The Hardest Bosses of All Time - Part 1 of 3

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Everyone's been there. It's 2 o'clock in the morning, you need to get up at 7 for school, you have a four page persuasive essay due the next day that you haven't started yet, and you're still not in bed. Why? Because some infuriating boss battle is keeping you up all night! Since the early years of gaming, there have been many types of boss battles. There are the bosses who are laughably easy, the epic boss battles that make you impressed with the company who created the game, and the boss battles that make you want to stab your mom in the face. We here at GamerHelp are proud to present to you the first in a three-part series of the Hardest Bosses of All Time!

He'll eat your heart<BR/> and your NES.

He'll eat your heart
and your NES.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)
The pixilated version of the man who once said "I want to kill people & I want to rip their stomachs out and eat their children," is almost as frightening as the real thing, and battling Iron Mike himself in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for the NES is positively one of the most grueling boss battles ever put into a video game (probably because the programmers feared Mike kicking their asses if they didn't make him hard enough to defeat).

To beat Tyson, you need to dodge his certifiably insane fists during the first round at all costs because a single hit will knock you into a coma (you can't even block them). Once the ear-eating maniac starts to wink, that is your cue to prepare for his hooks. He will continue to pummel you with a combo and attacks he used in previous rounds. The trick to punching him out for good is surviving the first hellacious minute and a half of the match, blocking, and countering him once he unleashes his combo.

You know what they say about<BR/> dudes with big swords.

You know what they say about
dudes with big swords.

Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2)
Using fire, meteors, Darkness spheres, voodoo, teleportation attacks, and his ultra-long katana to gore you, Final Fantasy VII's silver-haired antagonist Sephiroth appears in the original Kingdom Hearts as an optional boss and defeating him is harder than beating Final Fantasy VII with your buttcheeks. While he seems almost unbeatable, Seph can be taken out by implementing the proper strategy.

The MP Rage, which gives you MP every time you are struck, is essential to victory. This is because walking away from this match unscathed, regardless of your skill, is not going to happen, and you need all the MP you can get to constantly heal your battle wounds. As with many boss battles, this one has multiple phases where your aggressor will try out his array of attacks. To win, you need to stick it out through all of the phases, using your MP to cure yourself and sneaking in hits in between Sephiroth's.

Only the chosen shall defeat <BR/>Emerald Weapon!

Only the chosen shall defeat
Emerald Weapon!

Emerald Weapon
Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)
Emerald Weapon, a sea monster with around one million health points has been known to cause bed-wetting and night terror for gamers who foolishly attempt to defeat it in Final Fantasy VII. This underwater leviathan will crush Cloud and his merry band of miscreants into sea dust so tiny that even plankton would laugh at them. One of the really fun aspects of this already monumental boss fight is that you have a twenty minute time limit, and if you passed basic arithmetic you should know that defeating a boss with a million hit points in that amount of time has about the same success rate as using chewed up bubble gum to mend a shotgun wound. Luckily the people at Squaresoft are only partially cruel, and with the right preparation this monstrosity can be forced to give up the ghost.

First of all, don't even bother organizing a well-rounded party. You'll need one beefed up character, that's it. Equip your strongest character with a mastered HP Plus Materia, the Knights of the Round summon Materia coupled with an HP Absorb Materia and a Mime Materia. Equip any of your other characters (they'll soon be dead anyway) with arguably the most important Materia of this battle: the Underwater Materia. Equipping this Materia will nullify the 20 minute time limit of this battle, so all that's left to do is stay alive and keep casting Knights of the Round. Good luck, you'll need it.

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Wii_24 Wii_24

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 13:50 PM PST

general raam on insane!!!!!

Shammon Shammon

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 13:53 PM PST

Nice list GH. I remeber that vaati battle.... very hard indeed.... Ganon on twilight princess was pretty hard.

kamillion kamillion

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 13:57 PM PST

"Free Bird" on Expert no way its easy, HoPo people HOPO!!!!!! House of the Dead 4's Final boss is a pain in the ass

Joey_V5 Joey_V5

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 13:57 PM PST

Jordan on Expert

LongHairedOffender LongHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:16 PM PST

Mike Tyson's face tats own!

metalfan metalfan

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:26 PM PST

hmmm minion on twisted metal

feanaro feanaro

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:31 PM PST

Abyssion was the hardest boss in action-heavy awesome-game Tales of Symphonia. He wasn't nesseccary to fight to beat the game, but he was a bitch when you wanted to get the Dark Weapons that lead to ultra-powerful attacks. His huge health meter and mazing number of powerful attacks were some of the reasons that you needed an amazing party and a ton of elixirs to beat. Oh, and he looks badass, too.

