the explosion suggests that not
just the timber industry had it in for Bari.
And their failure to investigate or even
take seriously the death threats, instead
focusing on pinning the bomb on Bari
and Cherney reveals the motives of the
FBI and OPD. Trying to explain away
their lack of investigation, Phil Sena, the
FBI case agent said "Threats are in the
eye of the beholder."(2)
One of the first pieces of "evidence"
used to arrest Bari and Cherney was the
conclusion that the bomb was in the back
seat of the car and so they must have been
aware of the explosive. But it is obvious
even to the inexperienced eye looking at
the car wreckage that the bomb exploded
under the drivers seat, a conclusion that
an FBI lab technician finally reached
three weeks later. Among fabricated
"clues" linking Bari and Cherney to the
bomb were nails discovered in the car
(not surprising since Bari was a
carpenter) which were supposedly
identical to the nails in the bomb. This
evidence was used to justify a search
warrant for Bari's residence, but in fact
the two sets of nails bore no resemblance
to each other at all. Then after a raid on
Bari's house the OPD again discovered
nails that supposedly matched exactly to
the nails in the bomb. And again this
evidence was used to authorize a second
search warrant for Bari's house. But
again this supposed match between nails
was completely false.
On the stand FBI agents and Oakland
police officers contradicted each other in
their testimony. And in sworn testimony
agents admitted they were either lying or
would be willing to lie. One of the key
Militarism is war-mongering or the
advocacy of war or actual carrying out
of war or its preparations.
While true pacifists condemn all
violence as equally repugnant, we
Maoists do not consider self-defense
or the violence of oppressed nations
against imperialism to be militarism.
Militarism is mostly caused by
imperialism at this time. Imperialism
is the highest stage of capitalism--
seen in countries like the United
$tates, England and France.
Under capitalism, capitalists often
profit from war or its preparations.
Yet, it is the proletariat that does the
dying in the wars. The proletariat
wants a system in which people do not
have self-interest on the side of war-
profiteering or war for imperialism.
Militarism is one of the most
important reasons to
overthrow capitalism. It
even infects oppressed
nations and causes them
to fight each other.
It is important not to
let capitalists risk our
lives in their ideas about
war and peace or the
environment. They have
already had two world
wars admitted by
themselves in the last
100 years and they are
conducting a third right
now against the Third
Even a one percent annual chance of
nuclear war destruction caused by
capitalist aggressiveness or "greed" as
the people call it should not be tolerated
by the proletariat. After playing
Russian Roulette (in which the bullet
chamber is different each time and not
related at all to the one that came up in
previous spins) with 100 chambers and
one bullet, the chance of survival is
only 60.5% after 50 turns. In other
words, a seemingly small one percent
annual chance of world war means
eventual doom. After 100 years or turns
of Russian Roulette, the chances of
survival are only 36.6%. After 200
years, survival has only a 13.4%
What is militarism?
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FBI investigators, Frank Doyle, said
"Perhaps in the deposition I agreed to
things I should have said were
otherwise." The FBI agent in charge of
the case took a more evasive tactic saying
"I have no recollection of anything I
authored." And he went further to claim
he really shouldn't be blamed because "I
had no idea what was going on in the
case, and furthermore, I wasn't all that
interested."(2) These quotes lend
themselves to the conclusion that this was
just a case of bungling and
miscommunication, the argument of the
lawyers for the defense. But the bigger
picture makes it clear that this was a
targeted operation against Earth First!
activists by the FBI and Oakland Police
Activists should pay attention to this
case and understand that the police and
FBI continue active surveillance of
activists and will seize any opportunity
to frame and arrest those under
surveillance. The U.$. government takes
threats to capitalism seriously, and the
freedoms supposedly ensured to people
in this country do not extend to those
threatening the system. We can learn
from the history of the FBI attacks on
the Black Panther Party that it is capable
of murdering, imprisoning and
destroying militant anti-imperialist
leaders and organizations. This is not just
a strategy of the past. In Oakland, the
birthplace of the Black Panther Party,
surveillance and attacks against activists
continue. And we can be certain that they
continue elsewhere in the country as well.
MIM advises activists to take basic
precautions when organizing. Don't
make the pig's job easier. Avoid talking
about organizing details on telephones
which can be tapped. Wear a hat and
other coverings to make it harder to take
your picture and identify you when doing
public organizing. And don't give out
your name, phone number or address to
people you don't know. Fear of the FBI
and police should not keep us from
organizing, but activists need to be
realistic about the rights we do and do
not enjoy in this country.
1. San Francisco Bay Guardian, May
29, 2002.
2. Indymedia web site:
researchers publish
rice genome
people who put humyn interests first, not
profit. Monopoly capitalists like
Monsanto, DuPont etc. not only control
who applies new technology and how, but
they set the research agenda.
"In 1999, one coporation, IBM, had
more patents (2756) than 134 countries
combined (2643)."(4) These patents are
used to enforce companies' monopolies.
This is an example of how "intellectual
property" can be transformed into "a non-
tariff barrier to trade" as the Wall Street
Journal would say.(3)
"[O]f the 1233 drugs that have been
approved in the last decade, only 11 of
these were for treating tropical diseases,
and of these half were intended for
livestock, not humans."(5) This bias
away from the most pressing global
human needs towards profit can also be
seen in two of the heavily-publicized
"genetically modified organisms:" One
seed line from Monsantos which made it
impossible for farmers to set aside part
of the yield for the next year's crop, and
another variety which improved the
effectiveness (and hence the sales) of a
particular pesticide.
When it comes to humyn needs like
food or healthcare, MIM is in favor of
pitting the Third World bourgeoisie
against the imperialist country
bourgeoisie, in the name of "free trade"
and against "intellectual property."(3)
This can lead to reforms such as when
imperialist-country drug companies
waived their patents and allowed Third
World countries to make cheap versions
of anti-HIV drugs.(6) Under socialism,
MIM would have the state pay
researchers fixed sums for discoveries
relevant to meeting humyn needs. This
would provide a material incentive for
those still backwards enough to need it
while at the same time making the fruits
of their research available to all.
1. The Independent (UK), 5 Apr 2002.
2. Tikkun Magazine, Mar 2000,
3. "On utilizing contradictions in the
bourgeoisie and the principal
contradiction in 2001," MIM Notes 238,
15 Jul 2001.
4. Science, 5 Apr 2002, p. 57,
5. Science, 5 Apr 2002, p. 55,
6. MIM Notes 234, 1 May 2002.
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 7
Immediately this was disproved when
he described some common practices of
his unit. This involved carrying out
nighttime raids into Palestinian homes
and "securing" (at gunpoint) families
while his superiors interrogated the men
and threatened them with the removal of
work-permits if they did not give names
of neighbors as supposed terrorists. Also
on the list of the "most humane army in
the world" was sacking and looting
Palestinian homes under the pretext of
"confiscating weapons" so that "not a
single kitchen knife is available in the
West Bank."
