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Roxy Music Anthologized on DVD

For your (home theater viewing) pleasure, Roxy Music have raided the vaults for The Thrill of It All: A Visual History 1972-1982, a double-DVD collection of television performances, music videos, live appearances, and the like from the seminal art-rockers. Due Stateside on February 5 via Virgin/EMI, the set collects 38 clips from the band's heyday, including their first filmed performance (1972 at the Royal College of Art), Brian Eno's last filmed appearance with the group (at an April 1973 festival), and a cut culled from a 1979 ABBA TV special.

As for that rumored Roxy Music reunion with Brian Eno? Well, it's been almost two years since we reported it, and nothing's happened yet. [MORE...]


Stones Throw Compiles Videos on DVD
Madlib produces Percee P remix album ft. Aesop Rock, Chali 2na

Stones Throw is ushering in the new year with its usual flurry of releases, tours, and related ephemera, and the biggest of the current batch is the label's second DVD.

In Living the True Gods: Stones Throw 102 DVD is a collection of 15 videos from the label, including offerings from Madvillain (whose previously unreleased "Accordion" video is available for viewing at the link below), Madlib, J Dilla, Oh No, Gary Wilson Quasimoto, Aloe Blacc, and Lootpack.

The DVD comes out February 12 and features extras such as a 2003 interview with J Dilla, a mini-documentary about label head Peanut Butter Wolf and his late partner Charizma, a behind-the-scenes look at Oh No's "Move" video, and live footage of Jaylib and Quasimoto, among others.

But before releasing True Gods, Stones Throw will put out the Madlib-produced remix version of Percee P's Perseverance album. Perseverance: The Remix comes out January 29 (with a digital release a bit earlier) and features guest spots from Aesop Rock, Diamond D, Chali 2na (ex-Jurassic 5), Prince Po, Karriem Riggins, and Madlib himself.

Stones Throw will also release Guilty Simpson's solo debut, Ode to the Ghetto, on March 25. The album features production from Madlib, Oh No, Black Milk, and the late J Dilla.

And finally, at least in terms of releases, a record that's already out: It's the first in Stones Throw's new Rhythm Trax series of "beats on vinyl," according to the label's website. Vol. 1 comes courtesy of Spokane, Washington resident James Pants.

In the live department, Percee P and Guilty Simpson have a big European tour coming up in February. [MORE...]


Thurston Moore Soundtracks Adult DVD (Possibly NSFW)
Also co-writes book about no wave

Front page photo by Jason Bergman

Thurston Moore has written the soundtrack for a porno!

Calm down. It's more of an artsy adult film than an honest-to-goodness porno. And if you're up on your Sonic Youth history, it's really not that completely out of the blue.

A press release describes the hour-long movie, Extra Action (And Extra Hardcore), as the result of what happens when photographer/filmmaker Richard Kern tells his "unpretentious, unadorned, and definitely undressed" "real women" to "roll around and do something interesting for a few minutes." The DVD comes out March 18 via MVD, and in addition to Thurston's original score for Extra Action, it features previously unreleased Kern flicks as extras.

Kern's name will be familiar to Sonic Youth fans for his videos for "Death Valley 69" and "Scooter and Jinx" , as well as the cover of Evol, which featured a still from his film Submit to Me Now. He has also directed videos for the Breeders and Marilyn Manson.

Expanding Moore's multimedia attack, Abrams Image Books will publish No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980 by Thurston and Byron Coley on June 1. It's a photographic and oral history of the very scene Pitchfork's Marc Masters documented in his recent feature "NO!: The Origins of No Wave" and his book No Wave.

Finally, Sonic Youth have those Down Under dates in February, and Thurston himself has a pair of solo dates bookending the tour. The first is a DJ set on January 26, and the second is a March appearance in NYC opening for Roky Erickson. [MORE...]