Ewok_Kamikaze Ewok_Kamikaze

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:33 PM PST

For one Darth Malak..... He could pawn your noobs ass all over the StarForge, Hell you could not even face him face too face without getting your ass kicked, you had to use guirella tactics against him....

fatface fatface

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:45 PM PST

Excellent article Gamerhelp. Some bosses I consider difficulty to beat are Gill from Street Fighter 3, Dural from the Virtua Fighter series, Alma from Ninja Gaiden, and Chai from Shenmue (the first battle in the arcade room).

feanaro feanaro

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 14:55 PM PST

The final boss in Metroid Prime 2. The first stage was a bitch; it was hard not to die. Second stage was strategical; you were low on health and couldn't avoid any mistakes. Stage three was heavy on shooting. And then after you're absolutely delirious with joy and exhausted from finally defeating it, Dark Samus pops up! What the hell! A timed battle in a Phazon-surrounded stage where you have to perfectly collect Phazon in your arm cannon to win; and I mean perfectly. At least you're treated with a dazzling cutscene at the end. Damn Ing deserved it.

thaking777 thaking777

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 15:15 PM PST

Metal Gear Rex Solidus Snake Chasing officer Tenpenny The Magus Sisters on ff10

bucyj2 bucyj2

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 15:16 PM PST

The hardest bosses I remember are Ultima or Omega Weapon from FFVIII (don't remember which, it is the one at the very end of the game) without ever playing a game of cards, so you can't turn them into good items. The end boss to Jet Force Gemini is a complete pain in the ass. The Kratos clone fight in God of War are God mode, and the path to the last sister of fate in God of War II on Titan mode. That was damn near impossible.


Posted at: 08/07/07 at 15:19 PM PST

Ninja Gaiden Black's final boss Murai. That is one tough SOB that is almost impossible to take him down in the Master Ninja difficulty. I to this day am scared of touching the controller and facing him.

mew2man mew2man

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 15:33 PM PST

derek at the and o ratchet and clank 1 is soo hard took me 20-50 tries to kill the mad man. beating your darkself in ff4 is also very hard! i still haven't beat it (not final boss)

tailgate24 tailgate24

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 15:57 PM PST

the metal head leader in Jak II

ryu_bomber ryu_bomber

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 16:08 PM PST

What happened to Strife from Soul Calibur 3?

SonOfTheShiningPath SonOfTheShiningPath

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 16:08 PM PST

Dural from the Virtua Fighter series
I also remember him being tough, fat.


Posted at: 08/07/07 at 16:09 PM PST

Damn you mike tyson. We still haven't found the piece of the ea

LongHairedOffender LongHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 17:06 PM PST

His ear hunk is in my new avatar's mouth.

Grindcore Grindcore

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 17:36 PM PST

Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft. Hardest boss in the game right now.

LongHairedOffender LongHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 18:13 PM PST

Grindcore Posted at: 08/07/07 at 17:36 PM PST Illidan Stormrage in World of Warcraft. Hardest boss in the game right now.
How long have you been playing WoW?

ShortHairedOffender ShortHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 18:57 PM PST

Jigsaw on the punisher. First shot him 50 times in the JETPACK then find bombs to finish him off... not fun.

artsaber artsaber

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 19:05 PM PST

007-373-5963... still got the old Mike Tyson code memorized.... that gap toothed bastar was hard to beat. I liked TKOing him in round 2. I think Jaquio in Ninja Gaiden deserves a mention.... but Dr. Wily in Mega Man was next to impossible too... the big brown one-eyed monster... sheesh!

chiodos chiodos

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 19:22 PM PST


chiodos chiodos

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 19:23 PM PST

Jordan is WAY harder than Freebird will ever be!!!

Elixer45 Elixer45

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 19:58 PM PST

How about Battletoads? Not anything specific, just the whole damn game.

bucyj2 bucyj2

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 21:53 PM PST

I thought Sephiroth in the first Kingdom Hearts was harder then KHII Sephiroth.

Grindcore Grindcore

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 22:54 PM PST

"How long have you been playing WoW?" I started playing in February 2005.

silentpojo silentpojo

Posted at: 08/07/07 at 23:37 PM PST

Kintaro from Mortal Kombat 2 was so hard. Much harder than any other MK boss, main or sub.


Posted at: 08/08/07 at 02:11 AM PST

Like I said before, Ninja Gaiden's final boss Murai = impossible to beat due to CPU cheapness

DGeneral DGeneral

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 03:21 AM PST

Goro from Mortal Kombat kept me up many nights trying to beat him. Also i'll add in beating those damn Bizzaro Kratos in god of war on God Mode while trying to protect your wife and kid. And oh yeah "Tiger Uppercut".

