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Video Professor Complaints
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1/17/2008 - Julia writes:
I went for the one free lessons. Just as it arrived over 70.00 dollars left my bank account. I called and reminded them that it was to be free according to the commercial. I said it was on the way back to them unopened since they were not living up to the offer. She tried to sell me other lessons and never addressed the real issue that they took far more than the shipping and handling from my account.

1/14/2008 - Robert writes:
I ordered one program and told the telemarketer that I did not want any more. An additional charge was taken out of my account for I don't what.

1/11/2008 - amanda writes:
I did not even sign up for the video professor cds. My husband went to college for computers. He can even rebuild them! We had no need for this product and when they started showing up,I just thought it was some kind of promotional thing. Come to find out they were charging my account $3.95 and $89.95 for every cd that came every month. They told me that we sign up for with an on-line game we purchased. She said it was in the "small print"! They said they would credit all the money back...has never happened and now its too late to file a dispute with my bank! Just wanted to warn others to check their statements for this fraud! Also was wanting to know if others have had this problem...can anyone say Class Action Lawsuit!!!!!

12/27/2007 - michael writes:
going to to try it for free and gave a credit card number. then they revealed there terms and conditions, they are very deceitful and do not tell the truth. i reported the same in full story to the attorney general of the state of oregon. they are not telling the truth. i also told the person on the phone that I did not want the transaction to take place and he is tried to tell me that I do have a choice. he also mentioned that I was yelling at him and All i had done was raise my voice. they do reveal there way of doing buisness prior to them getting your credit info, a very bad buiness model. someone needs to stop this person(s)from getting away with this, it is wrong!!!!

12/23/2007 - Bob writes:
I got sucked into the Video Professor vortex of lies several years ago. When some doofus tells me that I can try his product "absolutely free" except for shipping, without specifically mentioning that this offer is for a trial period, I got a problem with that. In my word "absolutely free" would even include shipping, but at least that was disclosed. Stay away from Video Professor.

12/20/2007 - Barbara writes:
I agreed to the free trail of Video professor and the charge for shipping. That is all agreed to purchase from the company and the company keeps charging and sending their videos. The Videos did not impress me as being that great or easy to follow. I made contact about charging my credit card and refuse to stop sending videos I did not request or ask to be sent to me. They force you to buy the videos, by refuse to accept your first response of NO I do not want any other offers sent to my home!

12/16/2007 - PAMELA writes:

12/11/2007 - Sam writes:
This system is bullshit!!! They carded my debit card without autorization. And when I try to return the cds they send me ore and charge my card again, DO NOT GET THIS SYSTEM. Unless you like wasting money.

11/27/2007 - Lauran writes:
I have tried 3 times now to cancel this subscription and they keep sending unwanted disks and billing my checking account $89.95 each month. They completely ignore each and every request. This is a scam, and I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC.

11/18/2007 - Whitley writes:
We ordered (and received) one program and they sent us another we did not order and charged our charge card $75.00. I called...they took off the order and then...sent us ANOTHER one we didn't order and charged us for that. We've been away for several months and haven't had time to do anything about that one. I don't think there have been any others since then. Don't use this company! There are instructional videos that are out there BY THE COMPANIES that create the programs..if you must learn this way instead of with the books...contact them instead. When this seemingly nice guy on the add says "buy my product"...he should add "so I can have your credit card information and rip you off as many times as I can get away with"...it really seems like you just can not trust anyone or anything you see in ads any more! I've been researching all the "work at home" infomercials that I've been seeing (forever!) on t.v. as well...they are apparently ALL scams!!! Why do we even HAVE a "Consumer Protection Agency" if these companies can keep doing what they do to the public...year after year after year and they are STILL able to keep doing it??? The channels that are running these infomercials KNOW what they are doing...don't care (they can put their "we're not responsible" tag on the beginning and end of every ad)...all they want is the money from the person running the ad and the percentage they probably make off everything they sell! This website is a BLESSING...don't even want to contemplate how many MORE people would be out a LOT of money if it weren't for it being here. THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH!

11/18/2007 - Jasmine writes:
I been looking on the internet trying to find a good system to make money in. I got the system hoping it would be different from what i had tried before. They charged me the shipping fees and turned around and charged me $89.00. Then kept charging me. I had to close my bank account because of it. It was a bad decision all together. I hope there is something i can do to make extra money and not have to go through this again.