Mono Release Live/Documentary DVD

Japanese post-rock combo Mono will release their first DVD January 22 on Temporary Residence. Titled The Sky Remains the Same as Ever, it's an almost two-hour chronicle of the recording of 2006's You Are There and the subsequent worldwide tours in support of the album. In terms of footage, this translates to a dozen live tunes "and driving...lots and lots of driving," according to a press release. How Mono-tonous!

The Sky Remains the Same as Ever is available now in Mono's native Japan via Human Highway Records.

And it seems we'll have to content ourselves with these digitalized renderings of the Mono live event for now, as the band has no touring plans at the moment.

The National, Ted Leo, Mastodon on Human Giant DVD
Second season begins in March

Since the announcement of their 24-hour-marathon-spawned second season on MTV, everything's turning up Human Giant. The guys are crafting new episodes and documenting it over on their website's production blog, complete with pictures of bloody escapades, guest stars like David Cross and Isiah Whitlock Jr. from "The Wire", and a Christmas monkey.

All the hard work and goofing around will pay off on March 11, when the premiere of "Human Giant"'s second season airs at 11 p.m.

Exactly one week earlier, Human Giant will release Human Giant: The Complete 1st Season on DVD via MTV and Paramount Home Entertainment. In addition to the eight episodes (with commentary from the cast and guests), there will be two hours of never-before-seen footage and a highlight reel from the aforementioned 24-hour MTV takeover. Performances by Mastodon, the National, and Ted Leo are all included, as are appearances from the likes of Michael Cera (Superbad, "Arrested Development"), Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk ("Mr. Show"), Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille), Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live"), Will Arnett ("Arrested Development"), Bill Hader ("Saturday Night Live"), Eugene Mirman, Todd Barry, Fred Armisen, and many more.


Sufjan, MBD, Asthmatic Kitty Roster on New DVD

It was only a matter of time before those folks over at Asthmatic Kitty sprung a DVD on us, and come March 4 the world will embrace the incredible inevitable.

Frankly we couldn't be more psyched about Encyclopedia Asthmatica Vol I (even if the title and packaging are taking us on a trip down memory lane), as it comes packed with footage of pretty much everybody on the AK roster and includes no fewer than four previously unreleased vids featuring label poster boy Sufjan Stevens.

My Brightest Diamond, Castanets, Rafter, Shapes and Sizes, the Curtains, and Bunky pop up on Vol I as well, and frequent perusers of this here website will no doubt recognize illustrator Tom Eaton's video for Sufjan's "Put the Lights on the Tree". Also nestled amid the music videos and live footage is material from CandyStations' Deborah Johnson (who has worked with Sufjan, Wilco, Calexico, Lambchop, and others), and a clip of the Think/Dance Collective "frolicking in shoes made of bread to the music of Half-Handed Cloud." Fresh!

They even thought to dazzle up the menus, with music from Rafter and design by AK website Sidebar contributors Zack and Gala Bent. Keep your cursor glued to this here site for a tracklist, and know that Encyclopedia Asthmatica Vol I will be available for preorder beginning February 4 online and at your local indepedent record store.

Dan Deacon's Ultimate Reality Tour Kicks Off
Deacon announces new single: "Slience Like the Wind"

Surely you noticed the change when you woke yesterday morning. Your eyes were crusty and your worldview bleary, but you could still feel it: the reality you've known all your life had changed. Heightened, if you will. Or, perhaps, simply become more... ultimate?

Chalk that fresh feeling up to the efforts of two fellows, Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche, both of Baltimore's storied Wham City collective. The two are taking Ultimate Reality-- the DVD they jointly created and recently released via Carpark-- out for a spin, with the proceedings ultimately kicking off last night in Chapel Hill. Danny Boy and Jimmy Joe will dole out their version of reality throughout the rest of the month of January, joined on the drums by Videohippos' Kevin O'Meare and Ponytail's Jeremy Hyman.

And when he's not heightening reality with a few old friends, Dan's doing his damndest by his lonesome on a handful of non-Ultimate Reality gigs over the next few months, including a trip to Australia and a trip to Langerado.

