SATA: Hot Plugging Drives Under Windows 2000/XP

This feature is not explicitly highlighted in our current drivers, but all SATA controllers from Silicon Image do support hot plug capability. To remove a drive from a powered up system, do the following:

After performing this operation, you can remove the hard drive without risk of losing any data that is currently stored in cache memory.

To plug in a new SATA drive in the array, you just need to plug in the power and serial cables and Windows will automatically detect the new HD. NOTE: If you are re-attaching a drive after a remove operation as explained above, you must make sure that the HD is power cycled (power cable unplugged) before re-attaching the HD serial data cable.

Comments/Special Instructions:

It is not recommended to perform these hot plug/unplug actions on earlier versions of Windows such as Win9x or WinME since system lockups can occur.