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Red Dwarf: Remastered (Box Set)(1998)

This item has been deleted in the UK since 5th Apr 2004
This item is not available to purchase.

Released: 9th Nov 1998


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Starring: Matthew Devitt, Koo Stark, Charles Augins, Kalli Greenwood, Sabra Williams, Craig Ferguson, Craig Charles, Arthur Smith, Ruby Wax, Angela Bruce, Noel Coleman, Paul Bradley, Maria Friedman, Mac McDonald, Tony Hawks, David Gillespie, Mark Williams, Norman Lovett, Chris Barrie, Robert Addie, Debbie Ash, Suzanne Bertish, John Abineri, Morwenna Banks, Robert Bathurst, Julie Higginson, Simon Gaffney, Lee Cornes, Robert Llewellyn, Danny John-Jules, Hattie Hayridge, Gordon Kennedy, Tony Slattery, Emile Charles, C.P. Grogan

Directed by: Ed Bye

Join the crew of deep space miner Red Dwarf in this definitive digitally enhanced collection of series 1, 2 and 3 of Red Dwarf - our galaxy's longest running sci-fi sitcom.

Contained in the 6 videos are 18 episodes of the most entertaining Science Fiction to appear on the nation's televisions, including classic episodes such as Polymorph, Me2 and The Last Day.

In their brand new re-mastered format, the first three series are available with all new CGI effects, models, sounds and footage in this limited edition box set. Your TV, our planet and this universe will never be the same again!

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Technical Details

Certification: 12
Duration: 522 mins
Cat. No: BBCV6579(BBC)
Category: Comedy:General


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