Deacon also recently revealed to the blog Cone Toaster that his next single from Spiderman of the Rings will be live fave "Silence Like the Wind". (His publicist confirmed this as well.) DOH! "Silence Like the Wind" isn't on Spiderman of the Rings!

In other Dan Deacon news, I wouldn't expect a Deaconized cover of "The Wheels on the Bus" anytime soon. [MORE...]


Xiu Xiu Bolster Lovers With DVD, iTunes Exclusives
Tour shaping up, Jamie Stewart to play Polaroid book launch

Xiu Xiu-- all four of 'em-- are poised to unleash their sixth studio album on January 29, as you may well know by now. But like any intrepid musical act in this age of digital media, these Bay Area provocateurs are giving you, the fan and record buyer, quite a few options when it comes to scooping up the Kill Rock Stars-stamped Women as Lovers.

First up, something for online early birds and patrons of indie retailers: 2000 extra special copies of Lovers will come bundled with a bonus DVD titled What's Your Problem?, available only to Kill Rock Stars online preorder-ers and at ma'n'pa record shops.

While the tracklisting for said DVD is being kept strictly under wraps (it's a surprise, see), we do know it will contain some four tour films, 100 photos, and no less than 16 music videos, including clips for "I Broke Up (SJ)", "Bog People", "Muppet Face", "Don Diasco", "Sad Pony Guerilla Girl", and latest jam "I Do What I Want When I Want".

Next up, something for legal download addicts: the iTunes version of Women as Lovers will come with an EP's worth of exclusive bonus tracks, five in all. One of the songs, "Juarez", features vocals from Eugene Robinson of Oxbow.

What's more, Xiu Xiu will donate proceeds from the sales of Women as Lovers to Nyumbani, a Kenyan organization dedicated to helping children orphaned amidst the AIDS crisis in Africa. Nyumbani, as you may recall, was also the benefactor of a recent DJ gig put together by members of Xiu Xiu.

Additionally, Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart will help herald the release of that oft-delayed Xiu Xiu Polaroid book by treating those gathered at Brooklyn's Lutheran Church of the Messiah to a set of his solo stylings tomorrow night (January 4). Xiu Xiu percussionist Ches Smith will also perform under his Congs for Brums moniker.

And finally, the inevitable Women as Lovers tour trek is slowly shaping up for late winter and early spring. [MORE...]

Rocket From the Crypt Resurrected on Live CD/DVD
John Reis starts new band with fellow former Hot Snakes

With Rocket From the Crypt dead and gone, all fans have left is their tattoos, their memories, and maybe a couple tubs of hair grease to go along with the old records. But wait! What's this bony hand poking up out of the grave? On February 26, the beloved garage punk band will be resurrected with the Vagrant release of R.I.P. The CD/DVD package is a live document of the band's final show in San Diego on Halloween in 2005, with frontman John "Speedo" Reis in a Screaming Jay Hawkins costume and the rest of the band dressed equally wackily. Check out the DVD's trailer below.

Reis has also formed yet another new band. In addition to Reis, the currently unnamed group features the talents of Gar Wood (Hot Snakes, Beehive & the Barracudas), Jason Kourkounis (Hot Snakes, Mule, Delta 72), and Tommy Kitsos (CPC Gangbangs). The band will make its debut on March 25 with the release of its first album via Vagrant and Reis' own Swami Records. Then they'll hit the road, though not, we assume, in costume. But if they stick around until Halloween, who knows?!


Kevin Barnes, Jeff Mangum in Wacky Elephant 6 Movie
Plus: Olivia Tremor Control's Hart, Elf Power's Rieger

Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes as a bumbling constable! Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum in a lobster suit! It's something only those crazies in Athens, Georgia could dream up, and now they've snatched that dream out of the ether and committed it to celluloid.

Major Organ and the Adding Machine, the filmic companion to the mysterious Elephant Six Collective omnibus album of the same name-- long a subject of intrigue among E6 maniacs-- will finally find its way to screens in 2008. And boy does it look bonkers!