Ishai joined IDF at the age of 18 and
began policing the borders. From there
he went on to the Golan Heights, the
border with Lebanon and then to Nablus
in the Territories. Here he was given the
following "Firing Orders:" "Any
Palestinian that picks up a stone, shoot
him." The absurd reasoning behind this
was that while army convoys travel at the
bottom of ravines and through tunnels,
stones inadvertently dropped from the top
would gain such momentum so as to
shatter the glass of a military vehicle, kill
or distract the driver and cause an
accident that could claim or endanger
I$raeli lives. That is why they had to
shoot anyone, including 6-year-old
children, who pick up rocks. Ishai called
this reasoning "occupation logic" where
the principle of "protecting Israeli lives"
is used to justify any action in support of
I$raeli settlers and their military
At this point an aspiring mass-murderer
in the audience could not contain himself
and could not wait for the conclusion of
Ishai's argument and gave himself away
by enthusiastically leaping up and
clapping as Ishai explained how
occupational logic demanded that
I$raeli Refuseniks draw fire from reactionaries
Palestinian children be irreverently
machine-gunned for the sake of
defending I$raeli lives. He quickly sat
back down when he noticed that his blood
lust had gotten the best of him. There
were a few hushed "yeahs" from the
opposition contingent in the back.
Another example of "Occupational
Logic" involved stone-throwing settlers
in the Occupied Territories. The I$raeli
army doesn't have authority over I$raeli
citizens, and therefore cannot order them
to stop throwing rocks at Palestinians. On
the other hand the I$raeli army is bound
to defend I$raeli citizens against anyone
so their orders were "Defend Settlers
when they are the ones throwing rocks."
Ishai recalled that one of his soldiers
handed him a leaflet explaining why the
I$raeli occupation was in violation of
international law and that he shared this
information with others under his
command because "It is my job to protect
my men and did not want them to do
anything illegal that would have
consequences for them." For this his
superiors reprimanded him. He
concluded his talk by saying how he
refused a second tour of the Occupied
Territories and was sent to prison.
In addition to the 100 or so participants
(mainly members of the Synagogue and
press) there was a loud opposition
contingent of 20 outright reactionaries
and their infants lined up along the far
wall of the hall each carrying signs
bearing the slogans "Traitors to Israel"
and "Terrorists!" These reactionaries
were outraged that opposition to the
I$raeli occupation would manifest itself
in "their temple" but did little to argue
about anything said by the speakers (for
they did not wait around for the Q&A
part of the program). Instead they spent
most of their time booing mention of the
words "peace" and "justice" when these
were mentioned.
Shouting matches ensued between
participants and disruptors before
Beverly Hills Police showed up to ask
the disruptors to keep quiet during the
event. One particularly frenzied
reactionary, a young womyn who spent
much of the time shouting and inciting
the infants present to cry finally shrieked
that she could no longer bear to listen to
Ishai's tales and stormed out of the
building, at which time everyone else
began clapping and booing.
During the Q&A period, Ram Rahat
said in answer to a question about U.N.
peace proposals that Yesh Gvul favored
the two-state solution with I$rael
retreating to its 1967 boundaries, while
Ishai said he thought the IDF should
police the borders and pull out of the
Occupied Territories.
During his time at the border Ishai says
he realized that border checkpoints were
"ineffective" in stopping the movement
of Palestinian laborers into Israel. He said
that it was possible for the military to stop
and harass some laborers, but that in the
meantime 10 others would get by. Ishai
declared himself a staunch supporter of
border checkpoints and claims that they
are necessary to keep "terrorists" out of
I$rael and that the reason so many
"terrorists" get through is that the army
is in the territories defending a handful
of fanatical settlers. His "solution"
implies more military buildup along the
border between I$rael and the Gaza Strip
and the West Bank. [Which he well get,
as I$rael just announced plans to build a
70-mile long fence along its border with
the West Bank.] During the discussion
of "Occupational Logic" people in the
audience questioned why I$raeli convoys
were in the Territories to begin with and
both the audience and Ishai blamed the
fanatical settlers.
When one considers how much trouble
Europe gave U.S. President George W.
Bush over the global warming treaty that
the Bush backed the united $tates out of,
a picture emerges where the capitalists
of Europe decide to compete with
Amerikkkan capitalists by using a social-
democratic facade. While Amerikkkans
stand for polluting for profit, the
Europeans step back and say that they
can compete as business people while
respecting global regulations.
Amerikkkans and neo-liberals say
regulation is bad while internationalist
social-democracy can point to the value
of having global regulations.
The internationalist social-democrats
are in a difficult spot. As they surrender
their traditional support to Le Pen and
the "right-wing," the social-democrats
will make unreliable allies because of
their respect for majority rule. They seek
careers in European Parliament and thus
So on the one hand, some of the I$raeli
opposition to occupation recognizes that
I$raeli convoys and settlers have no
business in Palestine. But on the other
hand both the war-mongerers and this
opposition share the some of the basic
principles of "Occupational Logic".
These people are so consumed by the
mythology of "the democratic state of
I$rael" and so used to living off the backs
of the oppressed that they
unquestioningly buy into the rhetoric of
"protecting I$raeli lives from terrorists"
and arrive at conclusions like increased
military buildup at the border.
At a time when the ruling party in I$rael
has made it a point of principle that there
"will never be a Palestinian state" peace-
minded people in I$rael and in the United
$tates should not seek to achieve peace
through half-measures about the
"obvious need for security" because this
is the inroad for war mongering and
fascism. The Liberal "peace" lobby in
both I$rael and the United $tates
continues to dodge the real issues of
reparations, socialism, and the removal
of settlers--most likely by force of arms.
The question Liberals should be asking
is why they're willing to let I$rael
continue its hegemony over the
oppressed nations while turning a blind-
eye to the historical consequences of their
democratic chatter.
The event was sponsored by the
Progressive Jewish Alliance, an
Amerikan Jewish organization with good
views on the Death Penalty and U.$. drug
laws (www.pjalliance.org); the Los
Angeles chapter of the international vigil
group, Women in Black (www.wib-
la.org); the I$raeli peace group, Yesh
Gvul ("There is a Limit!" www.ywsh-
gvul.org); and The Shefa Fund an
Amerikan Jewish fund-raising
organization (www.shefafund.org).
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Conscious internationalist social-democracy
Continued from page 4...
need a way to put together majority
support in elections. In the end they will
sacrifice the interests of the international
proletariat in order to obtain majority
support, because of their respect for and
self-interest in "democracy."
MIM agrees with most of what
professor Martin Shaw had to say about
the need to remake social-democracy. He
concluded his article on the new Fabian
website the following way: "Social
democracy will only become genuinely
global if it can see itself as something
very different from a safe and fairly
comfortable corner of European politics,
and can imagine a very different role and
a very different world. The global
challenge to social democracy is deep and
potentially uncomfortable. It remains to
be seen if it can be grasped."(3) Social-
democracy will have a hard time reaching
its full internationalist potential without
supporting the People's Wars in the Third
World. This will be a difficulty, but
globalist social-democracy has some
potential for staving off traditional
fascism in Europe. While traditional
social-democracy is our entrenched
enemy, we have many prospects of unity
with globalist social-democracy on our
platform of an international minimum
wage, international limitations on hours
worked, international rights to education,
international agricultural price supports
1. http://www.fabianglobalforum.net/
2. http://www.fabianglobalforum.net/
3. http://www.fabianglobalforum.net/
Did you know?
