Göteborg International Film Festival

Aim and Purpose

Göteborg International Film Festival is working to spread valuable film from all over the world to an audience as broad as possible. The festival also wants to contribute to a creative and extensive discussion about the film as an artistic means of expression.

Göteborg International Film Festival was started in 1979 and is today the biggest film festival in the Nordic countries and one of the biggest public film festivals in the world. Every year about 450 films from around 70 countries are screened, and almost 123 000 tickets are sold. There is also an extensive seminar programme called Cinemix. Every year about 5000 persons visit around 40 seminars.

The aim of Göteborg International Film Festival is to offer interested viewers a broad programme of international films that not always reach the cinemas. The audience also get the opportunity to meet the directors. Usually around 200 directors are invited to attend the screenings to introduce their films and answer questions. The festival also offers its members a lot of activities around the year.

Another important part of the festival's aim is to function as a meeting place for the Nordic film industry. In the year 2000 the festival established the Nordic Film Market. This market place has become an important link for new Nordic film and about 200 specially invited buyers, distributors and festival representatives from all over the world visit it. Today it is the biggest specific market place for new Nordic film.

Since 1998 Göteborg International Film Festival in cooperation with SIDA (the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) runs Göteborg International Film Festival Fund. It is a fund that supports filmmakers who live and work in emerging economies.

Organization form

The festival is a non-profit cultural organization with its seat in Göteborg. The organization is based on membership and is run by a board. The organization is supported by the city of Göteborg, Svenska Filminstitutet (the Swedish Film Institute), Västra Götalandsregionen (the Region), Nordisk Film och TV Fond (the Nordic Film and TV Fund) and Scandinavian Films.

The board appoints one administrative and one creative director. The festival has eight all year employees. During the production of the festival about 40 persons are engaged on a project basis and during the festival days 250-300 persons are involved among them many volunteers.

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Marit Kapla
Artistic Director
Åsa Larsson
Managing Director
Andreas Degerhammar
Program Coordinator
Håkan Westesson
Festival Producer
Camilla Larsson
Editor Filmkonst
Head of Selection - Fund
Karin Omsén
Sandra Olofsson
Nicke Wennerlund

If you want to e-mail anyone above, please click the photo or write the address according to this principle: first name.last name@filmfestival.org

Göteborg International Film Festival Fund

Bengt Toll

Fund Manager:
Åsa Larsson

Fund Coordinator:
Camilla Larsson

Board of Göteborg International Film Festival

Sven-Olof Bodenfors, chairman
Jonas Brogårdh, board member
Rebecka Lafrenz, board member
Beata Lundström, board member
Ville Schottenius, board member
Jonas Wahlbom, board member
Eva Ossiansson, board member
Fabian Hielte, deputy board member
Per Cramér, deputy board member
Nora Källström, internal accounting
Thomas Björkman, external accounting