TrueKingofTrolls TrueKingofTrolls

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 07:19 AM PST

OK the Emerald Weapon from FFVII was tough, but not near as hard as the Omega Weapon from FFVIII.

viperxmns viperxmns

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 09:13 AM PST

Kaileena's second battle (last battle, unless you manage to fight Dahaka) in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within drove me mad. Her attacks drain you so fast, and you have to deal with the repetition to slowly beat her down.

VivaLeResistance VivaLeResistance

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 09:31 AM PST

man mike tyson and the weapon of FF gives me nightmares

VivaLeResistance VivaLeResistance

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 09:35 AM PST

Wii_24 Posted at: 08/07/07 at 13:50 PM PST general raam on insane!!!!!
I died like 30 times b4 I could kill this mofo...

TheDavidExperience TheDavidExperience

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 10:30 AM PST

hahahhahahahahah i've beaten both freebird on expert and seporoth, i am a gaming god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigtime726 bigtime726

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 10:35 AM PST

mike tyson was hard and man was it fun i still love this game play it all the time. did they release it on wii virtual console yet.


Posted at: 08/08/07 at 10:37 AM PST

Damn i just have to say this, mike tyson is just hideous.

Skywarp2049 Skywarp2049

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 11:59 AM PST

Emerald weapon was a bonified pain in the ace. However, it can be defeated pretty easily. Ihave had great success with Yuffi equipped with the conformer and the cover materia and a whole lot of counter attack materia. It does more damage than KotR simply because of the sheer number of attacks that get done in a single round. As of Mean Mike Tyson that was a fight that took me ten years to win. I first played that game when I was 8 and still couldn't beat him almost all the way through high school. The game creators were just sick when they made him.

kalell kalell

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 12:02 PM PST

A friend was over yesterday and I showed him this article. He got the urge to play Tyson. We looked up the code and then got ready to box. I've beat Tyson before (doubt I could do it now without some practice) but he hadn't so I let him go at it. Tyson would throw a few punches (which my friend would spastically dodge) and then my friend would go down. He'd get back up and boom, down he'd go again. That was pretty much it; after Tyson knocks you down the second time it's almost impossible to get back up. He tried about 6 times and gave up. lol

The last few bosses in Turok 2 (I believe there are three bosses) are damn hard. I was never able to finish the game without cheats.

LongHairedOffender LongHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 12:05 PM PST

My favorite boss battles are the ones that "the boss battles that make you want to stab your mom in the face" lol

billyb77 billyb77

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 14:48 PM PST

Sagat from Street Fighter 2 CE Hyper on Genesis. If you beat him, Bison was a breeze. I still wake up in cold sweats battling fireballs with Tiger uppercuts and Tiger knees.

billyb77 billyb77

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 14:49 PM PST

Sagat was then made much easier in Super Street Fighter 2 though, they took away his cheapness. Which in a weird way,killed some of SF2's charm.

DjValefor DjValefor

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 15:20 PM PST

I agree that Emerald Weapon can be taken down fairly easilly with enough HP. I vote for Zodiark and Yiazmat from FFXII. Yiazmat for his massive ammount of HP and Zodiark just cause he's cool :D

mfqm mfqm

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:24 PM PST

mmmmm i had hard time with metroid prime last boss and other bosses in that game . also in ninja gaiden xbox version reachel sister in her first form . and dont forget dr.eggman from sonic 2 last robot the big one .

gateguy gateguy

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:25 PM PST

The End battle in MGS3 was one of my favorite boss battles of all time. It was so suspenseful and much different from teh other boss battles in the game.

gateguy gateguy

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:28 PM PST

Here are some of my hardest boss battles:

Trema from FFX-2

Yiazmut in FFXII

Catastrophe in FFX

Just about every damn monster in Devil May Cry 3 and Vagrant Story.

gateguy gateguy

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:35 PM PST

To beat Emerald weapon, I just used some healing Materia and Clouds Omnislash and the fight was a breeze. In that battle, the less materia the better because each Materia increases Air Tam Storm by a percentage.

I always thought Ruby Weapon was harder.

jere23 jere23

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:48 PM PST

Genral raam on insane was a one try boss not even worth being in the game. darth malak was easy too. Volgan on Metal gear solid 3 is hard sill have not beat him.

landonweber landonweber

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 16:54 PM PST

The End doesn't count as one of the hardest bosses, because you are able to beat the game without fighting him at all. Save your game after his into cutscene, and turn your PS2 on without a game in. Turn the internal clock ahead a few months. When you resume the boss fight from your save, The End has died from old age! There is another cut scene at a dock, where a guard is pushing The End in a wheel chair. If you are quick enough you can snipe him, and he blows up - send a wheel from the chair flying right at you.