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than 200 back
issues of MIM
Notes available on
the MIM website?
Not only can you
browse more than
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newspaper, you
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MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 8
by Web Minister
May 2002 was a blockbuster month for
MIM's website in terms of achieving
MIM's central task of "creating public
opinion and the independent institutions
of the oppressed to seize power." Rather
than declining as in May 2001, readership
increased sharply in May 2002 from both
a year ago and a month ago. We believe
this is proof that we can beat the usual
summer trend of a precipitous drop-off
in readership. May 2002 showed that it
is possible to accelerate MIM web traffic
growth beyond it's 80 to 100% annual
rate seen the past year.
Top ten non-U.$. locations
receiving 100 or more MIM web
Ranked by total kilobytes transferred
(not number of pages)
Location Pages served
Germany 3,865
Canada 2,721
Australia 2,312
France 780
"United Kingdom" 1,912
Sweden 643
Japan 477
Belgium 279
Netherlands 637
Italy 1,069
Other big users included "South
Africa" (254 pages), the Philippines
(125), China's Taiwan province (220),
Finland (430), Brazil (215), and
Singapore (154).
May 2002 was the first month in which
we had an article in Farsi (spoken in Iran
and western Afghanistan). Our objective
was to let the Farsi-speaking world know
that there is a MIM and what it stands
for. MIM does not attempt to organize
parties in the Third World.
Our culture pages also continued to
Movie reviews read over 500
times in May
Movie Readings
The Matrix 2,312
Blackhawk Down 900
Moulin Rouge 661
Star Trek 568
Truman Show 538
A Bug's Life 532
Most popular music reviews
Band Times requested
Metal in general 110
System of a Down "Toxicity" 70
Tool 68
Tupac 59
Hatebreed 58
The web site--especially its art and
movie review pages--is leading the party
into the cultural work that should always
precede revolution.
Just some selected other reports:
* Once again, the top read September
11th story is in Chinese and second place
goes to the Spanish translation of the
definition of terrorism.
* The Tiananmen article in Chinese
was served 815 times.
* MIM served the most popular Black
Panther article 666 times.
* Readers read 443 pages in MIM
Notes 257 in .pdf format.
Standard disclaimers
1. The numbers in these reports are
conservative estimates for a number of
a. The number of computer users refers
to number of computers. The number of
users could be higher or lower, because
some computers serve pages to more than
one individual, because individuals share
computers and because conversely
individuals use computers in more than
one place.
b. The number of pages served should
by Web Minister, June 16, 2002
After a record-breaking May, the MIM
website fell back as expected in the first
two weeks of June. Nonetheless, there
are two odd silver linings to the June
statistics already.
First, although the number of readers
is down, the size of files, such as books
and .zip files is up, double on average
thanks to large files being downloaded.
Hopefully this means readers are
seriously studying the MIM website,
even if there are fewer readers.
The really big news is that over 60%
of MIM's readership comes from outside
U.S. borders, as measured by megabytes
of data transferred. Exactly one-third of
all MIM data transferred the first two
weeks of June went to the Asia-Pacific
region. Another 27% went to Europe.
These figures refer only to known hosts
served in certain regions. After certain
.com and other hosts have been
accurately counted, the figure would be
higher than 60%, but we do not know
how much higher. At least 4954 requests
came from Europe and Asian/Pacific
people requested files that are on average
larger than those chosen by Europeans
3323 times in the first two weeks of June,
We checked our past reports, especially
the August, 2001 report since it was
before September 11th. At that time, there
was as yet no such trend evident at all.
Host geographies were widely dispersed
and hugely dominated by U.$. readers--
at least we assume since the task of
tallying those websites would be very
difficult. We will have to keep an eye on
whether or not the European and Asian/
Pacific readership will remain dominant.
In August of 2001, MIM served only
8617 distinct host computers an average
of 909 pages a day. As we focus on
August, 2002 and measuring our
response to September 11th, we hope to
beat that figure by as large a margin as
we can, even more than by 80 to 100%
as we usually expect on an annual basis.
It remains unclear whether MIM will
be able to accelerate readership later in
the summer as hoped. Further analysis
of May, 2002 figures and why they
accelerated so much showed that some
of my initial enthusiasm for having
uncovered the secrets of the Internet
proved incorrect: a pornography site had
decided to link to us briefly and produced
a large part of our gains. MIM
infrastructure volunteers like myself are
familiar with being in this position. (See,
"Against lifestyle idealism: The PIRAO
and porn" at http://www.etext.org/
Comparing May 2001 to May 2002
2001 2002 %change
Avg. MIM pages served per day 1010 2361 +133.8
Number of different computers MIM served 11,217 28,050 +150.1
Number of different MIM files actively chosen from 2,401 3495 +45.6
MIM data transferred average per day (Mb) 62.4 102.3 +63.9
be thought of as a minimum, because
statistics do not count re-readings or re-
servings from local computer memory.
Nor do they count sharing of pages once
c. Most but not all graphics served are
excluded from the figures to cut back on
increasing "page" averages just by
calling up various graphics.
2. Tracking where computers are from
is bound to have some error as many wise
users intentionally surf the web and leave
a false trail. On the other hand, we doubt
that such error means that non-U.$.
readership is lower than reported, given
that we do not count .com, .net and .edu
1. As in past reports of this format,
these statistics exclude most graphics.
2. Excludes non-U.$. computers that
have .com, .edu or .net suffixes--a very
common occurrence. We also exclude
another quarter with non-identifiable
MIM website readership doubled over last year
Comrades can contribute to our goal
of solidly thrashing the August, 2001
figures in many ways--by giving money,
by doing the hard real-world labor of
MIM website gains international audience
Subscribe to Notas Rojas!
One copy: $1
One year, four issues: $4
Two years, eight issues: $7
100 copies to distribute in your area: $20
Send name, address, and cash, check, stamps, or money order to:
MIM Distributors, PO Box 29670, Los Angeles CA 90029-0670
distributing newspapers, by translating
articles, by writing music reviews and by
coming up with new interest areas that
would be appropriate for the MIM web
MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 9
We Were Soldiers (2002)
Directed by Randall Wallace
We agree with many movie critics that
the movie "We Were Soldiers" departed
heavily from critical Hollywood Vietnam
war movies like "Full Metal Jacket" and
"Platoon" or the highly personalized
"Born on the Fourth of July." "Soldiers"
not only tried to make the men of the 7th
Airmobile Division look professional--
"just doing my job, ma'am, nothing
personal"--but it portrayed them as
deeply patriotic, in an almost religious
sense, devoid of politics. In this the film
builds on the other recent war film,
"Black Hawk Down," which also
emphasized soldiers' personal
commitment to each other over any
discussion about what the soldiers were
doing and why.
Thus, behind the weekly list of box-
office hits--"biggest opening in a month
beginning in `J' in an odd-numbered year
ever"--is the unseen hand of the
Pentagon, White House and their super-
patriot conspirators in Hollywood. They
want to hype Amerika's sense of pride
and unity.