The city's own Orange Twin imprint, which released the original album back in 2001, plans to unleash a Major Organ DVD/expanded CD set in spring of next year. The short film should also soon be invading select theaters and various festivals.

Directed by Joey Foreman and Eric Harris, Major Organ counts among its cast members the aforementioned Barnes and Mangum, along with William Cullen Hart (The Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System), Julian Koster (OTC, NMH), Andrew Rieger (Elf Power), and the ladies of Dixie Blood Mustache. These folks also contributed to the making of the Major Organ album, but shhhh, you're not supposed to know about that.

Daniel Lanois Unveils Sixth Solo Album, Film

After reading today's review of The Joshua Tree: Deluxe Edition, perhaps you're revisiting the album (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary). And perhaps you want to catch up with one of the producers who accompanied U2 as "the band finally took a moment to ponder the wide-open American spaces it had been traveling through for years." Well, Brian Eno is likely off producing the new Coldplay record, so why not cozy up to Daniel Lanois, who is planning the release of his sixth solo album?

Titled Here Is What Is and billed as the soundtrack to an accompanying documentary of the same name, the album finds Lanois teaming with jazz drummer Brian Blade and pianist Garth Hudson (of the Band). According to a press release, Here Is also features "philosophical interludes and inspiring conversations with Brian Eno taken from the film."

Both the record and the documentary will come out March 18 on CD and DVD respectively (the former via Redeye Distribution), but Lanois is giving the album a digital release via his own Red Floor Records on December 15. The download comes in high-quality waveform (.wav) format and, thankfully for the iPod generation, also regular mp3 format.

Of the documentary, which will make its U.S. premiere at SXSW in March, Lanois says, "The film is a camera following me around over the course of a year, in and out of recording studios documenting once and for all the way it really happens." Adam Vollick and Adam Samuels aided Lanois in the directing.

And finally, back to U2. Lanois is currently in the studio with the band working on the follow-up to 2004's How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb. [MORE...]

P.T. Anderson/Elliott Smith Film to Surface in 2008?
Jon Brion, Fiona Apple, Bette Midler, Rastafarian basketball players involved??

Everyone loves a good mystery. Quite a few people love Elliott Smith. And quite a few people love Paul Thomas Anderson as well. So here, how about a story that rolls all three into one?

According to "DVD Magazine of Rare and Unseen Short Films" Wholphin (linked via fan mecca and "definitive P.T. Anderson resource" Cigarettes and Red Vines), the beloved director of such films as Magnolia, Boogie Nights, and the forthcoming, Jonny Greenwood-scored There Will Be Blood once made a little film involving the late Elliott Smith.

In this film, wrote Wholphin, Smith plays "a Rastafarian basketball player." Um, yeah.

While Smith's publicist confirmed said short film exists, further details on it are scant at best. We don't know its title, for one, nor whether it indeed, as Cigarettes and Red Vines has suggested, spun off from a proposed variety show featuring Smith pal Jon Brion.

The P.T. fansite quotes an unidentified Anderson interview from 2003 in which the director mentions a "thing we did as a test a few years back with Fiona [Apple], sweet Elliott Smith, the great Brad Mehldau, and Jon [Brion] at [Los Angeles'] Cello Studios."

"Look for a bizarre and wonderful Bette Midler cameo," added Anderson.

That thing, however, is "very simple, straightforward, no flashy pants-- just music." So, probably not the same as the basketball thing. Does this mean there are two P.T. Anderson-directed Elliott Smith films? Ack, my head hurts.

Whatever Anderson's got, it's presently stashed away in some storage unit in L.A., and the director won't have a chance to get at it until he wraps up promotional duties surrounding There Will Be Blood. At that point, Wholphin-- which originally intended to showcase the short in its Fall 2006 issue-- may very well share it with the world via Issue 6, due in mid-2008. Or they may not.

This wouldn't be a mystery without suspense, now would it?
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