SonOfTheShiningPath SonOfTheShiningPath

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 17:01 PM PST

wheel chair ftw.

vitalogst vitalogst

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 17:23 PM PST

Sephiroth is easy, all you need is double call and knights of the round, he goes down in two calls. Sephiroth is easy, getting Knights and double call was the hard part.

vitalogst vitalogst

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 17:29 PM PST

Oh yeah and hardest boss(es) of all time are always going to be either, M.Bison from SFII, or Gill in SFIII. Prolly Gill.

archangeloliver archangeloliver

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 17:31 PM PST

The hardest boss is in Final Fantasy XII. It's called "Yiazmat" and has about 50,000,000 HP. That's right, FIFTY MILLION. Not only that, halfway through the battle you get a damage cap at about 6999, instead of 9999. FFXII has not Knights of the Round, nor Omnislash, nor Lion Heart- no cheap things like that. This boss has a 100% instant death move (50% if your have shell) and uses that, along with high-damage physical, possible instant-death combos quite frequently. You can expect to put about five hours into this guy; good thing he's optional.

gamesftw gamesftw

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 18:10 PM PST

Lavos from chrono trigger was the hardest boss ever. It was freaking impossible to beat that guy. Abyss from soul calibur 3 is pretty difficult too -- if you're trying to get a perfect. Once he knocks you down you stay down because all of his damned cheap attacks including the practically paralyzing telekinetic attack.

Sutanreyu Sutanreyu

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 18:28 PM PST

Hiruko from Shinobi, (PS2). Third Vergil fight from Devil May Cry 3.

irixyu irixyu

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 18:41 PM PST

I can think of 2 particular bosses that really infuriated me back in the day... The Archmage and the Berserker from Breath of Fire III Either one of these guys will work, they're equally hard. They're reminiscent of the Emerald/Ruby weapons of FF7, since they're both incredibly tough to defeat and require specific strategies to win.

micmoo micmoo

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 19:51 PM PST

How about Jumping Jack flash on Hard rock mode from Elite Beat Agents. It was harder on cheiften (sweting) just cause it was your first time beating the level on that kind of dificulty. Hard rock is the hardest but it got a bit easier. but Jumpin jack flash should defiently be there. O and Ursela was cruel in KH in the underwater level.


Posted at: 08/08/07 at 20:26 PM PST

May not be a boss, but Bayou Billy for NES is easily the hardest game ever created. Go try it if you haven't.

Fygee Fygee

Posted at: 08/08/07 at 23:31 PM PST

The fact that this list, nor anyone else hear has failed to mention any SNK fighting games invalidates everything here. Geese in Art of Fighting 2, Igniz, Rugal's various versions, Goenitz, and Magaki from King of Fighters, and every boss from Samurai Shodwown (especially Yuga, who can stop time, heal, and has ranged throws. RANGED THROWS!!). Even better, try it on the hardest difficulty. Go ahead. I dare you. I'd sooner fight three Emerald Weapons from FF7 in a row before having any confidence in beating the above mentioned characters. I laugh at M. Bison and Gill.

princebrightstar princebrightstar

Posted at: 08/09/07 at 00:26 AM PST

The hardest boss would have to be the final level boss from Cave's shooter Mushihimesama Futari. It goes through 4 different forms and even the best on youtube can't beat it. I mean come on just take a look at this. (Note the reason why the player game overs is because once you're out of lives you can't reach the true last boss.)

LongHairedOffender LongHairedOffender

Posted at: 08/09/07 at 11:11 AM PST

princebrightstar Posted at: 08/09/07 at 00:26 AM PST The hardest boss would have to be the final level boss from Cave's shooter Mushihimesama Futari. It goes through 4 different forms and even the best on youtube can't beat it. I mean come on just take a look at this. (Note the reason why the player game overs is because once you're out of lives you can't reach the true last boss.)
Yup--that's a ridiculously hard boss indeed.

hoosierpro hoosierpro

Posted at: 08/09/07 at 12:47 PM PST

Last boss of Ninja Gaiden II + III for the original nintendo...i dont think i beat these games until i had the power to save/load on an emulator...he was ridiculous

sonicman666 sonicman666

Posted at: 08/09/07 at 19:19 PM PST

Jordan on Expert

evileast777 evileast777

Posted at: 08/10/07 at 13:53 PM PST

Trema - FFX-2!!!!

