12e Regiment Blinde du Canada
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12e Régiment Blindé
du Canada

Regimental Crest
Québec, Canada  
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Note: This is a battalion history of the part-time Reserves, which are normally liable for full-time active service only in an emergency
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  Titles and Lineage
1862.12.19 1st Three Rivers Infantry Company formed in Volunteer Militia
1863.01.16 2nd Three Rivers Infantry Company formed in Volunteer Militia
1871.03.24 Three Rivers Provisional Battalion of Infantry
formed with HQ at Three Rivers, PQ
  • No. 1 Company at Three Rivers, raised 16 Jan. 1863 as 2nd Three Rivers Infantry Company; moved 10 July 1874 to Berthier en haut
  • No. 2 Company at Rivière du Loup en haut; moved 1 Dec. 1901 to Louiseville as No. 7 Coy, 83rd Regiment
  • No. 3 Company at Berthier; moved 14 Dec. 1883 to Three Rivers
  • No. 4 Company at St. Gabriel de Brandon; moved 27 Feb. 1891 to St. Boniface de Shawenegan; moved 1 June 1899 to Three Rivers
  • No. 5 Company at Rawdon, raised 6 Nov. 1874; transferred 27 Dec. 1878 as No. 6 Coy, 83rd Battalion; new coy raised 4 June 1880 at Berthier
  • No. 6 Company at Barthelmy, raised 4 June 1880; moved 12 Dec. 1884 to St. Justine; transferred 1 Dec. 1901 as No. 8 Coy, 83rd Regiment
1880.06.04 86th Three Rivers Provisional Battalion of Infantry
1880.06.18 HQ moved to Louiseville
1888.08.17 HQ moved to Yamachiche
1892.04.22 HQ moved to Three Rivers
1900.05.08 86th Three Rivers Regiment
1902.01.01 companies reorganised:
  • No. 1 Company at Three Rivers, moved from Berthier en haut
  • No. 2 Company at Three Rivers, redesignation of No. 3 Coy
  • No. 3 Company at Three Rivers, redesignation of No. 4 Coy
  • No. 4 Company at Three Rivers, redesignation of No. 5 Coy and moved from Berthier
1912.04.16 companies reorganised:
  • A Company at Three Rivers
  • B Company at Three Rivers
  • C Company at Three Rivers
  • D Company at Three Rivers
1913.04.15 E Company, F Company, G Company and H Company raised, all at Three Rivers
1914.04.01 disbanded with a view to reorganisation
1915.10.01 86th Three Rivers Regiment
re-formed with HQ at Three Rivers
1920.04.01 The Three Rivers Regiment
1921.08.15 reorganised to perpetuate CEF:
  • 1st Battalion, perpetuating 178th Battalion CEF
  • 2nd (Reserve) Battalion
1936.12.15 The Three Rivers Regiment (Tank)
1941.04.01 12th (Reserve) Army Tank Battalion (The Three Rivers Regiment) (Tank)
1942.08.15 12th (Reserve) Army Tank Regiment (The Three Rivers Regiment) (Tank)
1946.04.01 46th Anti-Tank Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment) RCA
1947.06.19 24th Armoured Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment)
1949.02.21 Le Régiment de Trois-Rivières (24th Armoured Regiment)
1958.05.19 Le Régiment de Trois-Rivières (RCAC)
1968.05.06 reorganised as two regiments:
  • 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada
    newly formed Permanent Force component
  • 12e Régiment Blindé du Canada (Milice)
    redesignated Militia component
  History (Links) & War Service Introduction to Regiments
crown 12e Régiment blindé du Canada (Regimental site)
pip Historique du Regiment (Regimental site)
pip Trois-Rivières, berceau de la milice canadienne, par Pierre Cécil (Fédération des sociétés d'histoire du Québec)
pip 12th Armoured Regiment (The Three Rivers Regiment), by Chris Johnson (RCAC in World War II)
pip 12e Régiment blindé du Canada [Regular Force] Deployment and Service [1968-present]
Deployment and Service:
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  Battle Honours Index of Battle Honours
Index of Wars

The Great War: Amiens1, Sibérie 1918-19

The Second World War: Débarquement en Sicile, Grammichele, Piazza Armerina, Valguarnera, Agira, Adrano, Vallée du Troina, Sicile 1943, Termoli, Le Ravin, Ortona, Cassino II, Ligne Gustav, Vallée du Liri, Ligne Hitler, Ligne Trasimene, Arezzo, L'Avance à Florence, Monte La Pieve, Monte Spaduro, Italie 1943-1945, Apeldoorn, Nord-Ouest de L'Europe 1945

1. awarded for service of 178th Battalion CEF

  Colours, Standards and Guidons Introduction to Colours
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  Uniforms and Badges
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  Colonel-in-Chief Index of Royal Colonels
  Honorary Colonels
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  1946 Col. R. Pellerin, V.D.
  1960 Lt-Col. J. G. Vining, ED
  1968 Gen. J.-V. Allard, CC, CBE, DSO, ED, CD
  1979 Maj-Gen. J.P.R. La Rose, CD
  1987 Col. M.R. Gaulin, CD
  1995 Lt-Gen. J.C. Gervais, CMM, CD
  2003 Lt-Gen. P.G. Addy, CMM, CD
Motto: Adsum
Nicknames: 12th Rubber Boot Company, Douzième rangée de beaux caves
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UK flag Royal Tank Regiment 1963-present
France flag 12e Régiment de Chasseurs 1972-1984
France flag 8e Régiment de Hussards 1984-1993
France flag 2e Régiment de Hussards 1993-present
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