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College Dems, Republicans gear up for election season

Republicans plan 'Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day,' 'Fun with Guns'

LSA sophomore Paula Klein, who helps coordinate voter registration for the College Democrat, assists LSA freshman Hannah Lieberman as she registers to vote at the College Democrats mass meeting in the Michigan Union Sunday. (ANGELA CESERE/Daily)
LSA sophomore Paula Klein, who helps coordinate voter registration for the College Democrat, assists LSA freshman Hannah Lieberman as she registers to vote at the College Democrats mass meeting in the Michigan Union Sunday. (ANGELA CESERE/Daily)

Correction appended: Due to an editing error, this story misidentified Morgan Wilkins as an intern for the Republican National Committee. She works for the College Republicans National Commitee. Correction Appended

It's still early in the election season, but the College Republicans and College Democrats have already launched campaigns to seduce your vote in November.

On Sunday, the College Dems pulled on Ann Arbor's strong liberal roots and brought in John Dingell, a congressman from Dearborn who has had a hold on Michigan's 15th district longer than many students' parents have been alive.

The College Republicans have other ideas, some not quite as mainstream as parading popular politicians.

Morgan Wilkins, the intern hired by the College Republicans National Committee to win the hearts and minds of Michigan 20-somethings, is planning events that some may find odd. To others, they may be offensive.

One such idea is "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day," in which a volunteer would play the part of an illegal immigrant and hide somewhere on campus while others try to find him. The winner would receive a prize.

Her other ideas include an event called "Fun with Guns," in which young Republicans would use a BB gun or paintball gun to shoot cardboard cut-outs of Democratic leaders such as Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)

The College Dem's events might not be as contentious as Wilkins', but they seem to have struck a chord with their followers.

Dingell, a crutch tucked under one arm, hobbled to the microphone at the College Democrats' mass meeting Sunday and addressed a crowd of more than 200 students. They came to their feet and applauded the congressman from Dearborn.

"This is going to be a very interesting year," said Dingell, who spoke alongside Lt. Gov. John Cherry. "You can make a real difference in how this state goes."

While Dingell faces no major opposition in his bid to add another term to his half century of service in the U.S. House of Representatives, Cherry and running mate Gov. Jennifer Granholm are in a tight race with Republican challenger Dick DeVos.
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Raul L Martinez

posted 9/12/06 @ 2:18 PM EST

As a Cuban-American I am schoked that educated individuals would participate in such racist
game. Those of us who came to this country have more than proven our gratitude and loyalty. (Continued…)

A Very Concerned Republican

posted 9/12/06 @ 3:17 PM EST

Can I please ask who, if anyone, from the actual University of Michigan College Republicans the Daily interviewed regarding their Field Rep's claims? Was anyone on campus--that is, a member of the College Republicans executive board--actually asked if these events would take place? If not, isn't it incredibly dangerous to assume that what an organization outsider claims to be true is ACTUALLY the truth? The Daily needs to be more responsible about its fact-checking and, instead of going off of hearsay, speak to the actual group in question. (Continued…)

West Coast Democrat

posted 9/12/06 @ 7:14 PM EST

The advocacy of political violence and vigilantism is the last thing America needs. Incredibly inappropriate for a University sanctioned organization. (Continued…)

Michele Connole

posted 9/13/06 @ 1:10 AM EST

Congratulations to Ms. Wilkins, who has the DNC up in arms! Glad to see that conservative values are alive and well in Michigan.

A shame, then, that such an obviously biased article should run in the Michigan Daily. (Continued…)

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robert k benson

posted 9/13/06 @ 3:43 PM EST

Shame on the college republicans, for such a repugnant and racial activity they have outlined for their effort to recruit other college students. If they were discerning at all, they would know that the current administration has imported terror, racism, bigotry, created massive debt that they and their children will sprend their lifetimes trying to pay back, and stolen private and constitutional rights right out from under their noses. (Continued…)


posted 9/13/06 @ 3:51 PM EST

So let's see if I have this right: the national representative of the College Republicans let's slip the plans they have for the local chapter, and the local chapter claims they know nothing about it and start the wearisome "liberal bias" crap?

Maybe the local chapter should communicate with their national masters a little more. (Continued…)

Jason Gage

posted 9/13/06 @ 9:04 PM EST

It is a sad day when our Government bases wars on fear and lies. Then, they try to use an alias such as "college republicans" to further their agendas in the universities. (Continued…)


posted 9/14/06 @ 2:27 AM EST

In July 2006, Morgan Wilkins was heading up a Republican Meetup group in Louisville, Kentucky:

Morgan Wilkins
Louisville, KY ยท April 7, 2006

""I am a 19-year-old student at JCTC and I am currently majoring in Political Science. (Continued…)

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posted 9/14/06 @ 2:32 AM EST

This is an egregious example of promoting fear and Constitutional ignorance in the young of our nation! (This kind of behavior is beginning to taste disgustingly like fascism. (Continued…)

Richard Basham

posted 9/14/06 @ 9:56 AM EST

I find that this event promotes the a negative image of our democractic principles. The group would be much better offering an event on tolerance and understanding our Federal immigration laws then shooting up images of Hillary Clinton. (Continued…)

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