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Sunday Edition with host Michael Enright


You can download the Best of the Sunday Edition podcast

This page provides streaming audio of selected conversations, discussions and documentaries from the current season of the Sunday Edition.

Due to copyright, not all portions of the program are available online.

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Michael's Essay on Camo-chic (Jan 20/08)

Women Changing Their Names: A Discussion (Harris/Peluso/Stasia) (Jan 20/08)

Pronouncing Australia with Frank Faulk (Jan 20/08)

A Conversation with Graham Stewart, Former Director of the John Howard Society (Jan 20/08)

A Discussion about the US Elections After the Iowa & New Hampshire Primaries (Olive/Orwin/Young) (Jan 13/08)

A Conversation with Theodore Dalrymple, Author of "In Praise of Prejudice" (Jan 13/08)

A Conversation with Richard Gwyn on Sir John A. Macdonald (Jan 6/08)

The Wendy Workers and the Chicken-Catchers: A Documentary by Karin Wells (Jan 6/08)

Does Constructive Engagement Work: A Discussion (Feldman/Heinbecker/Welsh) (Jan 6/08)

Good News of 2007: A Discussion (Armstrong/Hogben/MacMillan/Stein) (Dec 30/07)

Religious Conversion: A Discussion (Bakhtiar/Epperson/Hossein-Zahed) (Dec 23/07)

The Moral Power of Stories: A Discussion (Boyagoda/Van Herk/McCrum) (Dec 23/07)

Kevin Sylvester's Conversation with Enrique Penalosa, Former Mayor of Bogota (Dec 16/07)

Dance If You Want To: An Essay by Phyllis Jardin (Dec 16/07)

Archaeology and Religion: A Discussion (Cline/Govier/Magness/Rizvi) (Dec 16/07)

A Conversation with Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien (Dec 9/07)

A Conversation with Henning Mankell, Author of Kennedy's Brain (Dec 9/07)

Are We A Nation of Shoppers: A Discussion (Heath/Kelman/Watson) (Dec 2/07)

A Conversation with Oliver Sacks, Author of Musicophilia (Dec 2/07)

The Sunday Edition's 500th Episode: A Conversation with Humorist Ray Landry (Nov 25/07)

The Sunday Edition's 500th Episode: A Conversation with Actor R.H. Thomson (Nov 25/07)

Michael's Essay About the Death of Robert Dziekanski after Being Taser-ed by RCMP (Nov 18/07)

A Conversation with Brian Vall�e, Author of the War on Women (Nov 18/07)

A Conversation with Vincent Bugliosi, Author of Reclaiming History, About the Assassination of JFK (Nov 18/07)

A Discussion of the CAW's Deal with Magna (Hargrove/Yates) (Nov 11/07)

A Conversation with Author Orhan Pamuk (Nov 11/07)

The Death Show: A Conversation with Douglas Davies, Author of a Brief History of Death (Nov 4/07)

The Death Show: A Conversation with Poet, Author and Funeral Director Thomas Lynch (Nov 4/07)

Michael's Essay on Loonie-Driven Gouging (Oct 28/07)

These Things Happen: A Documentary by Karin Wells (Oct 28/07)

Michael's Essay on China and the Olympics (Oct 21/07)

A Conversation with Christopher Lane About Shyness as a Disease (Oct 21/07)

Cold War Redux: A Discussion (Knight/Plekhanov) (Oct 21/07)

Straight From the Harp: A Documentary by Frank Faulk (Oct 21/07)

Michael's Essay on Media Clich�s (Oct 14/07)

Under the Microscope: A Documentary by Karin Wells (Oct 14/07)

How Do They Do It In Sweden: A Conversation with Architect Mikael Genberg about Putting a House on the Moon (Oct 14/07)

A Discussion of Buddhist Monks in Burma (MacInnes/Thurman)(Oct 7/07)

A Discussion of Food Banks in Canada (Prepchuk/Riches) (Oct 7/07)

Michael's Essay on the Car Wars (Sept 30/07)

A Conversation with David Gilmour, Author of The Film Club (Sept 30/07)

A Conversation with Robert Putnam on Ethnically-Diverse Communities and a Conversation on His Findings in a Canadian Context (Banting/Drury) (Sept 16/07)

Call Me Nana: A Documentary by Alisa Siegel (Sept 16/07)

Do Marks Matter? A Conversation with Sharon Friesen About Educational Standards (Sept 9/07)

A Conversation with Mohsin Hamid, Author of the Reluctant Fundamentalist (Sept 9/7)