ViciousSid ViciousSid

Posted at: 08/11/07 at 12:29 PM PST

The "Greeneye" in Lost Planet. That thing was hard -- takes 20 minutes to kill it, and I died at least 8 or 9 times. Agony. It was so hard that I assumed it was the last boss. The secret was to nab the Laser Gun tucked away on a ledge on the outer perimeter of the box-shaped level. It's got infinite ammo and you can charge it up to unleash a devastating mega-blast, which is perfect for blasting out Mr. Eye's massive glowing peepers. Critical hit FTW! The Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher are good secondary weapons to hang onto as well. Screw the Mini-gun.... It's also important to grab the Thermal energy released whenever you poke out one of Greeneye's eyes -- if you run out of T.E. in the fight, it's all over. You've also got to be good with flying around and dodging in the mech in order to avoid Greeneye's lunges. Very. Hard. Boss.

polo972 polo972

Posted at: 08/11/07 at 15:39 PM PST

It's been years since Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!! was released and I still haven't beat Mike. I even got it on a burned disc that'll play on the Sega Dreamcast and I still can't win.

JackRed JackRed

Posted at: 08/13/07 at 11:59 AM PST

I like what you have so far and if you don't mine i have a few boss suggestions you might add to your list. Osmund Saddler (Resident Evil 4) Kefka (Final Fantasy 6) Vergil (Devil May Cry 3) Ares (God of War)


Posted at: 08/13/07 at 13:10 PM PST

Sephiroth was haaaaard!! The Ice Titan is hard, too. The dump popsicle won't let me stand still. Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2:Battle is pretty hard also.

MrGeo MrGeo

Posted at: 08/13/07 at 23:15 PM PST

Some of the Beasts in the Arena in those plains (I forget what the place is called) in FFX were really hard. Also the final boss in Metroid Prime 2 on the hardest difficulty.

MrGeo MrGeo

Posted at: 08/13/07 at 23:16 PM PST

OOh, also the final boss in Earthbound

cha546 cha546

Posted at: 08/14/07 at 06:07 AM PST

Has anyone mentioned Perseus from God of War 2? He wasnt so bad on easy but on normal or hard he's insanely hard.

turo turo

Posted at: 08/15/07 at 14:07 PM PST

yup emerald weapon, and sephiroth (KH) are the hardest in my book!

evac evac

Posted at: 08/16/07 at 12:22 PM PST

you need to add mundus of devil may cry on dante must die mode to your list because he is one very hard boss to defeat on this mode.

Zexion_VI_OrgXIII Zexion_VI_OrgXIII

Posted at: 08/19/07 at 19:41 PM PST

I would say Ruby Weapon from FFVII to add to emerald....and Nemesis from FFX...and and Omega Weapon from FFVIII...but not Ozma from FFIX...I beat him at level 40...and Sephiroth from KHI is also a breeze

Zexion_VI_OrgXIII Zexion_VI_OrgXIII

Posted at: 08/19/07 at 19:42 PM PST

and Trema from FFX-2...and most summonsfrom XII

James_Earl_Cash James_Earl_Cash

Posted at: 08/20/07 at 00:14 AM PST

JackRed Posted at: 08/13/07 at 11:59 AM PST I like what you have so far and if you don't mine i have a few boss suggestions you might add to your list. Osmund Saddler (Resident Evil 4) Kefka (Final Fantasy 6) Vergil (Devil May Cry 3) Ares (God of War) Please!!!! Saddler is got to be one of the easiest bosses of all time! All you have to do is stand there, don't even think about running from that pothetic loser, shoot out his eyes until Ada Wong throws you the rocket launcher, and game over; well almost game over--for him anyway. I saw no difficulty in fighting Kefka. Are we confusing Omega weapon with Ultimate weapon in FFVIII. I am often wrong. I still have nightmares about that dude. And yes, MrGeo, those bosses from the battle arena in FFX were just plain godawful. I would like to see the final boss on Chrono Trigger on one of the next lists.

Don_Mauro Don_Mauro

Posted at: 08/22/07 at 16:41 PM PST

Alec Trevelyan was really mean in goldeneye 64, those elite soldiers were always appearing from anywhere.

solkyro solkyro

Posted at: 12/13/07 at 01:54 AM PST

penance in ff10 international version was very hard. it took me three months to finally kill him without using zanmato. (because my party is "ill prepared" to say the least). the only thing to remember when fighting penance was to never ever let the arms get a chance to attack or cast a spell or it will be the end of you. i lost too many fights to penance owing to his terra graviton or worse, the physical attacks of the arms