New Zealand Defence Force

New Zealand Defence Force Overseas Operations

New Zealand troops are currently serving on 17 peacekeeping operations, UN missions and defence exercises around the world, from Antarctica to Sudan, Timor-Leste to South Korea.

All overseas deployments are co-ordinated and run by Joint Forces New Zealand. Once deployed, NZDF personnel come under the control of Commander Joint Forces NZ Major General Rhys Jones.

HQ Joint Forces New Zealand - Commanding our Troops Overseas

Operational missions undertaken by New Zealand Defence Force around the world are coordinated through a central Joint Force Headquarters located at Trentham in Upper Hutt. This section details the mission and functions of the joint force headquarters and provides information on where our forces are and what they are doing throughout the world in support of the Government’s defence policy objectives.

Major General Rhys Jones COMJFNZ is responsible to CDF for operational-level command and control of all joint and/or combined (international) operations and exercises. In practice, this means virtually all NZDF operations and major exercises. The Headquarters also supports COMJFNZ and the three component commanders (Navy, Army and Air) in the planning for, and command and conduct of, various tactical-level operations and exercises.

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