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Back in the 1920's, Americans were not yet accustomed to strangers of
particularly exotic appearance, and when Wellington Koo served as Chinese
representative at the Washington Conference in 1921, he was much more a
curiosity that he would have been a generation later.

At one social function, a Washington lady found herself next to Koo and
was utterly unable to think of a thing to say.  Finally, after the soup,
she nerved herself to ask, in very clear tones so as to be understood,
"Likee soupee?"

Koo smiled and nodded.  Worn out with the effort, the Washingtonian
attempted nothing more.

After dinner, Koo rose to deliver the speech of the evening which, of
course, he did in impeccable English.  When he sat down again, he turned
to the red-faced lady and asked blandly, "Likee Speechee?"

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