In order to look objective, the
"Soldiers" tried to strike a balance by
showing the human side of the
Vietnamese People's Army (NVA), the
Amerikan adversary in the war. The film
tried to recount the NVA struggle against
the French--if only to differentiate the
"freedom-loving" Amerikans from the
colonizing French
But ultimately the film just made the
Vietnamese look stupid to highlight the
Amerikan technological advantage in the
air and in firepower. Thus the film only
justifies and escalates the awesome terror
war machine that we witness today in
Afgahistan and the Philippines.
Counterproductive self-
Actually the film echoed all the anti-
communist pictures in the past. "55 Days
in Peking" (1963), "Sand Pebbles"
(1966), "The Green Berets" (1968) and
other racist films that depicted Asian
peasant-based revolutionaries as
mindless suicidal hordes, doomed to be
defeated by smarter, stronger Westerners.
But if the movie viewer will only be a
keen observer one may ask: Is it not the
height of desperation for a ground
commander to order his air and artillery
support to fire on his perimeter for the
fear of being overrun by his enemies?
Only a commander on the brink of defeat
would give such an order.
Moshe Dayan, the Zionist defense
minister in 1967 said, "The Vietnam War
is a helicopter's war, so the U.S. will win
this war." How wrong he was. In 1975,
the US withdrew all its forces in Vietnam
and until now is trying to exorcise the
ghost of its terrible defeat in that war. All
of the Amerikan imperialists'
technological superiority could not save
them from defeat in Vietnam, any more
than it can stop "terrorist" attacks at
You'd think the Amerikan imperialists
would have learned their lesson and quit
meddling in other nations' affairs; quit
backing corrupt politicians allied with
feudal lords; quit exploiting the world's
majority. But they can't. It's in their
nature, as Mao said. They are driven to
conquer greater and greater profits, so
they "make trouble, fail, and make
trouble again" until the proletariat puts
them down for good.
Hollywood makes this kind of movie
to pacify ruffled hearts and minds.
Movies will not exorcise the ghost of
Amerika's defeat in Vietnam. It will take
more than a wall of remembrance in to
turn their defeat to victory.
Yes, Virginia, if the United $tates could
not win in China, Vietnam, Cuba or any
part of the world they want to, at least
they can win in their movies like "We
Were Soldiers."
--MZ276, a friend of MIM; edited by
Yes, Virginia, we were mercenaries...
popped up on the screen! I am outraged,
animals are treated better then most of
these people. Its not fair I know, but all I
can do is write and just let you know that
someone out there really does care about
you guys.
I printed out about four pages and put
it on the kitchen table so that someone in
my family would read it, and was actually
hoping that my father would read them
and try to do something about it. He is
probably just as ignorant as all those
stupid fucks out there that make all these
fucked up laws! He "has never even heard
of Cedar Junction"! I just don't get it!
My ex-husband, went all through the
system so I have heard a lot about it and
have also been through a small part
myself. Like a lot of the inmates who
have been locked up for a long time he
started out in Walpole! He actually told
me one time that the old Salem Jail,
where if you had to use the bathroom you
had to use a bucket and then throw it in a
big "well" of some kind. Which he also
said was right by where the weights were,
was the best jail that he had been to!
For him to have said that to me
something isn't right. I could probably
tell you stories all day long that he has
told me, just like I know you could do
the same.
That is not the point of this letter
I just want you to know that if it matters
at all, I feel bad for all the people that are
suffering right now for the wrong
reasons. If there is anything that you think
a 23 year person could do then let me
know. If not at least you know that
someone out there doesn't look at a cop
driving down the street, and think that
he is out driving around trying to help
out the community. I know exactly what
those stupid shits are up to ,and it is
driving around aimlessly all day long
looking for someone who he might think
just might be up to something "against
the law". They actually go out and look
for shit like that.
Just one example, I was in Middleton
the other day and there was an old lady
holding a shopping bag standing and the
corner waiting for a light to change so
that she could cross the street, and what
do I see fly past the right of me? Yep, a
fucking pig not paying any attention to
the old lady or thinking anything about
maybe getting her across that busy street
safely, no, he was more concerned about
getting in front of me so that when it
changed to become one lane that he
would be one car ahead in line!
Fuck `em all thats what I say, I know
that won't change anything but, still. I
would say have a good day, but I know
that ain't gonna happen. Try and make
that best out of your day and hopefully
you will think of something for me to do
for you.
Take care,
-- a reader in Massachusetts,
June 2002
MIM responds: Thanks for your letter.
We definitely do want to hear from
people like yourself who think the system
is messed up and needs changing. We see
the problem with the prison system as
part of a larger problem with this country.
It is a symptom of an imperialist system
which uses social control to maintain its
power, both in this country and in the
Third World. In Third World countries
the U.$. takes resources and cheap labor
for profit, and uses the military (and
puppet militaries and governments) to
keep the people from rising up and taking
power for themselves. In this country the
majority of the people have been bought
off and so choose not to see the
oppression going on. Still, the internal
semi-colonies (e.g. Blacks, Latinos, and
First Nations) are oppressed, and more
likely to rebel. One of the clearest
examples of this oppression is the fact
that the United $tates disproportionately
imprisons these groups. The United
$tates imprisons Blacks at a higher rate
than Apartheid South Africa.
There are many things that a 23 year
old persyn can do to fight this injustice.
In fact that is why we put the information
out on our web site, we want people to
read about the injustice and be inspired
to take action. First, we will point you to
the agitation section of our web site
where there are lots of campaigns
described with potential actions that
people can take. You can find that at http:/
and included on that page is a section on
prisons. There is a lot of work to be done
around the criminal injustice system
which, in this country, is used as a tool
of social control to keep the imperialists
safely in power.
Many of the campaigns listed on our
web page target just the kind of problems
you mention in your e-mail: the terrible
conditions and treatment of prisoners
across the United $tates. There is also
information about MIM's Books for
Prisoners program which offers political
education to prisoners, providing free
literature and also the opportunity to
work and struggle with comrades on the
Continued from page 2...
Get the new issue of MIM Theory, #14, and read the latest
theory on building the movement to overthrow
imperialism once and for all, in 174 pages. Articles include
MIM congress resolutions, history from the Spanish Civil
War to Puerto Rico, Kenya, and Stalin -- plus international
documents, reviews, and much more. Send $7.50 to the
address on page 2.
MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 10
MIM on
Prisons & Prisoners
MIM seeks to build public opinion
against Amerika's criminal injustice sys-
tem, and to eventually replace the bour-
geois injustice system with proletarian jus-
tice. The bourgeois injustice system im-
prisons and executes a disproportionately
large and growing number of oppressed
people while letting the biggest mass mur-
derers -- the imperialists and their lack-
eys -- roam free. Imperialism is not op-
posed to murder or theft, it only insists that
these crimes be committed in the interests
of the bourgeoisie.
"All U.S. citizens are criminals--
accomplices and accessories to the crimes
of U.$. oppression globally until the day
U.$. imperialism is overcome. All U.S.
citizens should start from the point of view
that they are reforming criminals."
