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SZier   -  13th Jul 2005

Picture of the Week(Year?)!
There is a new update on the Prolific Games website about the new project! Head on over to take a look.

In other news, we’re working on fixing up the GC site over the next few days, So expect a few changes here and there while we update the banner and other sections, as well and add new images.
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AbblePC   -  23rd May 2005
The tides yet turn for another patch of Galactic Conquest! Through the past months the remaining GC Developers worked to patch specific bugs and even add new content to an already impressive R5 release.

One main patch was directed towards the Bespin map level as we encountered issues with it's intermittent crashing while playing online. Throughout working on the patch new options were also discovered or implemented which led to more time and also re-testing.

After much hard work and great effort on behalf of the GC Team, we would like to welcome the public to now enjoy this patched version of GC.

You can Download the files for both Windows client and Windows server, from the Mirror Sites listed in this news post.

GC R5.3 New Installer - Download NOW! (50.88 mb)
This installer version is able to chose yes or no and work! No need to Change add/delete files.
Lucas Files -Primary Download IT's Available here first, along with all previous release versions.


Windows Client Patch File (50.8 mb)
File Planet:

Windows Server Patch File (5.99 mb)
File Planet
File Front

Other Mirrors to go live or posted Soon!

GCR5.3 ChangeLog

We know from recent reports of those whom helped in testing of this patch build, that the game play fixes and enhancements are a great joy, and hope to find many of you on the updated game servers soon as well as some l.....

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SZier   -  21st Apr 2005 02:20

Prolific Games
Greetings! As many of you know, the core development team behind Galactic Conquest has formed the group Prolific Games, and is moving on to a new project! The team’s website is now available at www.prolificgames.com!

Expect to hear a lot more news from there in the coming months!

Also, good news for GC fans- a patch is on the way for Galactic Conquest Release 5! It will have some new features and several needed fixes. While major work on GC is complete, a good number of the team are still working on improving the mod, and probably will for quite some time!
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SZier   -  04th Feb 2005 21:16

<insert slow John Williams score here>
Galactic Conquest Release 5 is now live! A patch file for our version 4.x users is available, as well as a full installer for new players. A changelog of new features can be found in yesterdays news post. Enjoy!

Primary Download:
LucasFiles: Full - Patch

FilePlanet: Full - Patch
Jolt(UK Only): Full - Patch
Jolt(International): Full - Patch
GameSpot: Full - Patch
FileShack: Full - Patch
PexGames: Full - Patch
4Players: Full - Patch
Warumdarum.de(Torrent-Links): Full - Patch
AGSN: Full - Patch

Note: The Patch file is only for people who have played Release 4 or Release 4.2! You do not need both the R5 full installer AND the R5 patch. The patch is just an option for 4.x users instead of.....
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SZier   -  03rd Feb 2005

Imperial Tie Fighters...
Galactic Conquest Release 5 will be available for download and play this Friday! Galactic Conquest now features nearly 60 vehicles, 23 maps, and over one THOUSAND custom art meshes! Spanning 10 planets, epic space battles, and full interior levels, GC takes the BF1942 engine to new heights!

A changelog featuring the new updates to GC in release 5, can be found Here.

A new Release 5 TEASER TRAILER is available for download at LucasFiles!

The SERVER ONLY version is now available to download, at these locations (Note, you cannot play GC with these files!):

FilePlanet: LinuxServer-WinServer
FileShack: LinuxServer-WinServer
GameSpot: LinuxServer-WinServer
PexGames: LinuxServer-WinServer

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