C H A P T E R   I I



I met David Isberg sometime during the same time I did Eruption. We were into this skateboard thing, you know? All of us were having a fucking skateboard. Anyway, he was really into extreme music as well, and I guess I owe it to him that I like this music so much. He really sparked my interest when he loaned me the Mefisto demotape called "The puzzle"! I was awestruck! They had cool solos, grim vocals, acoustic guitars, everything! I thought they were way better than most Death metal records I had bought. Together with Morbid Angel, Death Bathory, and Voivod, Mefisto became a big influence for all my future compositions. During the same time Eruption died, Opeth started to live.

David had formed the band together with some bums from Täby. The name was taken from a book by author Wilbur Smith, and was originally spelledOpet without the "h" at the end. The meaning was unknown for me until I quite recently found the book myself, and got the knowledge that Opeth is the city of the moon.

Eruption was dead, and I wanted to get into some other band. David had earlier showed me the Opeth logo, the old one with the inverted cross, and I was really impressed with that logo, so I guess I got somewhat interested in the band since I had seen it.He approached me one day asking if I wanted to play bass with them.

I thought I could try it out, so one evening we went to their reh-place in Täby. The thing was that none of the other guys in the band knew that I was coming, and they didn´t really want to kick out the bassplayer they already had. The climax was when the other bassplayer appeared as well. It was fucking embarrassing! They started arguing about the matter, and the very same night, Opeth was history, at least for the Täby guys. They renamed themselves "Crowley" and released a terrible demotape called "The gate" in 1991.

However, me and David wanted to do something together with Opeth. We "reformed" Opeth as a 2-man band. I remember at the time that we said that Opeth was destined to be the most evil band in the world!!

As you might understand I was more or less influenced by the occult back then, although in no serious manner. Music wise I was really into the twisted, dark, and evil-sounding riffs. The lyrics written by both me and David were pure Satanic chantings!The two songs we I first wrote was "Requiem of lost souls" and "Mystique of the Baphomet" (later "Mark of the damned" and later "Forest of October"). However, we needed to complete the line-up. We asked Anders to join the band which he did. We also asked Nick to join as a bassplayer. A second guitarist was found in Anderas Dimeo.