MIM does not advocate that all
prisoners go free today; we have a
more effective program for fighting
crime as was demonstrated in China
prior to the restoration of capitalism
there in 1976. We say that all prisoners
are political prisoners because under
the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, all
imprisonment is substantively
political. It is our responsibility to
exert revolutionary leadership and
conduct political agitation and
organization among prisoners --
whose material conditions make them
an overwhelmingly revolutionary
group. Some prisoners should and will
work on self-criticism under a future
dictatorship of the proletariat in those
cases in which prisoners really did do
something wrong by proletarian
Under Lock & Key
News from Prisons & Prisoners
IL prisoner brings
lawsuits and press
coverage; IDOC
clamps down hard
After 17 years in maximum security, I
decided to sell out for myself, settling a
four year Federal lawsuit to go to a
medium security facility. I signed a
contract after my court-appointed
attorney assured me that nothing would
go wrong as long as I obeyed the rules.
After my arrival, I learned that the IDOC
had adopted a new ranking system,
making my new prison one step away
from a maximum security one. I tried to
get the settlement reversed, but the judge
threw it out.
As I adapted to my new environment,
I found the health care system to be a
death sentence. A young first-timer kept
being misdiagnosed about his stomach
complaints and finally died of cancer. I
started publishing articles in a Chicago
newspaper about all these prisoners'
sufferings, and I was finally shipped out
to a "punishment prison," Shawnee
Correctional Center. Shawnee normally
accepts parole violators and prisoners
from other facilities with disciplinary
When I tried to get the breach of
contract heard in court, the same judge
threw out my case. I then filed a
complaint against my attorney with the
Attorney Disciplinary Commission, but
the lawyer claimed he never advised me
that my transfer was permanent. I'm
sending a copy of a letter my attorney
sent to the Assistant Attorney General
who also signed my contract with me as
proof that my lawyer is full of shit. I'm
now too far from home for visits with
my elderly father. The IDOC will not
even honor my father's doctor's note,
advising that I should be moved closer
to my father for visitation, as my father
is in failing health.
During my stay at this punishment
camp, I have been exposing the prison
for what it is and have been cussed out
and threatened by the warden. In fact, my
MIM Notes were confiscated and I was
made to either mail them back or destroy
them. In all of this struggle, I received
the address of a lawyer who is looking
for prisoners who have been abused in
IDOC health care, for participation in a
possible class action suit. He is:
Benjamin Wolf, Legal Director, ACLU,
180 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL
-- an Illinois prisoner, May, 2002
LA Kops' old tricks
I'm intimately familiar with the pains
and tribulations of the struggle. When I
was merely a 13 year old kid, L.A.
Sheriff's deputies caught me horsing
around on the roof of a supermarket.
They came up onto the roof, handcuffed
me at gun-point, beat me, called me many
niggers, and then they threw me off the
roof of the supermarket whilst I was still
handcuffed behind my back.
--a California prisoner, 24 May, 2002
Protest prison
Below is a protest letter written in
response to one of our campaigns in
Under Lock and Key. We encourage all
readers, prisoners and non-prisoners
alike, to join us in sending letters to
protest the conditions at Limestone
Correctional Facility.
Albert N Muskowitz Section Chief
Civil Rights Division US Department of
Justice 950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington DC 20530-6018
Re: Limestone Correctional Facility
Lockup Unit
Mr. Muskowitz,
My name is ABC XYZ, and I'm
presently confined at XXX Correctional
Facility. I'm writing you due to some
very disturbing news that I read in a
recent publication. The news that I read
was in regards to the horrific conditions
at Limestone Correctional Facility
Lockup Unit. The article described in
detail the deplorable conditions that the
prisoners are subjected to at the facility.
Mainly the fact that prisoners on
numerous occasions are beaten beyond
recognition and without mercy for
nothing what so ever. I'm writing you in
hopes that the purported illegal abuse will
stop and those directly and indirectly
responsible alike be brought to justice. I
thank you for your attention to this
matter and I hope to hear from you
Yours etc., A New York Prisoner
Fighting prison
Dear MIM,
I just got MIM Notes for April and I
wanted to touch base and let you know.
There were several articles I really
enjoyed reading, namely "Amerika - the
real nuclear rogue state", "Thousands
support Palestinian self-determination",
and of course everything dealing with
prison censorship of inmates First
Amendment liberties. The latter of the
three subjects is of great interest to me
because I have recently been studying up
on the facially overbroad regulation of
publications due in no small part to the
fact that these capitalist swine rejected a
book I ordered entitled Peristroka from
the U.$. book club (they're cheap and I'm
broke). There is little doubt that mail-
room officials may conclude certain
publications, though seemingly
innocuous to laymen, have significant
implications for the order and security
of the prison. However, it is equally
certain that prison walls do not form a
barrier separating prison inmates from
the protection of the constitution, nor do
they bar free citizens from exercising
their own constitutional rights by
reaching out to those on the inside -
Turner v. Safely, 482 U.S. 78 96 LED
2nd 64, 107 SC&2254.
The limitations placed upon First
Amendment Freedoms must be no
greater than necessary or essential to the
protection of the particular governmental
interest involved. These swine (read
mail-room officials) are sweeping their
censorship too wide, and therefore are
placing unnecessary burdens upon many
inmates rights. The first question a
prisoner should ask himself is whether
the actions of the officials is reasonably
related to penological interests.
--a prisoner in TN, May 2002
Dear MIM,
I just received your letter with
information on how to fight prison
censorship. I'm certainly gonna read up
on it in the law library (I don't know
anything about the law stuff but I'm still
going to read up on it.)
I did put in a grievance on the 20th
asking why [my MIM Notes] were held
for that long and not letting me know any
reason or get any kind of notice. I notice
these prison workers want to reject mail
that they don't agree with. Instead of
being staff prison workers they want to
be police officers, investigators,
inspectors, nosy low lifes thinking
everything is a threat when I know for
sure that MIM Notes and all the other
publications you guys have are very
helpful and they do help us prisoners to
educate ourselves because I've seen it
I am in a lockdown facility, segregation
maximum, 1 hour out so I'm going to start
reading and checking up on that law
library because I know these prison
workers are doing some shady thing and
are evil.
I did receive my appeal back for the
appeal on "MIM Notes" and "What is
the Maoist Internationalist Movement"
and it says: "the MIM magazine and
MIM Notes have been sent for
headquarters review. Should
headquarters support the rejection the
MIM magazine and MIM notes will be
barred state wide. Should headquarters
not support the rejection, the magazine
will be returned to CBCC and forwarded
to you."
I think these people reject it because
they seen where it says "Internationalist
Movement," and when they seen that
they just reject it because like you said,
there was no "evidence to support their
claim." There were no details on the mail
--a prisoner in WA, May 2002
Tennessee Warden arrested
Dear MIM,
We are going through some changes at
this prison right now. Hell we don't even
have a warden no more! Yeah the U.$.
Marshall came a few weeks ago and
escorted him from the property,
handcuffed and all. They reported on the
local news that the warden, James M.
Dukes, and his associate Warden Bruce
Westbrooks had several criminal and
civil complaints filed against them by
prison employees and former employees
for a number of reasons. Interestingly
MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 11
Facts on U$ imprisonment
The facts about imprisonment in the United $tates are that the United $tates has been the world's leading prison-state per capita for the last
25 years, with a brief exception during Boris Yeltsin's declaration of a state of emergency.(1)
That means that while Reagan was talking about a Soviet "evil empire" he was the head of a state that imprisoned more people per capita.