11/9/2007 - Barbara writes:
I orderd the learn e-bay for a trial, and found it contained nothing that a first time visitor to ebay would not know how to use. Then without any notice I received Online Investing and my charge card was charged $90.00 can you believe $90.00. I never opened it I sent it back immediately with return to sender and , but as of today I have not been issued a credit back on my charge account. Today I received another one photoshop, I contact the company, I sent a letter to the president of the company and had to go to my bank to stop any furture payment from this company. Iam so furrious that they would send me items and charge me for them without permission. I did not order them and do not want them. What a SCAM.

11/2/2007 - Dale writes:
It's a shame that Video Professor uses such tactics. They have a great product but their price and marketing techniques are shameful. I dealt with them many years ago before they went to the automatic every month format. They could sell many of their products at $30-$40 without forcing other videos/cd's on people who don't need or want to bothered by them. I reviewed some of the positive comments and obviously these are submitted by AMWAY distributers because these people are just as gullable in nature. They fail to acknowledge the underhanded misleading information that is obviously obscured unless using a magnifying glass. The POWERPOINT program being offered doesn't even seem to be up to date with the times as there is no mention of incorporating videos into a presentation in the lesson plan. This product has great potential but is being usurped by it's owner/president of the company.

11/1/2007 - David writes:
I too purchased the video professor for free with the "$6.95 ONLY shipping fee". Hold onto your wallets because the too stuck me with the $89.95 fee. I haven't even gotten a chance to use it yet. I hope they are happy with my money because they will never get another dime from me and I will tell as many people that I can that the Video professor is a thief.

10/26/2007 - Christina writes:
I liked the $6.95 discs they were very informative until my checking account was overdrawn because they sent the next set for $89.95. Do you know how I can get my money back? Please e-mail me and let me know. I am very upset, because they never told me that they were going to send me more...Christina

10/24/2007 - Phill writes:
Video Proffessor is absolutely ridiculous. I ordered the "Free" Cd and was told I only had to pay for shipping. What a lie, I was just charged $89.99 without being told about it and some other disc I never ordered was just sent to me. I want my money back!

10/24/2007 - Travis writes:
I'll keep it short. I tried the free CD thing just for kicks. I looked all over the site for a "catch" to the two free CD's and I didn't find one. Please keep in mind my entire life at this point is paying attention to details, and I saw nothing under the free trial CD advertisement telling me the full truth of the scam. Anyway, so I receive my CD's promptly in the mail. On the cover it says I got 2 free CD's. I open the box and there are 3 CD's inside. Huh? So, I start poking around. On the back of the shipping label there is a tiny box that says the following: Video Professor Return Policy<br /> The review lesson you requested comes to you on a free 10-day trial. An additional 20-day grace period is given to allow receipt of any review lessons consumers had no intended to keep.<br /> However, because our product can be subjected to piracy, any product received after 30 days without a reasonable explanation will not be accepted. So, they DO tell you you've got to return the product if you don't want to be charged, but, its definitely hidden. In addition, nowhere did I find any notice that this was part of a subscription package! I'm sure they snuck that in there somewhere impossible to find so that they can dig themselves out of legal holes, however, I'm absolutely 100% convinced that this is a huge scam and I'd love to see them put out of business for this kind of junk. This is absolutely ridiculous. On a side note their call service providers are good, but that's not enough of a redeeming quality to nullify the extremely deceitful operation they're running.

10/24/2007 - Edward writes:
A few months ago I purchased a program from Video Professor. Now I am being sent a new program (at $80 a throw) every month. That company's policy is to automatically sign its costumers up to receive a monthly program without informing them. This policy defies logic and common sense.

10/17/2007 - Tom writes:
I purchased Front Page from Video Professor which I thought I paid too much. Now about 6 weeks later I get another set of cd'c I nevcer requested. This is a huge scam, and I wish we could educate people to it.

10/11/2007 - Betty writes:
My mother in law received 4 DVDs in the mail today, and has been charged 79.95 for the second month in a row, for VP products that she has never ordered. Her computer has been out of order for months, and she has not had internet access. We have no idea how they obtained her personal info. When she called the phone company, they had no number listed in Denver, CO for VP. She is, as we speak, calling the phone numbers listed here (we couldn't find them anywhere else), cancelling any further payments to her credit card, and trying to get back her money. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, she cannot afford this scam and after reading all these web pages, I don't understand why these people aren't shut down for fraud. It's an outrage.

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