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Current consultation activities

Victims of crime review

On 26 November 2007, the Honourable Anna Bligh MP, Premier of Queensland announced that the government is to undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal injury compensation scheme to make it simpler and easier for victims of crime. The review is being conducted by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

The Queensland criminal injury compensation scheme currently operates under two legislative regimes, being the Criminal Offence Victims Act 1995 (COVA) and repealed provisions of the Criminal Code 1899 (the Code) for injuries received between 1969 and 1995. The purpose of the scheme is to recognise the impact of crime on victims and to help with the financial cost of injuries sustained in the commission of a crime.

COVA has not been reviewed substantively since its introduction. The government wishes to ensure that the scheme appropriately addresses victims' needs. The government also provides a number of other forms of assistance to victims through government and funded non-government organisations, including information and support services, crisis accommodation, legal support and the provision of counselling. Although these services are reasonably extensive, they are delivered by a number of different organisations and should be reviewed to consider whether they can be more effectively co-ordinated.

In considering these issues, the review will also examine schemes that exist in other jurisdictions around Australia.

The issues paper provides background and poses questions that may be considered in reviewing the scheme.  We welcome your comments, feedback and submissions on these issues and other matters that are relevant to the administration of the scheme.

Following the close of the consultation period, the submissions will be considered and recommendations will be made to the Queensland Government on ways to improve the criminal injury compensation scheme and the delivery of services to victims of crime in Queensland.

The closing date for submissions is 1 February 2008.

Feedback can be submitted via email to

or mailed to:

Strategic Policy
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
GPO Box 149
Brisbane QLD 4000

  Issues paper

Public consultation - interest rate cap legislation

The Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Kerry Shine has made public draft legislation to introduce a 48 per cent cap on consumer loan interest rates, fees and charges.

There are currently no caps on interest rates in Queensland and lenders can charge high interest rates, fees and charges on loans.

The interest rate cap is intended to control the cost of credit in Queensland, in particular providing protection for consumers who take out high-cost loans.

The Queensland Government is seeking industry and community comment in relation to the draft bill that will amend the Consumer Credit (Queensland) Act 1994 and accompanying regulation.

The draft bill and regulation have been prepared after public consultation.

The current consultation will allow Queenslanders to provide input regarding whether the proposed legislation meets its objective.

The closing date for submissions is 15 February 2008.

Feedback can be submitted via email to

or mailed to:

Cost of Consumer Credit Project
Fair Trading Policy Branch
Office of Fair Trading
GPO Box 3111
Brisbane QLD 4001

  Draft bill
  Draft regulations

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