In supposedly "hard-line" Bulgaria of the Soviet bloc of the 1980s, the imprisonment rate was less than half that of the United $tates.(2,3)
To find a comparison with U.$. imprisonment of Black people, there is no statistic in any country that compares including apartheid South
Africa of the era before Mandela was president. The last situation remotely comparable to the situation today was under Stalin during war
time. The majority of prisoners are non-violent offenders(4) and the U.S. Government now holds about a half million more prisoners than
China; even though China is four times our population.(5)
The rednecks tell MIM that we live in a "free country." They live in an Orwellian 1984 situation where freedom is imprisonment.
Notes: 1. Marc Mauer, "Americans Behind Bars: The International Use of Incarceration 1993," The Prison Sentencing Project, 918 F. St. NW, Suite
501, Washington, DC 20004 (202) 628-0871 Reference: SRI: R8965-2, 1994
2. Ibid., 1992 report.
3. United Nations Development Programme, "Human Development Report 1994,:" Oxford University Press, p. 186.
4. Figure of 51.2 percent for state prisoners there for non-violent offenses. Abstract of the United States 1993, p. 211.
5. Atlantic Monthly December, 1998.
enough, all of the complaints were of a
sexual nature; i.e. sexual-assault, sexual-
battery, fondling, sexual harassment, etc.
Fucking perverts, I hope they get just
what they deserve too. Unfortunately,
officials like them enjoy some sort of
immunity, plus they'll just get probation
if they get anything at all. I expect the
Attorney General to settle on a monetary
basis with the employees just to avoid
liability if the cases were to instead be
litigated. They are always gonna look out
for their own.
-- a prisoner in TN, May 2002
United Struggle
from Within
As Washington USW member #1 and
leader I will address a couple of issues.
Issue 1: Clallam Bay Censorship. [In
response to reports of recent censorship
there] Clallam Bay has a long history of
rejecting publications and literature.
Censorship has been successfully won
once in this state. CBCC is steep in
racism, nepotism and repression. I think
and know the censorship issue can be
won there because MIM Notes has not
been banned statewide. The comrade and
MIM have to appeal the mail rejection
to the Office of Corrections Operations
at DOC, PO Box 4129, Olympia WA
98504-1129. They review all materials,
books, publications, and make the
decision to accept or reject subject
DOC policy states that publications
can't be rejected based on political or
religious ideology. MIM has been
accepted at WSP, MICC, WCC, SCCC
and WSR. I know because I have been to
those facilities within the last year and a
half. There should be no problem as long
as the comrade is not on any mail
restrictions. I would suggest that until the
institution accepts MIM Notes that you
send him material off the web site, it
would be easier.
The comrade must also be, if need be,
ready to fight the mail rejection all the
way to the top, even if it means a law
suit. I and another comrade have already
lost (for now) a civil suit on the strip cell
abuse at CBCC. I went all the way to the
Ninth Circuit. I have not given up. I will
try to file a motion for reconsideration
but it has almost been 60 days.
Issue 2: McNeil Island Correction
Center rejected a USW cover letter
[stating that the slogan in the letter "Arms
Up, Fist High" was the reason.] I think
the sleeping giant is starting to wake up.
A lot of comrades are starting to respond
to the USW call. The enemy reads too. I
think they may be a little upset about the
article in MIM Notes 249, Jan 1, 2002
Under Lock and Key. I sat in that IMU
for six months receiving MIM Notes and
other publications and books with no
problem. That is where in the belly of
the beast I came up with the slogan Arms
Up, Fist High, I'm not the first or the last
that will use it. It is something that
surfaced from the heart so if you want to
revise the letter and add the significance
of the slogan you can, and tell them I
came up with it.
Arms up, Fist high has two levels of
understanding. 1) When the arm is raised
it is standing up, reaching out apart from
the body, independence. The clenched
fist is a symbol of strength and solidarity.
2) Arms up: to arm oneself with any tools
one needs by any means necessary to
connect to the fist. Fist high: Is a clenched
hand of five digits, freedom, equality,
justice, humanity, and environment raised
to its highest levels unity.
Issue 3: Point platform
I would like to first salute revolutionary
prison comrades in Oregon and South
Carolina for being leaders nationwide
with organizing techniques and a point
platform. I was trying to wait and
coordinate with the NAACP and BPC,
Black prisoner Caucus, prison club. The
NAACP plans to set up prison chapters
at all Washington facilities. I was taken
to the hole so I did not make the meeting
on May 9th which was to elect a
membership board. We are ahead of them
in that we already have a base of contact.
But soon they will have physical contact
and the administration approved to set
up meetings, dialogues and share issues.
There are close to a hundred policies
and serious issues that we need to be
addressed. I don't think censorship is one
of them right now. I know that many
comrades in other states face this serious
obstacle but we are dealing with only one
wild racist institution for right now. Just
as Indiana prisoners, we face an illegal
price fixing too. We pay $234 for a $84
13 inch color TV. But with 35% we are
paying $325 so we pay four times the
price, plus a $10 hold that is mandatory
insurance shipping cost. So when you are
transferred to another facility, i.e. IMU
to IMU every six months, you have to
pay the $10 again if you want to receive
your TV appliance. If you do not have
the fee your TV or radio, which the fee
for shipping that is $7.50 but sales for
$54 prison price, street value $9.99 for a
cassette AM-FM radio you will lose,
have destroyed, or donated after 30 days.
So if you have no money you lose your
appliance. That is just one crazy
corrupted issue, it is like a rain barrell
full of holes. You don't know which to
plug first to stop the leak.
But the repressive capitalist penal
system of Washington has not stopped
the beginning in of revolutionary
awareness. Comrades are starting to step
forward in letter writing. I challenge us
to do more by centralizing our efforts on
organizing and educating politically. I
know a lot of us prisoners have no
background in political ideologies or
science. That did not stop others. We
must establish study groups, even if its
just one other person. Some basic books
we are fortunate to find in our facility
library or from other state libraries. Other
comrades in other states don't have that
opportunity. We are moving forward,
growing as a movement. Continue the
struggle against the odds.
Arms up, fist high!
--USW prisoner #1, Wasington State
MIM responds: Our only point of
disagreement with this comrade is over
the relative importance of the anti-
censorship struggle. If even one prison
in a state is censoring MIM then we have
to make that battle something of a
priority. Not necessarily state-wide, but
it is something that USW in that state
needs to take on. This is because our
ability to get literature and letters into the
prisons is central to our organizing and
educating work. If we can not reach our
comrades behind bars we can't help you
organize any campaigns or provide
materials for any educational work.
United Struggle from Within (USW)
is an anti-imperialist prisoner mass
organization within the MIM-led United
Front. All prisoners interested in leading
our organizing work behind bars should
get involved. Help to set the agenda for
our work in you state and get involved
organizing and educating others.
Political struggle
I was passing out MIM Notes today in
the recreation yard to the new brothers
who either came from other prisons or
the streets. A few understand their
conditions. But the majority of brothers
today keep saying that they ain't into
that political shit. ... As long as you're of
a different organism other than these
white racists in Amerikkka your struggle
in society will always be political.
-- A Pennsylvania prisoner, May 2002
Only in Amerikkka
Greetings from the [Pennsylvania]
Department of Correction. I am writing
to publicize how and why the pigs here
get away with beatings, harassment and
refusing prisoners medical care. They get
away with it because the PA DOC
Handbook says it is OK. DC_ADM 001,
Inmate Abuse Allegation Monitoring
Policy states that the following are
excluded from the definition of
Only in Amerikkka could such a rule
exist. I ask you if that isn't abuse what
-- A Pennsylvania prisoner, May 2002
What to do about the
parole board?
I was so thankful to receive the paper
again. I'm presently in the hole. I passed
the papers from MIM to the brothers here
and their attitudes towards each other
have changed a lot. I guess the truth does
change perspectives.
I'd like to ask one serious question.
How do we incarcerated get people
from outside to put an end to this racist
parole and probation board?
-- A Pennsylvania prisoner, May 2002
MIM responds: We pose this questions
to our readers as well. Amerika leads the
world in per capita imprisonment. Rates
in the oppressed nations--which do not
control the prisons system, a tool of their
oppressors--are particularly high.
Onerous parole regulations contribute to
this. Thus there is the possibility of
reforms in this system which could aid
the revolutionary movement. MIM leads
struggles for such reforms, and we
welcome input from our readers about
winnable battles we can take on.
MIM Notes 261 · July 1, 2002· Page 12
Notas Rojas
julio 1, 2002, Nº 261 Fragmento del Periodico Oficial del Movimiento Internacionalista Maoista
Por Luis Arce Borja
El Diario Internacional N° 59
Bruselas, 17 de mayo del 2002
En 1994 publicamos (El Diario
Internacional) el artículo Operación
capitulación, Historia secreta de las "cartas
de paz". En dicho texto señalamos que las
"cartas de paz" que Fujimori y Montesinos
falsamente adjudicaron al Jefe de la guerrilla
peruana, fueron formuladas "bajo una
concepción criminal y siniestra que implicaba
el asesinato del presidente Gonzalo". Dijimos
entonces, que "antes o después" él se
convertiría en la principal víctima de los
verdaderos autores de las cartas que
calificamos de vulgar patraña fabricadas en
las oficinas del Servicio de Inteligencia
Nacional (SIN). A la luz de esta denuncia
incontestable afirmamos que a partir de la
publicación de la primera "carta de paz"
(octubre 1993) sólo existían dos posibilidades
en torno al destino del presidente Gonzalo:
La primera se refería a que él habría sido
asesinado después de abril de 1993 cuando
fue trasladado de la isla San Lorenzo al penal
militar del Callao. La segunda, consideraba
que el presidente Gonzalo seguía con vida
pero que su existencia transcurría bajo
condiciones carcelarias brutales y de
exterminio físico y mental.
¿Cuál de las dos hipótesis que
desarrollamos en 1994 ha sido la más
La idea de que el presidente Gonzalo fue
ejecutado clandestinamente después de abril
de 1993, y más exactamente antes del mes de
octubre del mismo año ha cobrado cuerpo a
partir de una serie de elementos secretos
hechos públicos después de la caída de
Fujimori y Montesinos. Existen muchos
indicios, incluso algunos testimonios, que
conducen a una verificación más exacta de
esta hipótesis. Por ejemplo, se conoce ahora
que las "cartas de paz" pidiendo una
negociación de la guerra popular no fueron
redactadas por el presidente Gonzalo como
propagandizó el gobierno. Su autor, de
acuerdo a una auto confesión, fue Rafael
Merino Bartet, quien reivindica la autoría de
las mismas. (Declaraciones a Caretas, 9 de
mayo 2002). Las declaraciones de Merino,
no sólo descubren al verdadero autor de las
misivas de paz, sino que revelan también las
incongruencias en el manejo y montaje de las
mismas. Como se verá más adelante, las
afirmaciones de Merino al ser entrecruzadas
con los testimonios de Montesinos
(vladivideos) no dan ningún resultado
coherente, y eso es producto de las mentiras
con la que el gobierno ha intentado ocultar
durante 9 años la desaparición del jefe
guerrillero y presentar como cierto un
"acuerdo de paz" que nunca existió.
Ahora se sabe también que el plan que
elaboró y ejecutó el Servicio de Inteligencia
Nacional (SIN) para "hacer capitular a
Gonzalo" se denominó "Aluvión en los
Andes" como dice Vladimiro Montesinos, o
"Tempestad en los Andes", como ha dicho
Merino a la revista Caretas. Según la versión
de Merino, este plan tuvo dos partes: La fase
A destinada a buscar información del
prisionero y: fase B, dirigida a convencer al
presidente Gonzalo "que su captura había
significado el descabezamiento de la
organización", y que no tenía más camino que
la capitulación. Lo que oculta Merino son los
métodos que se utilizaron para lograr ambas
fases. No cabe duda que dicho plan se ejecutó
en los sótanos del SIN y sus ingredientes
fueron la tortura, el crimen, el montaje
fílmico, la falsificación de cartas y una
abundante publicidad en los medios de
comunicación. Los videos sobre el presidente
Gonzalo y las "cartas de paz", que tanto
Fujimori, así como Montesinos y Merino han
presentado, para dar muestras de veracidad a
la "capitulación de Gonzalo", fueron los
elementos ejes que sustentaron al plan
"Aluvión en los Andes". Merino es un civil
de 69 años de edad, 34 de ellos dedicados a
servir a los militares. Desde 1968 se enganchó
con las sucesivas dictaduras militares. Sirvió
al general Velasco alvarado y después lo hizo
con el general Morales Bermúdez. En 1980
(fin de las dictaduras directas de las Fuerzas
Armadas) inició su carrera en el Servicio de
Inteligencia Nacional (SIN) y a partir de 1990
se puso bajo las ordenes de Montesinos.
Se conoce también ahora (de acuerdo a
testimonios que entregamos en este mismo
artículo) que el presidente Gonzalo al ser
desaparecido fue reemplazado por un
personaje que ha doblado en el aspecto físico
al presidente Gonzalo. Es sobre la base de
este montaje teatral que se construye la vida
virtual del presidente Gonzalo. Es esta
"resurrección" de laboratorio, la que sirve
ahora para propagandizar la "huelga de
hambre de Gonzalo", o el reciente "diálogo"
(1° de mayo) entre el presidente de la
"Comisión de la Verdad y Reconciliación" y
el jefe guerrillero. Ha quedado descubierto
también que Montesinos era el que dirigía el
"comité central del Partido Comunista del
Perú" que desde 1993 el SIN hizo funcionar
en la Base Naval del Callao. De esto da cuenta
el mismo Montesinos, que a través de los
vladivideos muestra como convocaba y
dirigía los "debates" del "comité central",
integrado entre otros por Osman Morote,
Edmundo Cox, María Pantoja, y otros
capituladores que han venido trabajando para
Montesinos y el SIN.
"Cartas de paz": dimensión estratégica
y muerte del Dr. Guzmán
Las "cartas de paz", constituyen el
elemento clave para entender por qué
Fujimori y Montesinos ejecutaron
clandestinamente al jefe de la guerrilla
peruana, en lugar de fusilarlo como lo habían
planificado en setiembre de 1992, y que
incluso estaba aprobado en un consejo de
ministros. ¿Por qué estas cartas?. Ellas fueron
construidas como parte medular de un plan
estratégico antisubversivo de largo alcance,
cuyo propósito fundamental fue la aplicación
de una estratagema policial dirigida a liquidar
la armazón ideológica-política (pensamiento
Gonzalo) de la guerrilla maoísta. Como lo
dijo el propio Montesinos, la aplicación de
este operativo psicológico era para "asegurar
la derrota estratégica de sendero luminoso".
En efecto, tanto los expertos americanos que
desde 1980 venían participando activamente
en la lucha contra la guerrilla maoísta, así
como la policía peruana, estaban convencidos
que la captura del presidente Gonzalo
(setiembre 1992) siendo un hecho importante
en la lucha contrainsurgente, estaba lejos de
constituir el fin de "sendero luminoso".
La propaganda oficial que identificaba la
captura del presidente Gonzalo con una
derrota estratégica de la guerra popular, se
desinfló tan rápido como aumentó la actividad
subversiva en Perú. Según cifras oficiales de
la policía y el ejército si para el año 1992 se
registraron 2,992 acciones subversivas, en
1993 estas aumentaron a 3,760. Esta realidad,
que resultaba diametralmente diferente a la
propaganda que hablaba de la "derrota de
Sendero Luminoso", no pasó desapercibida
ni para la policía ni para los funcionarios
norteamericanos. El coronel Benedicto
Jiménez Bacca, uno de los ex jefes de la
policía antiterrorista del Perú (DINCOTE) y
que formó parte del equipo policial que
capturó al presidente Gonzalo, dijo: "La
detención de Abimael Guzmán Reinoso el 12
de setiembre de 1992, conjuntamente con tres
miembros del Comité Central, constituyó una
victoria importante, pero sólo desde el punto
de vista táctico, no estratégico...".(Benedicto
Jiménez Bacca, Inicio, Desarrollo y Ocaso
del Terrorismo en el Perú, Tomo II mayo
2000). ¿Qué hacer entonces?, para que la
captura del jefe maoísta se transforme, de
triunfo pírrico en "derrota estratégica" de la
subversión. Esta pregunta fue planteada en
los términos más solemnes por la
Subcomisión de Asuntos del Hemisferio
Occidental del Congreso de los Estados
Unidos. En efecto, el 23 de setiembre de 1992
a pocos días de la captura del presidente
Gonzalo, esta instancia del congreso
americano efectúo una reunión
específicamente para analizar el "fenómeno
senderista". Dicho evento presidido por
Robert G. Torricelli, se hizo una sólo
pregunta: "La preocupación más inmediata
sin embargo, es qué hacer con Guzmán, y
cómo asegurar que su captura signifique el
final de la organización guerrillera, Sendero
Luminoso". Es a partir de interrogantes como
la formulada en el senado de los Estados
Unidos, que surgirá el plan (Aluvión en los
Andes) para "demoler el pensamiento
Gonzalo, y tratar de liquidar de esta forma la
fibra ideológica de la revolución peruana.
Y en efecto, tal como lo anotamos en
"Operación capitulación" , el propósito
político de las cartas de paz fue romper la
unidad entre el pensamiento Gonzalo y su
gestor. Era claro que el cuestionamiento de
los fundamentos ideológicos y políticos del
PCP no podía provenir directamente de algún
organismo del Estado, menos de la policía y
las fuerzas armadas que por naturaleza y
formación intelectual son incompetentes para
enfrentar a la subversión en este terreno. En
este campo habían fracaso los partidos
políticos oficiales, así como sus más famosos
intelectuales (senderólogos, etc.) que desde
1980 hicieron vanos intentos de oponerse a
la teoría y planteamientos doctrinarios de los
maoístas peruanos.
La única forma de alcanzar este propósito
era enfrentando a Gonzalo contra Gonzalo, o
mejor dicho haciendo que el jefe de la
guerrilla peruana rechazara todo el camino
teórico práctico que había recorrido desde la
primera mitad de la década del 60 hasta su
captura. En lo fundamental se buscó
presentarlo renegando de sus principios
ideológicos-políticos y de su militancia en la
doctrina marxista. Mediante el truco de las
"cartas de paz", el presidente Gonzalo, que
hasta antes de su captura había calificado a
Fujimori de pobre diablo , "taimado y cínico
^Å chumbeque enganchado en la punta de
las bayonetas... no es un hombre de
principios.." (Discurso y comentarios acerca
del golpe de Estado, II Pleno del Comité
Central, abril 1992), ahora halagaba sus dotes
de presidente triunfador con quien incluso se
podía establecer negociaciones de paz. Así
mismo, si antes había dicho que la guerra era
la única vía para resolver el problema de los
pobres del Perú, ahora decía que la "paz era
una necesidad insoslayable de la nación y de
la sociedad peruana". Si en setiembre de 1992
(discurso en la jaula) llamó a continuar la
guerra popular, ahora decía que la abandonen
para entregarse en los brazos de la policía
fujimorista. Si antes había dicho que el
capitalismo burocrático no tenía viabilidad,
ahora decía que Fujimori sentaba bases para
el desarrollo económico del país y
naturalmente del capitalismo burocrático. Si
antes había dicho "el mando nunca muere",
ahora decía que el partido había sido
descabezado y que no valía la pena seguir en
la lucha por el poder. Si en su último discurso
llamó a la formación del Ejército Popular de
Liberación, ahora pedía la disolución del
mismo. Y así sucesivamente, perdido en la
negación de su vida y obra, el presidente
Gonzalo de gran estratega político y
revolucionario de primera fila en Perú y en
América Latina, aparecía como un político
de baja monta que estúpidamente analizaba
al revés y patas para arriba los problemas
políticos del país y del mundo.
La dimensión estratégica de las "cartas de
paz" provinieron de un régimen mafioso que
gobernó el país sin el más mínimo escrúpulo
moral, donde el arte de la mentira, la trampa,
el montaje, el chantaje y la patraña política,
se convirtieron en la alquimia para convertir
el día en noche y la falsedad en verdad. Una
de las características principales del marco
político del país en el cual se fabricaron las
"cartas de paz", fue el manejo dictatorial y
policial del Estado, del poder judicial y de
los medios de comunicación. Ahora, al
haberse revelado los vladivideos, se conoce
los millones de dólares que la mafia de palacio
de gobierno distribuía en diarios, revistas y
canales de televisión. En esta realidad, el
Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN) y
otras instancias militares y policiales, tuvieron
el control absoluto de la información y la
noticia. Es aquí en este terreno, propicio para
el montaje mediático, donde brotan las "cartas
de paz", que desde comienzo a fin estuvieron
rodeadas de incoherentes mentiras que fueron
fabricadas por Vladimiro Montesinos y el
Servicio de Inteligencia Nacional (SIN). Hay
que anotar que absolutamente todo lo que la
prensa peruana informó desde octubre 1993
sobre las "cartas de paz", se nutrió
exclusivamente del SIN y de las propias
manos de Vladimiro Montesinos. No se
conoce una investigación independiente del
periodismo peruano respecto a este hecho. Es
por ello que la información sobre las misivas
de paz y la "capitulación de Gonzalo",
tuvieron desde inicio a fin una orientación
policial y antisubversiva.
Continua en la edicón siguiente...